26 Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Death

How To Overcome The Fear Of Death

Thanatophobia, or “fear of death”, has affected the people of the world. In some people’s minds, this causes thoughts like anxiety and furor.?

While thanatophobia, there is a fear of death, and imagination of someone’s death, irrational fear of dead things, is known as “necrophobia,” which is very different from Thanatophobia.

Both are, however, is somewhere linked to an unknown aspect related to death, which is called “xenophobia.” In other words, it is beyond the known things, to face any fears.?

There are chances of it. It often happens with people who are in the last stages of their life, because uncertainty around the process of death can also increase because of their death reality becomes more closely.?

To inadvertently end of your life and make it more comfortable, you first need to work to do this phobia will understand, and reduce its grip. (Overcome The Fear Of Death)

How do you overcome the fear of death?

Method 1 – Understanding Your Phobia

Keep writing that time when you think of death:

To deal with the fear of death, the first thing you need to do is to tell you how – and how much it affects your fear. We often do not recognize the real cause of fear and anxiety early in our surroundings. Keeping in writing about the circumstances in which it comes up, it can help you to deal with this problem.

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Just start by asking yourself, “What was happening around me at that time, due to which I began to feel so much fear and anxiety?” For not many reasons, it can be very difficult to answer this question at the beginning.

Start with basics. Think about the past few days, and remember every detail when you have thoughts related to death. Try to remember, when these thoughts came to your mind, then what were you doing? (Overcome The Fear Of Death)

Fear of death is a very common thing. In the entire history of humans, people are worried about the idea of ??death and things related to the idea of dying.

This can happen for so many reasons, including your age, your civilization, your anxiety level, the experience of losing someone, and so on. For example, during a changed circumstance of your life, you may fear more death.

People fear a lot of death between 4-6, 10-12, 17-24, and 35-55 years of age. Scholars have seen this possibility of death for a long time.

According to Existentialist Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, death can be a source of fear for people because it is “who comes from outside to us and changes us from outside.”

Therefore, the process of death represents the most radical unknown imaginary dimension inside us (or, in a sense, unimaginable).

As Sartre said, death has the ability to change our living bodies back into those non-human areas, from which they were initially raised.

Note time when you feel worried or scared:

After this, note any such time, when you have decided not to do any work with just the fear of death. Write examples, even if you are not sure about those emotions or are not involved in death or death in any way.

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Compare your anxiety with the fear of your death:

When you have a list of thoughts about your death, and you come across a list of moments to worry, then try to find the similarities between the two. For example, you might think that whenever you look at a particular candy brand, you feel overwhelmed by the same kind of worry, but you do not know the reason behind it.?

Then you have a feeling that you think about death even in these very circumstances. And, then, after this, you remember that during the last farewell of your grandfather, the candy of this brand was served. Then you started to realize a few fears, which was, in fact, the fear of death. (Overcome The Fear Of Death)

In this way, the connection between an object, emotions, and circumstance can be complicated, sometimes even more than the scenario mentioned above. But writing them in the bar is an excellent start to get information about them. Then you can better understand how to manage how you are influenced by such moments.

Recognize links between anxiety and anticipation:

Fear is a powerful power that can potentially affect anything you do. If you can start looking forward to your fear, then you will understand that the one you were so afraid of is not so terrible. Concerns often wrapped in anticipation of what will happen, or what will not happen.

This is a kind of emotion that works to think about the future. Keep reminding yourself that the fear of death is more dangerous than actual death. Who knows that your death is not as painful as you thought.

Be honest with yourself:

Be honest and fully accept the truth of your death. If you do not do this, it will already dominate you. When you feel this thing, then your life will become even more precious.

You know, if not today or tomorrow, your face is about to die, but that does not mean that you are afraid of yourself today. When you will show your honesty and face your fear, then you will be able to finish this phobia yourself. (Overcome The Fear Of Death)

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How I overcame fear of death?

Method 2 – Letting go of what you cannot control

Meditation on what you cannot control:

Death is such a thing, which makes anyone nervous by thinking about it mainly because it reveals the limitations of our lives and our thinking. As you try to control the one who is not under your control, you learn to focus your attention on the same thing, which you can control.

For example, you may have been afraid of your death from attack. There are some aspects associated with heart diseases, such as family history, and ages you cannot control. If you focus your mind on such things, then you will put yourself in even more worry.

At its place, you should take care of things that you can control, such as smoking, regular exercise, and right and healthy food. Indeed, when your lifestyle is unhygienic, then you are more at risk than a heart attack, some of the uncontrolled factors.

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Guide your life:

When a person want to control the direction of our lives, then if something does not happen according to our thinking, we become frustrated, restless, and anxious.?

Learn how to tighten your grip on how firmly you want to control the results of your life. Of course, you can still make plans so you can. Guide your session to life. But be prepared for the unexpected. (Overcome The Fear Of Death)

Sometimes the side of the river will change, the river will be curved, and the water will be slow or faster. The river is still flowing, and you have to go with it, wherever it takes you anywhere.

