How to Stop Crying

17 Ways To Stop Yourself From Crying

Emotions happen in everyone, and if you are crying for some reason, then people will understand why you are crying. Suppose that cry is a good thing, and all do so, but there are some situations where you have to stop crying.?

But are you in a situation where you are crying, but you do not want to show yourself weak in a packed crowd? Here are some of the ways you can make sure you stop tears.

Quick Facts on Crying:

Some people hardly cry at all, even in any sad situation, while other peoples find even small things can set them off to crying.

  • There is no particular treatment or cure for crying.
  • Crying is a normal response to the vast range of emotionally charged stimuli.
  • Treatments in crying can help, especially if a person is suffering from a mood disorder.
  • Other management ideas, techniques, and tricks can help to control crying.


There are generally three kinds of tears that humans can produce, and each of them has a different purpose.

Basal Tears

Basal tears make sure that our eyes do not dry out, and tears are always present in the eyes. A human produces around 5-10 ounces of the basal tears each day.

Emotional Tears

When a person is feeling very emotional, then the cerebrum (the front part of our brain) registers that the emotion and a hormone is triggered and that causing emotional type tears to form.

Reflex Tears

Reflex tears are produced to help us to protect the eye. If dust or smoke gets into our eye, or it is irritated or feels the burn, then the nerves in our cornea send a message to the brain and reflex tears in our eyes.

How do I stop crying at work?

Method 1 – Stop Yourself from Crying With Body Activities

Focus on your breaths:

Crying is the response due to reaching higher levels of emotions, and the effect of the rest of the breath can help you to stop crying. Perhaps you consider a sad memo that has come or broken up with some of you or something unfortunate in your life.?

To calm themselves, there is a big part of preventing yourself from crying. Attention to breath as in meditation helps to control the feeling you are feeling and to restore the inner peace.

When you feel tears, take a slow and deep breath from the nose, then breathe slowly from your mouth: doing this will bring relief from the anxiety that occur just before crying, and it also stabilizes your thoughts and feelings.

Try counting up to 10. When you count, take a breath in the nose. When you are between numbers, you can breathe in your mouth. Counting points like this help you focus only on your breaths and not because of the reason that you are compelled to cry.

Only a deep breath can stabilize you in such a situation that when you face something that you would like to cry, then take a long breath inside, stay awake for a while, and then leave your breath.

At that moment, focus only on the air inside and outside your lungs. This long breathing will make you available sometime to stay awake before facing your sadness.

Turn your eyes around to control your tears:

If you are in a position that is provoking you to cry, but you do not want to show your feelings, then turning your eyes help you control those tears.?

Some researches show that the blinking of the eyelashes can also help prevent abdominal drift. Blind them repeatedly to clear the tears with their eyes.

Rotate your eyes several times here and there. Of course, you will only want to do this when you know that no one is watching you. Apart from meditating your mind mentally (you have to concentrate on turning your eyes on the eye), it will also prevent the physical construction of tears.

Closing the eyes will give you time to understand what is happening to you. Taking too deep breaths with eyes closed will help you to focus on being calm and not crying.

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Remove your focus from physical activities:

When you are going to get tears, it is essential to put your mind somewhere. Deleting physical attention is a way to stop crying.

Drag your upper thighs or your hands together. Its pressure should be enough to remove your attention due to your crying.

Find something else to pull, whether it is a toy, pillow, a shirt, or a loved one’s hands.

Pour the upper part of your mouth with the tongue or push your teeth with the tongue.

Bring the gesture of your face to a comfortable position:

Tearing your eyebrows or wrinkling on them is such a gesture of your face, which increases the chances of your crying. To help prevent crying, when you feel that you are crying, try to adopt neutral facial recurrence.

Bring the muscles around your bones and face to a comfortable position, so that you do not see anxiety or stress.

If you are okay or you may be away for a few minutes, then try to smile to stop yourself from crying. Some studies say a smile can change your?temperament positively, even when you do not want to smile.

Remove the rush of the throat:

When you are crying to stop your tears, the most difficult task is to get rid of the rush of your throat. When your body feels that you are in stress, your glaucoma opens in the first automatic reaction; this is the same vein that opens the back part of your throat to the way of speaking. And, when the glottis is open, then you feel like something has accumulated in your throat.

