25 Ways How to Become Emotionally Numb

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How to become emotionally numb?

We’ve all been there. Something bad happens and we just don’t feel anything. We go through the motions of life, but we’re not really living. We’re emotionally numb. So how do you break out of this cycle? How to become emotionally numb again? It’s not easy, but it is possible. Here are some tips to help you get started.

In your life, you may experience some extremely intense, turbulent feelings, such as sadness, resentment, jealousy, depression, or emotional pain. It is not always possible to stop these emotions (and neither it is right), because it is such a thing that can help you deal with your problems and improve your life. This article will show you how to become emotionally numb.

However, sometimes, very strong emotions make it hard for you to do anything, and you just have to numb yourself so that your whole day passes in any way.

In such circumstances, to make yourself an emotionally numb, you have to work hard to control your surroundings, your emotions will have to pay a lot of attention, you have to calm down and worry, deal with it physically.

Most people have encountered the sensitivity of being emotionally numb at least once in their life, generally after or during a highly stressful event. For most people, this includes a temporary reaction of dissociation or disconnection from the body and outside world.

Quick facts on feeling numb:

  • Drug abuse is judged to be a common cause.
  • Symptoms include feelings of detachment and disconnection.
  • The most excellent course of medication for emotional numbness depends on origin.
  • To find out if your emotion is right or not, you should see when this article should be done, see the steps.

How to become emotionally numb?

Method 1 – Controlling Your Surroundings

Believe this; it is not so easy to numb yourself:

According to the study, by suppressing negative emotions, they weaken your psychological resources, which makes it difficult for you to handle any stress. And you can not make the right decision.

This means that by making yourself numb to the emotional pain, you can also influence your ability to remember anything. Make yourself numb only when it is necessary for your everyday life.

A practical alternative to the process of enumerating yourself is this that you have to re-understand your emotional pain and focus on some more positive emotions.

For example, you should call yourself several such embarrassing incidents that are trying to do that, which has happened in the office. However, you can try to see that the event is not insulting you, but it seems quite funny.

It is commonly known as cognitive reappraisal and is not similar to emotional numbness, but it can also offer the same kind of effect.

It is also unaware that the sense of full-length or long-standing numbness is also a sign of some mental health disorder such as post-traumatic stress disorder or clinical depression.

If you are continually feeling lost, numb, and hopelessness, you should visit and consult a doctor as soon as you can. (Make Yourself Emotionally Numb)

Ignore those people, settings, and events that you do not like:

Controlling your surroundings is the easiest way to give you emotional numb. Make sure that you are not giving too many emotional reactions in the first place.

If you think that a particular situation, some people, and some activities bring out your worst form, then the more they are trying to stay as close as possible.

Whatever situation you do not like, try to control it:

Sometimes you do not want to be among such people, or you have to do some work that you do not like. If you are not able to ignore yourself, then it can be emotionally painful things then invent a way of controlling them.

Do not treat yourself as a helpless victim. Collect as many resources as possible in this situation. Just keep reminding yourself that you have options, you can help you get through such a relatively useless emotional time.

For example: If you come into stress due to studying for a test a day before the exam, then instead of preparing for that test, later try to think about making for at least two days. Then you will be able to relax on the first night of the exam.

If you do not like going to the party just because there are so many people, ask for one or two close friends to come with you for this. Then, when you want to get out of the crowd of the party, go out with them and talk to them more privately.

Distract yourself:

Whenever you feel that your emotions are coming in your way, then stop what you are doing at that time and start doing anything else in its place.

Try to do any activity that requires more mental and emotional attention. By distracting yourself in such a way, you will later be able to take out your emotions at any time, When you are calmer and fit.

But for now, do not worry about processing your emotional state: change your activity, improve your mood too. These are examples of some enjoyable activities:

  • Playing video games.
  • Watch a movie.
  • Spend time with your favorite hobby.
  • Go to a concert or a comedy show.
  • Exercise.
  • Starting the count down to 100.
  • Attention towards finding any color, like blue in your surroundings.
  • Notice how your feet are feeling on the ground.

Give yourself a technology break:

Even when you are always connected with technology, feeling the burden of work you have, feeling life stress, and feeling helpless: can also lead to the intention emotions.

You can make yourself feel more calm and happy by closing social media sites. By limiting the time you spend on the internet, you can also control your emotional life. To restrict Internet usage, you can:

  • Only check email at home.
  • Turn off your phone in the evening.
  • Take a break from the internet on the weekends.
  • Turn off social media notifications.
  • Turn off your social media profiles.

Act neutral, even if you do not feel like this:

According to the Facial Feedback Hypothesis, you can also change your emotional state by changing your facial expression. In other words, by pretending to feel in a way, you can begin to feel like that in the same way.

If you want to be an Emotional Numb, then pretend to be Emotional Numb. It can be challenging to do this during stress, but after some practice, it will become natural. To remain neutral, do this:

  • Keeping a calm, expressive expression.
  • Not keeping your lips neutral, neither smiling or showing displeasure.
  • Slow tone.
  • Brief and point your sentences.
  • Maintaining eye contact with a quiet, empty stare.

