10 Ways to Control Your Emotions


Sometimes you think that being emotionally numb; you can avoid emotionally hurt. By pressing your emotions, you can prevent emotionally injuring yourself. (Control Your Emotions)

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Control Your Emotions

How do I stop being so reactive emotionally?

  1. Remove negative people from your life, or do not talk to them. By doing this, you may have to face loneliness for some time.
  2. Take appropriate precautions, such as “psychological repression,” plays a major role in many mental disorders. Always keeping a distance from people or staying alone is not a good sign for you.
  3. Talk as much as you need, or if you talk more, then talk less. If you are asking for any answer in “yes or no,” then you can also reply by shaking your head. People who hide their feelings often speak very little.
  4. Do not bend at any time before you or anyone trying to show you a humiliation. When you are talking on a serious issue, then you should not leave your status.
  5. Avoid showing your facial expressions to others. Always keep an empty face.
  6. Blink the eyelids of your eyes less because the excessive blink of the eyes shows the sign of your weakness.
  7. Do not wander through emotion, think logically. Those who are emotionally numb, do not think about putting their emotions in front of them but rather think logically.
  8. You should never talk about binding impulsiveness or passion but speak to people peacefully.
  9. Keep your anger and anxiety under control and turn problems into opportunities.
  10. Put yourself apart from the people in solitude and relax as much as possible.
  11. Write down your emotions and thoughts about what is stressing you.
  12. Start doing exercise regularly, especially in the morning.
  13. Start doing Meditation like yoga, tai-chi to relax, which will help you to control your emotions.
  14. Spend some time with friends and family members. It will distract your mind from garbage thinking and make your mind fit.
  15. Always in any condition, accept yourself and believe in yourself.

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