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If you do not want to drink water, then breathe calmly and gradually swallow many times. By breathing, you will feel comfortable, and by swallowing, your body will understand that there is no need to remain glottis open.

Yawns give comfort to your throat muscle, which means that it relaxes in that tightness that you feel when you open the glottis. (How to Stop Yourself from Crying)

How do you stop from crying?

Method 2 – Leave the cause behind and move on

Let yourself cry:

Sometimes you should let your tears flow, and there is nothing wrong with it. The cry is such a natural trend that all people, in truth, do all people.?

Even if you stop yourself from crying at this time, you will also have to face one more time due to your sadness. Find a quiet place where you are alone and let yourself cry for a long time.

Giving yourself a cry will have a positive effect on your physical and mental health. By crying, poisonous substances get out of your body. After crying well, you will find happier and less stressed. (How to Stop Yourself from Crying)

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Check whether you want to cry or not:

It is essential to take the time to understand what you are crying or not. Once you know the?cause of your tears, you will be able to analyze the cause thoroughly and solve it, and you will feel better.?

Think of what is happening like this; that is why you want to cry. Is a particular column or person compelling you to feel like this? Has there ever been something like this that makes you sad? Or is there any other reason why you have to deal with tears?

If you are unable to find the reason for your crying, consider consulting a doctor. If you have to cry frequently, and you often cry, you may suffer from depression and may need treatment for depression. (How to Stop Yourself from Crying)

Write a diary or note:

Writing your ideas will help you to feel better in their solution. Writing also enables you to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. For the best results, write a few minutes every day your thoughts and feelings. You can keep your tone of writing as you like, write whatever you want to write.

If a particular person is compelling you to cry, try to write a letter to him. Writing your thoughts is often easier than saying. If you do not even give your message to that person, even then, you will feel better expressing what you are feeling. (How to Stop Yourself from Crying)

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Talk to someone:

Once you have given yourself a cry, you should talk to someone about your experience. Talk to a close friend, family member, or doctor about the reason for your crying.?

As the saying goes, two brains are better than a single mind, and the person you are talking to will help you solve those challenges you are facing.

When you talk to someone, you will realize that you are not alone in such a situation. If you feel that you are carrying the burden of the world, talk to someone, and help him solve your thinking and feelings.

For those who are experiencing depression, anxiety, disadvantages, health problems, problems related to relationships, it is beneficial to take medical care for them.?

If you are having two or four times the problem of crying again or you want to keep your point in front of someone safely and privately, then consider consulting a doctor. (How to Stop Yourself from Crying)

Find your attention on things you like:

By taking the time to complete your hobbies under challenging times, it will help you to develop a new perspective. Take a few weeks apart to complete your hobbies.

If you feel that due to sadness, your mind will not feel entirely in the work, even then you will soon find yourself laughing and enjoying it.

Keep yourself surrounded by people who make you happy. Do such fun things that you enjoy, such as painting or hiking, etc. Go to a party and meet new people or meet your friends and organize a party yourself. Engage yourself in some activities to get rid of the feeling of sadness is an efficient solution.

How do you calm down from crying?

Method 3 – Stop yourself from crying out

Think of something that can take care of yourself:

Many times your drowsiness can be stopped by focusing your attention somewhere else. For example, by solving the simple problem of mathematics in your mind, you can change the direction of your meditation.

Adding small points or focusing on the timetable will help you to concentrate due to your sadness, and you will be able to calm down.

In the alternative, you can think of the words of your favorite song. Remembering the words of the songs in your mind and singing, you can remove your attention due to your concern. Remember to say the words of a pleasant song to give yourself mental support. (How to Stop Yourself from Crying)

Think of some comedians:

While facing such a thing, due to which you may want to cry, it may be challenging to think, thinking about a comedian really can help you get rid of tears.

Think about such a thing because you sometimes laughed heavily – remember someone humorous, or a joke that you once heard.

Try to smile while thinking about this humorous thing. (How to Stop Yourself from Crying)

Remind yourself that you are a strong person:

When you feel that you are about to come to tears, your encouraging conversation can help you get rid of the desire to cry. Say to yourself that being depressed is not a bad thing, but you can not be sad at this time.?

Remind yourself of the reasons why you cannot stop at that time – you do not want to cry in front of unaware people, or you want to be strong for someone else, etc. Tell yourself that you will let yourself be sad, but at that moment, you have to take care of yourself.