How to control your emotions?

Method 2 – Paying attention to your emotions

Share all the negative emotions in your mind with yourself:

Tell yourself, Negative emotions are not real. You are never forced to feel emotional pain. Keep in mind that this emotional pain comes from your mind.

This means that due to this, many other negative emotions, such as fear, anxiety, and displeasure, come out. Whenever such negative emotions start coming out, then dismiss them directly with this mantra: “It is my mind only.” This is just a component of mindfulness.

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Under the circumstances in which you will get emotional pain in the future, try those situations:

In addition to preparing yourself against emotional pain, you currently feel, with the help of mindfulness technique, Will prepare for emotional pain in think of upcoming events that can put you in tension, such as a stressful exam, an incident that can happen with your girlfriends, or any discrete tasks in work.

Give neutral, unemotional feedback to all these future events and try to control this negative emotion. Soon you will be patient with these disturbing emotions, and you will be able to handle yourself better. (Make Yourself Emotionally Numb)

Observe your emotional state:

At that particular time, to keep your emotions in good condition, do some periodic “mental check-ins” every day. Even when you are not sad or disturbed, even after thinking about what you are feeling, what are these, and why, understanding this is how you understand your innate emotional responses to everyday life.

Your mindfulness will gradually help you to control your responses in a more effective manner. When you do your “mental check-in”, then ask yourself these questions:

What am I feeling at this time? Am I just alone, who can not be stopped, or are you feeling a combination of emotions? Because of giving you a label with emotions, you can see them with a more objective.

Why am I feeling like this? Are these emotions because of my internal factors (such as my fear) or the external factor (such as when someone yells at me)?

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Do I like the way I feel like this? Perhaps you are feeling very happy or thankful for your life, and you want to keep these emotions close to you. But maybe you are feeling bothered or restless, and you do not want to explore all these emotions in the future.

What am I going to do to control these emotions in the future? Ask yourself if you can encourage your positive emotions and discourage or dismiss your negative emotions.

How can you prepare your life so that you are controlling your emotions – not your feelings are controlling you? (Make Yourself Emotionally Numb)

To bring emotions in front of yourself, do not bash yourself:

Sometimes this may break your emotional protection armor, and you may find yourself expressing some feelings about which you have not anticipated.

Maybe you could have cried in the office, or you could not hide your weakness in college. Speak with yourself, that it happens with everyone, and try to learn from your experiences. In some ways to forgive yourself, these methods include:

Focus on the future, not your present. Check with yourself that your failure has taught you something like this in the future. Push your back to learn something from a difficult situation.

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Say this to yourself, that changes occur only because of failure. You cannot always be emotionally strong: you have to practice it gradually, over time. See this as the first step in the journey to overcome your emotions.

Plan everything for one thing. Remember, that person who cares most about your emotional state; he is none other than you. Your partner, friends, students, and family members will forget your emotional drift shortly. Remember, this is not the end of the world: this is just a small moment of your life. (Make Yourself Emotionally Numb)

Before you give a reaction, take some time:

If something happens to you, that causes you to suffer, then try to be calm for a while and try to be completely happy. Take a deep breath and count to ten.

As soon as the aggravating feelings in your mind disappear, then you will be able to react with peace and logic in that situation of your real excited feeling Make Yourself Emotionally Numb.

Keep a diary ready:

The best way to protect your emotions from controlling your life is by writing them on paper. Write out your feelings in a single paper and throw it out.

Because of this, you will be able to forget your emotional state and move on in your life. According to the study, those people who keep writing changes in their emotions or mood in the diary, they have reasonable control over their emotional states.

Take special care on whether you feel that your emotional response is such that a mentally healthy person can share or your reaction is exaggerated in any way.

Do not forget to ask whether you have felt them even before or not. This will help you understand the state of your emotional state. (Make Yourself Emotionally Numb)

How to calm down when nervous?

Method 3 – Calming Yourself Physically

Take a deep breath:

Exercising deep breathing will help you to maintain calm behavior. When you find your emotions coming upright, at that time, it works like a reasonably good security mechanism for you.

Take five breaths in your nose and hold it for five seconds. Then for the next five seconds, leave slowly from your mouth. Keep repeating it until you get back to your self-restraint.

For 30 minutes, do quite aerobic activity:

Exercise can help you overcome your painful emotions, and this will help you to become a calm and thoughtful person. Find one of your favorite tasks, sports, or physical activity.

Whenever you feel that your emotions are getting excited, immediately wear your gym shoes and increase your heartbeats. Soon you will forget your emotional responses. Some of the best physical outlets include:

  • Running or jogging
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Any team sport like softball or soccer
  • Martial arts
  • Kickboxing
  • Dancing

Avoid the use of substances:

It may be that; you can wake up the urge to use content to control your emotions. However, many types of drugs can also work to reduce your obstruction so that you can make emotional responses to more intensity.

Even caffeine can also increase your stress. Keep yourself calm and try to keep away from taking drugs, alcohol, smoking cigarette, and caffeine.