Reduce the patterns of some nonsensical thoughts:

When you visualize or predict your future, you will find yourself asking such questions, “What happens if this happens?” Such nonsensical ideas are considered to be catastrophizing.

A pattern of nonsense thoughts, forcing you to think about any situation in such a way, due to which you can get negative emotions.

As a result of how we understand any circumstance or event, we feel that feeling. For example, if you are just getting disturbed because you are lying down for the office, then you might say something like this to yourself, “If I am late, my boss will shout me, and I will lose the job. “Because of this kind of redundant pattern, your thoughts will start to control any result very strong. (Overcome The Fear Of Death)

Replace meaningless thoughts with positive thoughts. Stop any of these nonsense thoughts. For example, say to yourself, “If I reach late, my boss will be angry with me but I can explain to him that there was more traffic than usual today. I can also tell him that, today, I’ll work until late. “

Prepare a time to worry:

Take five minutes from your day, worry about just anything in these five minutes. Do this every day, at the same time. As far as possible, avoid to choose that time before sleeping, you will not want to lie on the bed just worrying about anything. If you get anxious thoughts at any other time of the day, then save it for the time of your concern.

Challenge yourself with these anxious feelings:

If you are just worried about the anxiety of death, ask yourself about the possibility of death in a particular scenario. For example, start thinking about the possibility of yourself being killed in a plane crash. You will find yourself that your concern is beyond such a reality, which is likely to happen.

Think of how much you are affected by others:

When other people’s anxiety starts to home in your mind, then you too begin overthinking about any risk. Perhaps you have one friend who is very negative about any disease.?

Because of this, you begin to feel troubled or restless by thinking about your illness. Reduce time spent with such a person, so that you do not get such ideas coming to your mind so soon. (Overcome The Fear Of Death)

Try doing something that you have never done before today:

We often stop doing new things and taking ourselves into a new situation; that’s because we are afraid of this, That we do not know anything about it yet, or we will not be able to understand it.

To practice anything left by your control, you have to choose an activity which you have ever thought, do not be and try to do it. First, go online and do some research about it.

Then people who have seen this activity beforehand, talk to them about this. If you do not want to do this or would like to do something, then how can you be able to be with him

Doing this kind of new experimentation and new activity with your life is the best way to focus on your happiness, and because of this, thoughts like death and dying will not come in your mind.

When you are involved in a new activity, you will also see how much you have learned to learn about your life, especially about whom you can control and who you do not. (Overcome The Fear Of Death)

Together with your family and friends, create an end-of-life plan:

When the time of death comes, you feel like there are so many processes that you do not control. There is no perfect way to know when or where we will be leaving this life, but we can pick up some steps to prepare for it.

Suppose you are in a coma, how long would you want to be on life support? Would you like to go to your home or, as long as possible, want to stay in the hospital?

However, for the first time with your beloved people, you may find this kind of thing uncomfortable, but such things are beneficial for both of you at any given time when such an accident decreases, and you cannot even talk about your mind at that time. Such things can also help you to worry less about your death. (Overcome The Fear Of Death)

Why am I so scared of death lately

Method 3 – Reflecting On Life

In what way life and death are part of a cycle, consider this:

Accept the fact that your life and death, as well as the lives and death of other peoples, are all part of the same cycle or life process. Life and death are both very different events; they are happening at the same time.

For example, the cells present in our body do not know how many times they die in whole life, how many ways they die, and they are formed again. This helps us to accept our bodies and keep growing in the environment around us.

Think of how your body is a part of this complex ecosystem:

In our bodies, there are so many different types of life functions that do not serve as fertile ecosystems, especially when our life ends. While living ours, our gastrointestinal system is home to millions of micro-organisms.

All of these help to keep our body healthy, immune systems support a lot, and in many ways, even complex help in complex cognitive processing. (Overcome The Fear Of Death)

Play the role of your body in the grand scheme of things:

Too large, at the macro level, our lives fit together in unique ways of creating a society and local communities, which to maintain some degree organization, our body’s energy, and depending on the tasks.

Your own life is also made up of similar mechanisms and materials identical to the living community around you. After understanding this point, you will be able to be even more comfy with the idea of ??going around this world without you.

Spend some time with Nature:

Go to a meditative walk in nature. Or, if you want, you can spend time with different types of living types. Such activity, in your mind, helps in feeling the feeling of being a part of this big world. (Overcome The Fear Of Death)

Think of life after death:

Think like this, after your death; you will be in a place where you will be happy. Many religions consider this thing. If you believe in any one religion, you will feel comfortable considering life after death, according to the belief of your religion.

How should you live your life?

Method 4 – Living Life

Have a lot of life:

The truth behind is, you should not waste your precious time thinking about your death. At its place, make as much fun as you can every single day. Do not allow small things to dominate you.

