Love Is Not Only Emotional But Also Powerful


If someone asks you what love is, what comes to your mind? Some associate love with happiness, some call it renunciation, some call it a romantic journey in life. Everyone in this world has a different definition of love, but most people consider love a big part of emotions. Apart from feelings, there is one thing that makes a difference in your love is not only emotional; it is your mental health.

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Love is Everything Everyone Needs

Research by American psychologist Harry Harlow in 1958 showed that love has a powerful effect on the behavior and development of any person. Lack of this can cause digestive and psychological problems in a person. Love and affection are as crucial for any person as food and water.

Love Gives Brain Power Let’s Do a Little Exercise Now

When you are surrounded by stress or anxiety, what do you do, and how do you behave? Close the eyes for two minutes, think and note the answer in one place.?

Now once again, close your eyes for two minutes and think about the person you love, spend time with him, and the smile on his face. Whatever is felt, note it elsewhere.?

When you compare the two situations, you will find that thinking about the person you love brings a smile on your face. No matter how difficult you are, forget everything.

Love Relieves Stress

When a person is in stress for a long time, the allostatic load on him, i.e., mental troubles, starts increasing. To know about this, in the year 2002, a study was done on Allostatic Load and Social Experience.?

This study showed that positive social experience and a high level of social reconciliation reduce allostatic load. People of every class who love someone or feel secure in any relationship, have more strength to fight stress than others.?

This love relationship does not necessarily have to be between a woman and a man; it can also happen between a mother and her child.

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