Remember that you are a very good person, you have family and friends who love you. Think about what you have achieved in life and what you want to achieve in the future. But if you do this, then it will tell you more!

Research indicates that positive dialogue with yourself gives you more health benefits related to reducing stress. This prevents you from avoiding simple colds, preventing depression from growing, besides helping to deal with difficult situations, even if you have a heart attack. (How to Stop Yourself from Crying)

Remind yourself of being busy in anything else:

Keep thinking about the reason for crying is the worst thing you can do, especially when you do not want to cry. Removing your focus is a temporary way to stop crying – but you know that you have to face the cause of your concern at some point in time.

Put any such movie you wanted to watch (or an old classic movie that you like). If you do not have a love of film, then read your favorite book or make an episode of your favorite TV show.

Take a stroll to clear your mind: Often going in nature is a perfect way to put your attention somewhere else – put yourself entirely in praise of beauty spreading around you and avoid thinking about your sadness.

Exercise: With exercise, an element called endorphin is emitted in your body, and you feel better during the depression. Rather than thinking about how you are feeling, the exercise forces you to pay attention to what you are doing.

How to stop crying for no reason?

Method 4 – Get rid of some excuses?

Put an accusation for your affection on anything else:

People around you will understand your white horror, but doing so will help you calm down.

Say you have terrible allergies: It is an excellent excuse to get tears in your eyes – Allergic reactions come to water, and they become red.

Say you think that you are getting sick: Often, when people get sick, their eyes are numbed. To say that you are feeling ill, make an excellent excuse to avoid the situation. (How to Stop Yourself from Crying)

Dry your tears carefully:

If you are unable to stop your tears, then wiping them with caution is the next step that can save you from crying.

Show that you are trying to get something out of your eyes, then wipe from the lower part of your eyes and the tear of the corner. Pressing the eyes lightly with your index finger helps prevent tears.

Show that you are sneezing and cover your face with your elbows (this will help you wipe your tears with your hand.)

Take yourself out of that situation:

If you find yourself in a negative situation in which you have to cry, then take yourself out of such a situation. It does not mean that you have to get out of the room.?

If something is making you sad, then make some excuse to leave the room for some time. Repeating one step towards the cause of your crying will help you feel better and prevent tears. Becoming a step back will help you overcome the problem physically and mentally.

As soon as you take a step back, breathe deeply, and breathe as much as you can. You will find that your desire to cry is reduced. (How to Stop Yourself from Crying)


  1. Do not keep yourself concealed in your feelings.
  2. If you are not able to stop yourself from crying, then it is okay. Many times the tears are painful to stop, so let them go out.
  3. Getting around the neck of a friend or family member can be very relaxing.
  4. If you are in a public place, your teeth can help you stop crying. Once the mind is calm, why did you cry and why you had to cry.
  5. Talk to the person due to which you are depressed because of your sadness with a calm feeling.
  6. If your friends are still watching, let them cry, they will understand.
  7. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and sit down and relax.
  8. Recall a happy and relaxed story of your childhood.
  9. Learn about such methods or talk to someone with whom you can control your emotions, and adopt those methods.
  10. Go to a quiet place of your choice and spend some time alone to stabilize your thoughts. Possibly call a close friend who can help you or get you relief.
  11. Siting directly or standing will make you feel secure and confident, which will help you to stop the tears. (How to Stop Yourself from Crying)


  • Remind yourself that everything happens for some reason and will affect your future.
  • Eat chocolate or any other thing, not much, two to four bytes of chocolate are enough.
  • Talk to your best friend or parent; and tell them everything. They will make you happy.

If you have a very close friend or family, then you should explain to them with such gestures that you are going to cry, and nobody else can understand.?

They may know how to help you. Whether you change your voice or point them to something else, they will know, and they will do whatever is necessary for your help.

  • Play your favorite song and dance on it!


If you are trying to hurt yourself or someone else, remove your attention by being busy with something else. And get help from someone immediately.

If you feel that there is no one to talk to, then get professional advice. Go to your school’s consultant or doctor. There will be someone who wants to listen.?

Talking to an adult can also help you with what you believe, even if it is not a member of your family. (How to Stop Yourself from Crying)

Note: Depression Cure does not provide any type of medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.





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