Social Media Increases Depression and Loneliness


Social media has become one of our most significant needs today. It has become an essential medium for people to stay connected. But it has some advantages and some disadvantages. Know about some Social Media Increases Depression.

Do you know that you can also be a victim of depression using social media? And do you know that you can also be a victim of depression using social media?

Does using social media make you lonely?

Do you know that by using it you can also become a victim of depression? Often you must have seen that people look at the profile of someone else through social media and make the impression that there is nothing unusual in their life. Researchers at Flinders University, Australia, have done educational research on it.

Social Media Increases Depression and Loneliness

Social Media Responsible For Depression

Researchers believe that due to the social networking platform, our face-to-face interaction with other people is decreasing. This is not only affecting us practically but is also making us sick. Researchers also blame it for the cause of depression and many physical problems.

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Increased Number Of Suicides

Researchers say that the strings of social media are also related to those who died of despair. Among them, alcohol, an overdose of drugs, and the number of suicides are also very high, which is a result of social media. This research has also been published in The Lancet Journal.

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Psychological Treatment Also Failed

It has been said that social media is a big reason for frustration in humans. Professor Tarun Bastiampillai of Flyer University said, “In such a situation, instead of resorting to only medicine or psychological treatment, physicians should not ignore immediate social networking, including the influence of friends and family.”

Avoid as much social media you can for good health.

Note: Depression Cure does not provide any type of medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.





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