21 Ways To Get Rid Of Anger – How To Get Rid Of Anger

21 Ways To Get Rid Of Anger – How To Get Rid Of Anger

21 Ways To Get Rid Of Anger – How To Get Rid Of Anger

How To Get Rid Of Anger – Anger comes to everyone, it is a natural feeling we find in all humans, and it is not necessary that it is negative all the time. It assesses your situation. Tells you, when you are unhappy or need to change a situation. It is very important to learn how to react to your anger.  Repeated anger results in many heart-related diseases, high blood pressure, frustration and difficulty in sleep, like the danger of diseases. All this is possible even when you are experiencing extreme intense anger.  You can learn to take out your anger in some self-destructive ways.

Method 1 – Really Correct Your Anger (Releasing Your Anger Productively)

  1. Exercise something:

Whenever you feel angry, after starting a slightly flawless exercise, you will get some help to get it out. According to some studies, workout (running, cycling) made during an experience of anger helps you control your anger. When you workout, your endorphins come out of your blood, which is a natural “good feeling” chemical, and it makes you feel good and positive.  If you run or cycling If you are not able to, think about walking, stretching or any other easy exercise at this place.

Yes, exercise can have some deterrent effects, which can fit your anger.

Even if you are not able to do all this kind of work during an angry experience, then think of doing it for only a while. If you can leave that situation, leave it, and shake your limbs with excitement. Even so little physical deviation can make you feel better.

  1. Try to control breathing:

Deep breathing from your diaphragm (a large muscle that is under the lungs, which helps you in breathing) helps you to calm down anger.  Deep, controlled breathing reduces your heartbeat, stays blood pressure and keeps your body calm. With breathing, chanting mantras gives you even more benefits.

Select a quiet place to enjoy peace. Make yourself comfortable. If you want, lie down and loose your tight or uncomfortable clothes.

Put your hands on your stomach.

Slowly breathe through your nose. While breathing, keep your attention towards filling your stomach with air. Now relax your stomach; You feel the expansion of your stomach. Now hold your breaths for a few seconds.

Now remove this breath from your mouth. And at this time, focus on the action of sending out the breath of your muscles.

Repeat this process at least 10 times.

If you have a deep breathing problem, then bring a bubble bottle of children from a toy store. Put the Bubble Wand (Dundee) in front of your face and breathe slowly with this stick. Focus on the process of leaving breath in your abdomen. There will be a similar flow of bubbles with stable and equal breaths. If your bubbles are broken or do not see it, keep doing it until it starts appearing identical.

  1. Practice giving rest to the muscles:

In this exercise, you have to meditate on one particular muscle group of your body, so that it can distract you from the feelings of anger. Apart from this, it is also better to get rid of anxiety and stress, which helps in reducing anger. When you are not able to control your thoughts while sleeping, this exercise will also help you at that time.

If possible, go to a quiet and friendly place and find a place to sit.

Focus on one particular group of muscles, such as on the muscles of the hands. While exhaling deep and slow breathing, pull the muscles of this group firmly and keep this stretch for 5 seconds. For example, involves placing a handful in the tension of the muscles of your hands. Pay attention to that group and be careful not to accidentally drag the muscles around it.

Quit the exhale and release this muscle tension quickly. Focus on this experience of stress-relief. Give yourself rest for 15 seconds and then complete this process with other muscle groups.

Other muscle groups worth stress include, feet, lower legs, thighs, stomach, chest, neck and shoulders, mouth, eyes and forehead.

You can start with the feet and reach the upper parts of the body. And with each group stress free, you will experience the freedom of your anger.

  1. Use the methods to expel anger:

By focusing on focused activities, you will be able to transform your experiences of anger into other work experiences, so that you can quickly forget the feeling of your anger. According to the study, there is a complete boost in your thoughts and creative thinking during anger.  Use these ideas and fantasies to construct an aggressive way out of anger.

For example, go to a private place, and shake your body to get angry out, and imagine something like this, like a dog shakes his body after bath, you also shake his body in the same way Are there.

Take another example of this, take a paper during anger, and finish it by splitting it into pieces, and while doing so, imagine that you are also finishing your anger.

If you are the artist’s perspective, then make some sketches that can show your feelings. Feel feeling outwardly coming out through this sketch.

  1. Use tension-free toys:

Such toys, like a stress ball, can help you in this. Because it helps you to stress some muscle group, it will help you to do this procedure.

In this way, using stress hair is better than throwing stuff or killing something, out of anger. Such intense actions, rather than helping you, increase your anger, harm you.

  1. Look for some strange or silly things:

Silly humor helps in eradicating your anger. The reason for the anger that arises in any situation, you have your own thoughts, which emerge about that situation, such that, if that situation is not ours, then there will be a lot of thoughts within us, which will lead to anger Will also generate. Use some comic thoughts to prevent these thoughts from coming, and these thoughts will help you to calm down and help control anger.

