23 Ways To Have A Good Nice Day

How To Have A Nice Day

When was the last time you had taken a break with honesty for the whole day of your daily chores? If you do not remember, then it can be a cause of concern for you because most health experts believe that sometimes it will be necessary to stay happy and to remain productive, to maintain holiday happiness. (Have A Good Nice Day)

By making a one-day plan for yourself, you can get out of the boring outlook of life, or you are afraid of the fear inside you, in which you live to extract them out here. If you want to celebrate your holiday or if you have your partner for it, then you are very fortunate. Today I am going to share 23 ways which will help you to make your day a good nice day.

What do you answer to have a great day?

Method 1 – Spend a good day on yourself

Sleep well overnight:

The irony is that a great day begins before the night for the people! If you remain niggard due to less sleep, you will have difficulty in enjoying yourself, and if you fall asleep in the middle of the day, then you will lose the time in which you can do some more meaningful work.

So before making your day big, try to rest entirely at night. However, each person has different needs for sleep; most adults need sleeping about 7 to 9 hours per night.

Ideally, after spending a lovely day, you will not lose anything after sleeping. Insufficient sleep can lead to many health problems, including obesity and cardiovascular disease.

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Start your day with some stretches:

If you go to bed as soon as you wake up from the bed like most people, or pull yourself to work without taking a moment’s news, then today. Instead of starting your day with a slow and good stretching session.

At the beginning of the day, stretching your body make it lose, blood pressure increases in muscles, and it helps keep your head clean. Along with this, it is a “good experience,” so start your morning right.

If you want, you can start stretching even on your bed after opening your eyes. Raise your palms and drag each finger. Hold your wrist and then arm to stretch. Do the same with the other side as well. Similarly, do your feet with fingers, claws, ankles, and both legs.

For more effect, listen to any music while stretching so that you can help focus on the stretch, and you will get a good mood for the start of the day. (Have A Nice Day)

Make a Satisfactory Breakfast:

If you work on an average of 9 to 5 a.m., then it is most likely that “breakfast” will mean “eating from home.” Today, try to do something different: take some time to prepare a nutritional breakfast.

There is no right snack here to start your day because whatever you choose to eat depends on your taste, but we are giving below a list of some good breakfast which will satisfy most people:

Eat two toast or two eggs or whole grains, cook it according to your choice or eat with a sauce or banana with butter.

Resist the desire to have a heavy snack that can attract pancakes, fresh toast, and omelets. Due to being very heavy and more refreshing than “food coma,” your activities can slow down during the day.

Think about taking your breakfast with a cup of your favorite tea or coffee. A small dose of caffeine can help to give you the energy needed to fulfill the day’s work.

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Wear clothes that suit you:?

In the words of Robert F. Chyu, “Look the part, be the part.” Do not wear dirty t-shirts and pants for your big day; you will feel like you have come up from the bed just like you are sleeping, and you will have difficulty in experiencing freshness and energy.

Instead, you should wear some beautiful clothes from normal ones as you wear on a date or when you visit a particular person. Before leaving the house, take a fascinating glimpse of yourself in the mirror, which will give you positive thinking on your excellent day.

Believe it or not, the clothes you wear have a measurable effect on how you work and experience. Research shows that wearing proper apparel can increase your confidence, the ability to attract your romantic partner, and the quality of your work. On the other hand, wearing dirty clothes or ignoring your hygiene can be a sign of depression. (Have A Nice Day)

Exercise a little:

Exercise for any lovely day is a fun sum because it not only keeps you healthy for a long time, but it can give you a noticeable mind or mood boost in less time.

Physiological research shows that by exercising, there are chemicals called endorphins in the body, which cause a feeling of happiness and fitness. Instead, most exercises are prescribed by the doctor as a treatment for light depression.

Raise your hobbies:

Every person likes something that makes him happy and self-satisfied. In your lovely day, try to spend at least one hour or so to do such things.

Being overwhelmed by the burden of many workloads or responsibilities of life, you will be able to get back by a satisfactory experience of the achievement of what you cannot experience for a long time.

For example, if you are an amateur baker, then try your hand at making some delicious cookies. This will allow you to do the activity of your choice (and most importantly, to enjoy some delightful baked things).

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Write a Letter:

In the time of email, smartphone, and social media, the letters get tiny space. However, writing and reading letters can be enjoyed both. Take a good part of your day and write a message for a friend, family member, or a particular person. The letter doesn’t need to be written about something important but write about your experiences.