Although one exception can be this, perhaps you may need psychiatric medication for mental health disorders. If this is the case, always follow your doctor’s instructions. (Make Yourself Emotionally Numb)

Have a good night’s sleep:

If you are sleeping, then you may also have trouble handling your emotions neutrally and peacefully. Confirm that you take a good night’s sleep for at least 8 hours. If you are having trouble sleeping, make sure that you:

  • Almost 3 hours before sleep, do not look at the blue light coming from the electronics.
  • Keep your bedroom fresh and airy.
  • Keep Comfortable Mattress.
  • To reduce disturbing noise, use a white noise machine.
  • Do not take caffeine, alcohol and heavy meals, especially in the evening.

How do you calm down anxiety?

Method 4 – Dealing with Anxiety

Keep a social network:

Sometimes you think of keeping yourself away from people because of the feeling of anxiety or depression. However, your social network only helps you maintain a healthy social balance.

Whenever you feel this kind of excitement, then talk to your friends and family members and help them deal with your emotions. However, this does not make you an emotional numb, but you will start feeling better enough to recover.

Take positive action:

Sometimes you start to get bothered even when you face any such situation that you cannot control. Instead of crying in this situation, you have to take some decisive steps to improve the situation. Try to stop this prevention or it will make you feel more stress for a long time.

For example, if you are stressed about any upcoming exam, do not try to forget about it. At its place, say to yourself that you will study 20 minutes every day: It will help you deal with your problems. (Make Yourself Emotionally Numb)

Tell yourself that this tension is temporary:

At all times, it is necessary to remember this fact that all the stressful situations are going to end soon: they are not meant to be made forever.

Whether it is such a party, which you do not want to attend, no exam is going to come, or any such project that you do not like, you should speak to yourself that this stressful situation will also come out. Do not think at all that all your life will be bound for a moment of this tension.

Take a break:

Sometimes you find yourself getting a better time to deal with stress when you spend a lot of time to recover yourself. If you start feeling too excited at all, then take a walk for 20 to 30 minutes at the time, talk to your friend, or listen to your favorite album. When you start feeling calm, then come back to your?stressed situation?and face it.

Changing your environment for just 30 minutes can help you a lot. When you include yourself in any activity which is social (such as going on a coffee with any of your friends), or else going out (like walking on the side of a lake), you will get even more relaxed will feel.

This can be more effective than any other television to make you cool and feel better again. (Make Yourself Emotionally Numb)

What to try in Numbness?

Method 5 – When Should You Try This?

When you are facing a challenge, then try to calm your emotions:

When you are trying to deal with a big-stress situation, the likelihood of a much faster idea comes at that time. For example, if you have to give a great speech or presentation, then the fear of being affected your ability to think clearly and the ability to execute your thoughts.

When you complete any challenge related to your work or college, then you will be able to deal with your fear. (emotionally numb)

When you have to make a decision, then keep your emotions aside:

There is also the role of emotions in making any decision, but sometimes it is necessary to separate them and assess other factors. For example, maybe you are feeling wholly broken after your breakup, and just because you do not have to face your X, you are ready to go to another city.

If you are able to see beyond this pain and also think about other factors, then you will understand everything well and maybe even abandon the idea of ??leaving everything.

When you are in a situation where you can not control, then summon your emotions:

Listening to your emotions can also be a beneficial defense mechanism. Maybe there is a problem in your college, or you have a sibling with whom you can not live with.

If you are in a situation where you cannot control, then in such a situation, you will be able to temporarily secure yourself, by stopping your emotions altogether for a while, so that your whole day can pass well. (Make Yourself Emotionally Numb)

Avoid separating yourself too much from your feelings:

We feel emotions for some reason. These are essential for the world to run, and in the end, they also maintain our mental health. If you often numerate your emotions, then you feel ashamed of some emotions that your mind needs to learn.

Fear, sadness, disappointment, and other emotions that do not feel as good as a feeling, yet it is necessary for us as well as joy and enthusiasm.

If you do not let yourself hurt, then it will also be challenging to be happy later. Instead of numbing your emotions, learn to engage with them, and use them as an Advantage. (Make Yourself Emotionally Numb)

Advice in Emotional Numbness

Sometimes your social network can also help your emotions handle peacefully. On the other hand, your emotions become even more excited because of being surrounded by people. Whatever you find right for yourself, do the same, and always take care of yourself.

Due to neglecting your emotions, there may sometimes be an even more emotional crisis. Find out a healthy way to get rid of your emotions – if it can not be done right now, then no problem, but try it later.

Try to give attention to peace and neutrality, instead of numbing completely. Under challenging circumstances, learn to handle your emotions with calm, rather than completely numbing them. (Make Yourself Emotionally Numb)


Emotional numbness or emotionally numb can sometimes be an indication of a hazardous mental disorder. If you have lost your ability to feel happy, surprise, or happiness, then consult a doctor to get information about treatment options.?

Note: Depression Cure does not provide any type of medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.





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