If someone calls you with some derogatory name, you will surely consider it and you will also get angry with it. So why do not you do something like that at the same time bring some funny ideas about someone else and imagine that too. Such ideas will help you to control anger.

Watching some funny and humorous videos online will help you to ease your mind. We are human beings, we take out something or something in everyone, who think we are laughing and we feel happy by thinking of some things.

Do not bring sarcastic and some cruel thoughts in mind, because it can increase your anger even further, and can harm others as well as you.

  1. Listen to some music full of peace:

listening to music is a very good way to wander your own attention, and it also helps you to get rid of your anger. Although, it is important that you are listening to a peaceful music. When you are already angry, listening to some provocative, provocative music can irritate your anger and also create negative thoughts inside you.

To calm your anger, choose some cool music. In addition to this, the music being heard can produce provocative feelings inside you.  If you often get angry, then make a playlist of some of the old songs for this.

  1. Repeat the words that bring peace to yourself:

Try to use some of the statements that are beneficial for you and repeat them repeatedly to focus on you. You can start repeating a new statement for yourself.  As such, some of them may say:

  • “This condition is not going to take much time.”
  • “I’ll get out of this.”
  • “Yes, I do not like it too much, but what’s going to spoil me from this.”
  • “I will try to stay calm about this.”
  • “I should not be sad about thinking about this.”

Method 2 – Stopping and controlling anger

  1. Create a plan for anger:

When the flames of anger will flare up in you, then at that time it will be very difficult for you to reduce it. So make a plan for this already, which can help you to get out of the feeling of anger.  Keeping this plan in mind, you will be helped to prevent your anger.

For example, if you find yourself feeling angry while inside, then calm down at that time for a while, and in this you should explain peacefully to the person that I do not feel right and I want to go out for a while, including speaking.

If you are involved in something like this, from which you develop a sense of anger, like politics or religion – then try to change the topic of this discussion.

  1. Re-struct your thinking:

The reason for anger is often some situations that are beyond your control. Changing your way of thinking will help you to control the sensation of anger.

Stay away from using words such as “never” or “always.” Often, some old memories also cause people to get annoyed, which gives birth to disappointment inside us. All these words make the person in front of you cheer instead of supporting him. Instead of saying anything like “I always do the same kind of stupidity” or “you can not remember anything at all”, say something like, “I forgot my phone at home” or “you are our one -Forgot plan to dinner with “.

Always be logical: Of course, it is very easy to say, but always keep reminding yourself that if you bring negative thoughts into mind, you will not get anything other than anger; It has not happened that in that whole day you If there is no good thing other than this, then how can you forget it, that is, do not forget your anger only. Just remember one thing, that even if this situation is too big, but it will not last forever, you will be able to control your anger.

  1. Have a gentle approach to the situation:

To understand that I was “right” in that situation, it is very easy, but at the same time understanding that there can be another aspect of this situation, it is difficult to think. However, thinking on both sides of any situation will help you control your anger.

For example, you are engaged in a line, and at the same time someone moves ahead in front of you and you will imagine what you should do with other people, and with such ideas you can There will also be anger. Although, these ideas can be true, but not profitable. But if you will express some such thoughts on this situation, that perhaps that person will have any problems then he has gone ahead, the anger of your anger will not arise.

  1. Know the ways to talk:

By developing the art of talking inside you, you will have a feeling of keeping your life in control, less worry and less anger. Using such methods of conversation does not mean that you become selfish or arrogant; This implies by expressing their thoughts, their feelings, and their needs in a good and peaceful manner. If you are not able to tell your needs to other people in the right way, then the front will also be able to fulfill them correctly and the experience of this will create a feeling of anger, frustration and neglect within you.

Pay attention to the sentences centered on “myself (i)”, such as “I can not understand anything about you” or “I want you to be there at the right time.”

  • Do not say anything to anyone by using his name.
  • Use appropriate sentences to know the opinions of other people.

Stay as clear as possible about your wants and needs. For example, as if you were called for a party that you do not want to go to, “yes, I would have come, if I had a mind,” do not say anything like that. Rather than being directly and clearly, be slightly polite and talk to them in front of them and say something like this: “I will not be able to come to this party.”

  1. Try to meditate:

Meditation only reduces anxiety and frustration, but it helps you to stay calm even in a disturbed environment. According to one study, through meditation, there is a positive effect on your brain’s activity, especially on your emotional processes.  There are two types of meditation: “mindfulness” meditation and “kindness (compassionate) “meditation. Both of them reduce the feelings of anxiety and anger from those who make them.

In awareness of meditation, with the moment of doing it, your physical experiences are realized.

In a forgiving meditation, all meditation is present in you, in order to develop compassion and love for others.  Before doing this kind of meditation yourself, you have to collect all this information would be required.

  1. Have a lot of sleep:

Due to the lack of sleep, there are many types of physical damage in your body, in which there is a danger of physical stress and development of depression or anxiety. Due to less sleep, you get to see changes such as irritability, mood swings and general anger.

