10 Things That Really Won’t Cure My Depression


Depression does not pass away easily for everybody. For most of the people, depression is temporary and develops naturally or once the person has revealed the sentiments and settled the thoughts causing the depression. But there is a slight percentage of people who can tell about their issues, express their emotions, take particularly great care of themselves emotionally, indeed take medicine and have a good life, and even be depressed throughout their lives. They may have times of feeling great, periods of feeling less awful, and periods of feeling horrible?for these individuals, the depression never moves away forever. (Cure My Depression)

10 Things That Really Won’t Cure My Depression

  1. Green tea

Green tea has some wonderful elements, and I had agreed that consuming a ton of tea is better than falling for glasses of wine, BUT you cannot drown your depression in the warm water.

If I drank as much tea as people suggested I go on, I had even been depressed but with the bonus of always requiring to pee.

  1. A bubble bath.

Depression feels like being wrapped in a warm sticky fog, which is a pretty damn close to the sense I look at when I am boiling in my filth in the shower. Relaxing in the tub helps after an anxious day, but it is not working to cure a psychological health condition.

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  1. A vacation.

You desire to get aside from it all! Sounds like helpful information. Sure, if you are working through a terrible situation and you are capable of traveling, why the hell not?

However, the essence of my depression is myself, not my condition. If I had the wealth, I could plane off to Havana and lay on the coast, but the headache would remain: I would be on that coast with myself.

  1. Falling in love

When you are a single and depressed person, people often think if things would be going better for you if you had a companion, someone who will consider it after you.

The thing is, alike in relationships, depression is strangely complicated, and you can finish up pushing people aside. So partner or no partner, depression is fuck-ng sh-t.

  1. Coloring books

For a bunch of people, coloring-in can be beneficial ? their mind goes dull, and everything quietens for a part. That sounds fantastic. For me, I am frequently reminded of the action that I have no dramatic ability whatsoever and that I am 29, and I still cannot color within the rows. (Cure My Depression)

  1. Reading inspirational quotes

Sometimes good-meaning people will drop you a quote; some might be the love of elegant, while others are all fucking rubbish.

They are usually characterized by a resolution that I should stop scrolling on social media or social activities and read a good Instagram quote instead.

They are all right in that social media does not save you from ending comparing yourself with others, but we require to show depression a slight bit of credit.

Looking at that lady, I noticed in the nearby new home is not working to move me into a depression spiral. She bloody wishes.

  1. Wearing clothes that represent me feel pretty

When I am depressed, I do not need to get dressed. I need to remain in bed until the blanket swallows me, and I can live down below in some blanket area of pure nothingness.

Wearing a costume or some snazzy shoes is continuing to feel a most like dealing with a wound in glamour. It is not going to help.

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  1. Surrounding myself with scented candles

A candle that smells like Christmas or cinnamon or a newborn baby?s armpit is going to make very slight to boost my mood. Buying yourself beautiful things is a lovely gesture, but I had instead purchase a perfume of mozzarella than a sweet box.

  1. Getting out of my comfort zone

I guess that when you are in the controls of depression, you should perhaps remain nestled safely within that comfort area. Paragliding or bungee jumping is not reaching to shock me out of the sense that life is endlessly pointless. If you have had some epiphany mid-air, do let me know.

  1. Screaming loud

Screaming is awesome. Sometimes I scream/ cry into my cushion. This works for maybe only two seconds. Once I tested to go on that Garden State thing when Garden State was yet chilly, and I stepped to an enormous bridge in the center where I was residing in and screamed into the searing air.

That did not work as often. I felt stupid, and I had broken to catch the visitor family behind me who might now always be suspicious of fatty-haired women on bridges. (Cure My Depression)

And, finally, just waiting it out

Sometimes depression is, in fact, an effect of moving it out, especially if you have been through an experience before, because you recognize what the result might look like, the way the mist and that insisting on your skull slowly starts lifts.

However, hanging around might not be sufficient. You might require to move and see the physician, modify your medicine, or request your support network for advice.

Having a mental illness means that occasionally you have to walk up and turn into your advocate. While you are contending with depressive anxieties, you still have to make calls and have yourself help. It is tough, but trust me, it is so worth it. (Cure My Depression)

Note: Depression Cure does not provide any type of medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.





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