Depression In College Students: Symptoms, Causes and Therapy


Many times, we usually feel depression & sadness. If this happens occasionally, it is fine. But, if the depression persists, then it can ruin your life completely. Know here some easy but useful tips for dealing with depression. (Depression In College Students)

Nowadays, most of the students and especially college students fall prey to depression very quickly, the biggest reason is the fast pace of life nowadays. According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 320 million people worldwide are suffering from depression.

What causes depression in college students?

At least 6.7 percent of people in Asia suffer from depression or some other mental illness. Similarly, about 37% of the people in our country have suffered from severe depression at some point in their lives.

Nowadays, depression is becoming a severe issue in almost all college campuses in the world because college students can easily become a victim of the depression.

There can be many reasons for this, such as, nowadays, college students have to face so many difficulties or challenges together like study competition, new responsibilities, self-finance.

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Sometimes it is very challenging for these students to start their new life in a college, hostel, or PG in an unknown city, which usually increases their sadness and stress level.

But depression is quite different from this sudden feeling of sadness and stress. This is a very serious problem or disease. Nevertheless, once it is known, you can avoid this depression forever by adopting some simple but effective methods.

Why is depression a serious threat to a person? Its root cause is difficult to understand. Therefore, it is very important for students to understand this problem as soon as possible and to make their life meaningful by solving the problem of depression in time – How? Let’s read further:

Depression In College Students

Major Symptoms of Depression in Students as Well as Others

There are many symptoms of physical diseases like – Yellowing of skin and eyes, turning of black/ blue nails, hair fall or spots on the skin, in the same way in the people suffering from depression, the following symptoms show that they have been victims of depression,

  • Feeling sad or having a bad mood.
  • Do not mind to do the work of your choice.
  • Loss of body weight and change in sleep patterns.
  • Fatigue and difficulty concentrating.
  • Think of yourself as a burden on everyone.
  • Sense of crime.
  • Insomnia and lethargy.
  • Unnecessary pain and mental discomfort.
  • Losing self-esteem.
  • Irritability and anxiety.
  • Indecision, Chaos, and Stress.
  • Never pay any attention to your health and body cleanliness.
  • Inability to do routine work.
  • Trying to stay away from family, society, and friends and spend time alone.
  • Laughing, forgetting to smile and see sadness, tension, and nervousness on the face.
  • Severe cases of depression include the idea of ??dying or suicide or, sometimes, trying to commit suicide.

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What causes mental health issues in college students?

5 Main Causes of Depression in College Students:


College students who live in a hostel or PG away from their home often feel lonely, and then, if they do not find good friends in their college, they suffer from depression.

Family Troubles

Many times the family matters of the students also make them a victim of depression; if students parents have got divorced, then the child often suffering from depression. The economic tightness of the family or the atmosphere of fighting and fighting in the family also makes students depressed.

Physical Distress and Illness

It is common for physically weak and ill students to be depressed because of illness or disability.

Bullying and Discrimination

If school/college students are unnecessarily intimidated and harassed by their class or some other students in the school/ college, or if the students are discriminated against based on their caste, religion, economic background or appearance. Even if it happens, they fall victim to depression.

Loss and Mourning

If a particular friend or relative of the students goes away from them or becomes an untimely resident, then they become the victim of shock and depression. (Depression In College Students)

How do you stay mentally healthy in college?


Here we are discussing below some simple but useful ways to overcome the depression that you can adopt in your daily life and live a depression-free healthy life:

Meditation, exercise, dance, and yoga are used to drive away depression immediately. You should include them in your daily routine.

Often by doing some new work or changing your daily routine, you will also feel refreshed and will be saved from depression. By keeping yourself mostly busy, you will avoid depression.

The habit of smiling and expressing gratitude will also make you a happy person.

Our depression is also overcome by spending time with small and innocent children and playing with them.

By staying in the natural environment, taking a walk in a park or garden in the morning and evening can also keep you healthy and depression-free. The sun rays do not allow vitamin D deficiency in our body after taking morning sunlight daily, and our body and mind remain healthy.

If you are upset, you can also fix your mood by listening to the music you want. According to a report, listening to good music reduces depression by 25 percent.

By taking a healthy diet, you will avoid depression because if we take vitamin B-12 and omega-3 in foods daily.

(Depression In College Students)

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Pet-animals and birds also maintain our mood. Now the depressed people all over the world are advised to keep the pet so that their loneliness and depression will go away.

Aromatherapy means that even with the help of fragrance, depression goes away from us because the desired aroma refreshes our hearts and minds.

We can also fight depression successfully by talking with our special friends or trusted relatives.

Inspirational books, dramas, TV serials, and films also fill us with enthusiasm, and we forget our depression and accept life as a challenge.

We can avoid depression by setting positive goals of our lives and then, working hard to get them, for example, if we live by our income or pocket money by limiting our needs and desires, then we will get satisfaction, and we will remain depression-free by avoiding unnecessary stress.

We also avoid depression by learning about special hobbies like petting, singing, puzzle-solving, gardening, poetry, or music instrument and then making that hobby or habit a part of our daily routine.

Desired sports are a successful treatment of depression, along with our physical exercise.

We also avoid depression by forgiving and forgetting other people’s mistakes. (Depression In College Students)



In this therapy, the depressed person is cured with the help of technology. A depressed person is involved in an online therapy program, and upon completion of this program, the person’s attitude becomes positive.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

In this therapy, positive thinking is brought about by understanding the thinking and behavior of the person so that the person becomes positive about life.

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Online Forums and Support Groups

People who were victims of depression earlier and are now living a healthy life, they can help others to overcome depression by giving suggestions to depressed college students/ persons through online forums and support groups. You can also write comments and reply to our own blog of Depression Cure.

Psychological Help

If you are severely affected by depression and your depression has increased so much that your routine life is also deteriorating, without losing time, get yourself treated by a qualified psychiatrist.

Therefore, to live a healthy life by avoiding depression, you should work with courage and patience and recognize this depression in time and remove this depression from your life forever by adopting all the above methods or getting treatment by a doctor/ psychiatrist if needed.

Try to save other depressed people from the disease of depression because a healthy body and mind is our all-round progress. (Depression In College Students)

Note: Depression Cure does not provide any type of medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.





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