Exit, play some new sports with friends. Do every work that your brain wanders from death. And instead of focusing on living your life, only focus your attention.

Fearful of death, many people think about it every day. This means that there are so many things left in your life that you want to do. Let the fear work in your way, and ask yourself, “What is going to happen to the worst today?” Today you are alive, then go and live your life.

Spend time with your dear ones:

Fill those people around you who are happy, and you are so glad. When you mix-with other people-then your time will pass very well – and it will be very memorable.

For example, you can now at least make sure that your memories will be alive after your failure, and your grandchildren will remember you’re happy moments. (Overcome The Fear Of Death)

Prepare a gratifying journal:

A journal of gratitude will be a diary in which you will keep writing to all those people and things you are grateful for. This will help you to keep your attention focused on the best moments of your life and things. Think of the goodies present in your life and keep them close to you.

Take the time to write about any such thing or moment of your every day, for which you are grateful. Write about that moment in full swing, and appreciate the happiness you have received because of it.

Take care of yourself:

Do not let yourself be trapped in any such situation or in a bad habit, due to which your chances of dying will increase. Avoid smoking, drugs, or alcohol and non-hallucinatory activities such as talking and messaging on the phone while driving. Some factors associated with death can be reduced to a lesser extent.

How to find support for life?

Method 5 – Finding Support

Find out if you need help from Mental Health Therapists:

If your fear of death has become so intense that it has started affecting the normal activities of your life and the happiness of life, in such a way You should take the help of a mental health therapist.

For example, if you have stopped doing some activities just because you are afraid of death, then the time has come to get help. (Overcome The Fear Of Death)

These are some of the more similar symptoms; You should seek help:

  • Feeling inept, anxious or depressed due to your fear
  • Feeling that your fear is inappropriate
  • The feeling of this fear more than six months

What you can expect from a mental health therapist:

Understanding this, your therapist will help you understand your fear of this death even better and reduce it and hope that it will help you to eliminate it.

Will do understand that time and effort are needed to deal with such fearful fears. It may take some time by which you will be able to control this fear, but some people have seen quite a few changes in just 8 to 10 therapy sessions. These are some of the strategies used by your therapist:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

If you are frightened by the fear of dying, then there will be some thoughts in you that are increasing this fear. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a method that is used by the therapist to challenge your ideas and identify the feelings associated with those thoughts. For example, you might think for yourself, “I’m scared because of sitting in the plane because it will crash, and I cannot fly.

Your therapist might tell you that flying, safely than driving. It will help you to realize that your thoughts are inappropriate. Then you will be asked to think again and again on your thoughts so that they can become more appropriate now, as if “many people travel daily from the plane and they are all right. I believe I will be fine too.” (Overcome The Fear Of Death)

Exposure Therapy:

If you are afraid to die, you will begin to ignore a particular situation, activity, and any other place that increases your fear. Exposure therapy will force you to face these same thoughts.

In this kind of therapy, your therapist will either tell you to imagine being in the same situation, which you are ignoring, or they can tell you to really go through that situation.

For example, if you are ignoring the plane’s crash and fear of your death, sitting in the plane, your therapist might ask you to imagine being in the flight, and how do you feel? You can ask you to tell him; it’s been there. After this, your therapist can challenge you to sit in the plane in real.


If you fear your death, something has increased, because of which you have started worrying about different types of things, then your therapist can send you to a psychiatrist who can help you with something and can write some medicines.

Keep this in mind that medications taken for your anxiety-related fears can only be reduced by a few temporarily. They will not cure their real cause.

Share your thoughts related to death with others:

Talking to someone about your fears and concerns is good. Other people can also share some similar interests. They may also tell you some such method, with the help of which they treated their stress.

Find a person whom you trust, then tell your thoughts and feelings about death, and also tell him how long you are feeling this. (Overcome The Fear Of Death)

Visit one of the Death Cafe:

It is not easy for anyone to discuss issues related to death and dying. For this, it is essential to find a suitable group with whom you can share your thoughts related to these issues. Here “Death Cafe” exists, where there is a group of people who are involved in death café comes to express ideas.

These often support groups for those who are looking for help to handle death-related ideas. These groups also consider death in front of death, how to live better in their lives.

If you are not getting such a café around you, then you can start it yourself. There may be other people present in your area who have some ideas about death, but they have not got the chance to present their ideas.


Fear of death sometimes causes depression or anxiety, which is a situation that can be treated only with the help of a professional.

Do not panic, even with the help of more than one counselor. You have to find a counselor who can understand your unique problem and help you deal with them.

You can get rid of this fear, keep that trust. This is your prediction, which will be right.

Do not overthink your death. Always keep enjoying your life, so that you do not have any grief or regrets about anything.

Note: Depression Cure does not provide any type of medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.





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