According to some sleep specialties, an adult should sleep for at least 8 to 9 hours each night, although, according to your body’s needs, you can do some slight increase or decrease in this time.

  1. Share your experiences with those who gave you anger:

Once your anger disappears, then you will feel better by sharing your experiences with the person who got angry over you. For example, if someone ignored you in the party, hurts your feelings, talk to that person, calmly tell him that you did not like this behavior of him. In this way, the feeling of being able to control any circumstance inside you will be awake.

Yes, but before talking to him, be sure to confirm this, that the anger inside you has become completely peaceful. If you get in touch with them only during the rage, then you will probably make the situation even worse, and the end of it will be with only suffering.

  1. Get help from a therapist:

A therapist can help you with facing them, understanding the feelings and motivations giving birth to anger inside you. It will be more helpful in that time, when you are getting angry, but the reason for that is unknown. Cognitive therapy, in which therapists, how to experience each and every kind of experience, can be learned differently that it is helpful for you.

Method 3 – Understand your anger

  1. Understand problematic anger:

Most people feel angry at times, many times a week. In some cases, as if someone insulted you or harassed you, it is appropriate to be angry at this time. But you should come to understand the signs that change in your anger.

Do you start screaming or screaming during rage? Do you blame others on your talk?

Do you come down on any physical aggression at the time of your anger? How serious is this expression of aggression? During anger, less than 10% of human beings are aggressive, so if you find it often, it is a sign of a serious problem.

Do you need any kind of treatment according to your anger, such as alcohol or food?

Have you ever felt like this that your anger is affecting your relationships, jobs or health of you? Did anyone else tell you about this?

  1. Try to understand your body:

Due to anger, different types of symptoms are seen in our bodies, especially in such women, who are always advised to control their anger.  Physical Stress, or muscle aches, breathing rapidly, feeling irritable, and feeling pain in the head; these are all such symptoms, which can cause anger for you. It is better to suppress the feeling of anger that you experience it.

Anxiety, depression and insomnia are also happens due to anger.

  1. Know the history of the anger of the people present in your family:

The way your family members deal with your anger, the direct impact of it will be on your way to deal with it. How do people in your family deal with and deal with your anger? How did you see people in your house referring to your anger? Do your parents show their anger at all times or keep it under control?

  1. Create a magazine for your anger:

It would be a great way to understand the reason for coming to your emotions and getting angry, that you keep writing them in detail. Do not write about that situation only, but in that situation what you heard, what you felt and how you reacted, write down all these things. It is not that you start trying to learn from these words by writing these feelings. Just write all these emotions, so that you can know about your feelings. Try asking yourself the following questions:

What induced anger or tension within you? Are you in tension before this case?

What kind of feelings did you get in the meantime?

From 0 to 100, on which number would you place your anger?

Do you scream at others for all this?

Do you feel any kind of physical symptoms, such as increased beating or headache?

What kind of reaction did you want? Do you scream or break things on others during anger? What kind of reaction did you actually get?

How did you feel after this incident?

  1. Try to know the causes of anger:

There may be many reasons for anger in different kinds of people.  To know the reasons for your anger, the magazine of anger (which you have written) You can use. These reasons have been divided into two categories: you are afraid of the feeling of suffering, or some of the feelings from which you have already been hurt.

Nobody did what you wanted, for anger it is a very common reason, which is normally in every human being. For example, if you were going to have dinner with one of your friends and it does not reach there, then you get annoyed.

You may be harmed by something, it is also a very common reason for anger. For example, not running the computer properly, phone malfunction or similar small ticks, from which negative emotions are born within you, and which cause worry about harm in you. This worry will give birth to anger in your mind.

The desire to get something that you can not find, this is also a very common reason for anger.

People take advantage of you all the time and they do not care about you, this kind of feeling also gives birth to anger, especially when you feel in a romantic relationship, then you get even more angry is.


Methods of quitting is a good start, but be sure to confirm that you are taking some emotional steps to understand your anger and deal with it.

Try to stay away from those circumstances which make you angry. For example, if there is a political or religious thought, which makes you feel angry, try to stay away from this discussion.

Even if you do not get too angry, but still going to a therapist is a good idea. Many people think that, unless their problems take a bigger form, they do not need any advice from anyone, but by visiting a therapist, you will get help!

Find out about anger management programs, and use these in the local university or health center around you.

Poke a pillow.

Everyone has a way to get rid of anger. Use different methods, unless you find a suitable way for yourself.

Pushups will also be beneficial for you immediately after this situation.

Talk to a person who is not involved in that situation.

Think of doing any such game or activity, which you really enjoy. If you are going through an angry period, then such physical activities can make you feel great.


If you repeatedly speak ill of somebody because of anger, or you use things like alcohol to stop anger, then you should seek advice from a professional person. You can not harm yourself or anyone else, so it is very important to get help from someone.

Aggressive activities, such as kicking, punching or throwing things around, do not do anything at all. You may feel like this, that your anger is decreasing in this way, but according to the research, it increases your anger even further.

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