If you cannot decide where to start the letter, then try writing about sharing your happy moments with your readers, this will give your thinking a direction.

For example, if you went along for fishing, then some might say like this: “I enjoyed our fishing trip on Baja Coast. Later I realized that I did work so that I can go out on another trip again. “

If you want, you can send a drawing, some photos or even a small gift with it to your friends. These little things deliver this message to your readers that you care for them, so you have given so much effort and time to complete the letter. (Have A Nice Day)

Read a book:

Since reading like searching for solitude is a work of calm, read a book for one hour or more before going to bed to break it. Reading is best for everyone, whether you are nine years old or 90 years old.

For maximum fun, take and read your book with a cup of hot tea or coffee and blanket and go to your couch or bed. Encourage your pet to sit with you for your calm companionship.

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How to make your day “a good day”?

Method 2 – Spend your good day with your particular lovely person

Spare your favorite fragrance by splashing yourself:

If you want to spend your whole day with your lover, then put a little perfume, colon, or aftershave to leave your mark on the spot, especially If you do not usually use them.

Slight spraying of an attractive fragrance can give a gentle but noteworthy feeling, which most of your partner will either praise or appreciate. Keep yourself handled as research suggests that scent plays an important role in sexual attraction!

Sprinkle some amount of perfume or cologne on your wrist, and let’s touch it a little bit behind your ears. In other places, especially where blood vessels are thick like behind your knees and elbows, a soft spray can benefit. Be careful that you have a scent, and not a scent has assumed you.

Keep in mind that many deodorants, especially men, have a strong scent. In this situation, do not put any other fragrance on it. Due to many fragrances, the results of the strong “bump” are not usually very attractive.

Enjoy a dessert together:

To enjoy dessert, go out to your local cafe or ice cream shop. Do not take it before having food. By not only enjoying such a treat, you not only enjoy together but also make this occasion special. (Have A Nice Day)

Go on a journey:

Going to a place where you have never gone, enjoy the freedom of the day. It can be a very simple place to go to your local park or go to an open forest area with the right behavior; both of these conditions give you great opportunities to search.

The tinge of birds, the glittering sunshine, and the fresh aroma of nature will immediately fix your mood and allow you to calm down and interact with the heart. Also, a form of mood-lifting and stimulating exercise is a walk that you can share.

If you live in the city or at a place where there is no forest area, then you can also search through your neighborhood and discover it. It is cheaper, fresh, and fun than buying expensive fruits from the store.

Most of all, it allows you to do lots of fun activities. For example, you can compete to see who has gathered the most fruits or to make sweets together with their sources.

Be careful, in the woods, you can get some toxic plants, so if you are not entirely sure of the fruits you have searched for, then do not eat it. For example, dark or blackberries are small, black, shiny, and appetizing in appearance but can be fatal if consumed in sufficient quantities.

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Take part in an art project:

If you have never done this before, highlight your art with your partner. Drawing, painting, writing songs, and making a small film of yourself, which can be an excellent way to spend your day. It can also find the qualities of your partner who you have not given attention to yet. (Have A Nice Day)

Satisfy yourself with spa time:

If you have not ever been to the spa with your partner, consider going to a spa in a lovely part of your day. Especially when you have suffered a lot of stress recently, spending some time in a relaxing massage or sauna thing can fill you completely with freshness and new energy and life (rejuvenated). Men can also visit men’s spas, so if you have never gone before, do not be afraid!

Shop for vintage clothes or top-notch clothing:

Bargaining with your partner can be a fun experience at a local thrift shop (a shop that stores old or used items). You will not always be able to find something good (but sometimes you will find something bad), but occasionally, you take some stylish clothes.

If you are free for it, finding a treasure in vintage shops can be very fun, unless you search for it, you will not know what your measurement here is. (Have A Nice Day)

Look at the sunset:

If you have the time, go with your partner in someplace in the evening where the sunset view is visible. Sometimes it is enjoyable to see the sun while sitting together and holding the arms of each other quietly and drowning. If all your daytime activities are crowded and bustling, then this can be an extraordinarily intimate experience.

You can find out the exact time of sunset in your area with a simple search engine query. In general, for the most accurate information, you will need to input your place and the date you want to know about the sunset. (Have A Nice Day)


Pour out the day by enjoying a dance with each other on the dance floor. What kind of music do you want to dance on; it depends on you and your partner, it does not matter whether it is salsa dance or classic, just like you should be.

