The Struggle is Real: Social Anxiety and ADHD

Social Anxiety and ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is a mental disorder that manifests as difficulty sustaining attention, impulsiveness, and/or hyperactivity. It’s estimated that about 5% of American children suffer from ADHD, and it’s often comorbid with other disorders such as anxiety or depression. Today, we’re going to focus on Social Anxiety and ADHD – the latter … Read more

Do I Have Social Anxiety?

Do I Have Social Anxiety?

Introduction Social anxiety is one of the most common disorders of 2018. It affects around 13% of Americans. Many people believe they have social anxiety, but rather they just have some form of moderate to severe shyness. There is a difference between social anxiety and shyness. The following article will help dispel some of the … Read more

3 Signs You Should Take a Break From Social Media

3 Signs You Should Take a Break From Social Media

Introduction Using social media mentally affects the person; its use dramatically reduces your brain capacity. Therefore, it should make the distance after a specific time. Social media is emerging as the most significant demand of the times. According to the records of the Internet and Mobile Association of the world, 66% of the total population … Read more

Alcohol and Social Behavior

Alcohol and Social Behavior | Changes in Your Behaviour After Consumption of Alcohol

Changes in Your Behavior After Consumption of Alcohol Alcohol consumption influences you physically & affects your behavior, as well. Excess alcohol can lead to some changes in your behavior. If you do not recognize alcohol consumption, then your mental health begins to weaken. (Alcohol and Social Behavior) Alcohol affects mental health as well as affecting … Read more

4 Signs of Social Phobia

4 Signs of Social Phobia | 4 Signs of Social Anxiety

Introduction You run away from people, and they become prey in tension and suffocation inside. This problem of fear of people and society is called social phobia. The problem of social phobia can always disturb you. Social anxiety is a disease that you cannot even easily detect. You run away from people, are afraid to … Read more