To ease your dancing, dance with others to a club or dance hall, but if you are adventurous, you can dance in the park on the side of the street or in the back of your house. If you want to set a romantic mood, you can dance in the candlelight lights of your home.

You do not have to worry about how you feel while dancing with your partner! Just close your eyes, experience music, and move on. Remember, you are dancing to attract your attention only, and not for the people around you.

If you are shy to dance, then do not worry! Many dance halls teach you basic dance on your suitable times, so when you count, you can enjoy yourself as well. Instead you can join the dance classes in many gyms or universities, so take a look online for the opportunities around you. (Have A Nice Day)

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What a great day it was

Method 3 – Have a lovely day with your friends

Arrive on the beach

Enjoying the middle of the beach with your friends is a very pleasant and completely free way to pass your good day! If outside is hot, then the beach can be a great place to swim, volleyball, skateboard, and other sports. Even if the weather is not right yet you can make forts of sand and go to nearby places to travel, so do not think, go ahead!

If you do not live near water, you can do many things in other places on the beach. For example, you can go swimming in a public pool, a gym in most of the universities and you can play volleyball wherever you can put the net, so be creative! (Have A Nice Day)

Play some games:

For this, you will need a ball with a group of your friends. You can play soccer, basketball or a game of your choice at a local park. You can play a hard or easy game, depending on the choice of you and your team members.

Sometimes in casual games, you need to improve your things. For example, if you are playing soccer, you may need to set some old rags or your T-shirt to target the edges of your goal on the field. (Have A Nice Day)

See a show

There is nothing better than watching the live performance of your favorite song on stage. For a fun night, congratulate your friends for a play or concert at a local place, if necessary, collect money for the tickets and get on! You will also be experienced and helpful in art as well as enjoying the presentation.

Great concerts can be expensive, so if you have less money, then see free or cheap music festivals in your local area. Many art schools, community theaters, and local establishments sometimes offer live music or theater, which can save you money and also discover some local favorites.

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Go camping:

Staying in camp with your friends for a day or two is a great way to have fun outside of the home. Planning, packing, and traveling for the camp, this whole process is fun.

Burning bonfire, staying in the woods and talking sitting near tents till late night can do much more, even enjoying the camp itself.

Depending on where you live, sometimes camping can be a difficult process. If you do not know how to get the right stuff, or how to make your camp fun, then you can get advice by searching on google about your query. (Have A Nice Day)

Work together on the DIY project:

The building, tinkering, painting, and crafting all these things you can enjoy yourself, but with a right friend, increase happiness. For example, if you try to work with your friends to complete a home improvement project, then you complete the month’s work in one day. Or take a project for fun; here are some tips for starting this:

  • Setting up a “hangout” room
  • Construction of a treehouse
  • Sewing some clothes or accessories
  • Making your skateboard (most skate shop sells wheels, trucks and other things)
  • Play music in your car.
  • Make a five-star dish.

Plan a movie night:

Going for a movie is a great idea for cold winter nights, although if you have a right place, then it can be done anytime in the year. Make sure you agree to watch a movie with your friends and then come in the evening with all the refreshments of your friend’s choice.

Make homemade popcorn and other snacks to share. But if you have followed our advice given above and have cooked and baked at the beginning of the day, then feel free to share it now.

Ask friends who have come to give suggestions for one or two movie names, from which one can choose to watch a movie at night. (Have A Nice Day)

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Be open to making new friends:

What better way than hanging out with three friends? Make a fourth friend! When you go out with your friends, do not be too shy to talk to people you meet because there is a good chance that they will also be able to find a fun person in you, just as you search for each person.

Some special activities give you more opportunities to meet others, and it is possible that only funny people can meet, so keep your heart and mind open and feel free to introduce yourself and your friends to a new person.

For example, if you and some of your friends have gone to a local place to watch a live music show, then it will look extraordinary that you probably spend a lot of time waiting for the band to set up machines on the set.

At this time, when people are getting bored and are waiting for the start of the show, it is an excellent opportunity to meet strangers who are passionate about the same theme that you like. (Have A Nice Day)

Advice for a nice day

Try to stay away from alcohol. Taking little right quantity alcohol is a good way of celebrating life, but taking too much alcohol or just getting intoxication reduces your self-esteem and makes you self-conscious towards the world.

Instead of searching for inner altitude, return to reality, and check yourself. If the matter is of cigarettes, then avoid it altogether because smoking cigarettes can never be called good.

Do not eat junk food. If you eat lots of vegetables, fruits, and nuts in place of junk food, they will feel much better. It may be that your lovely day is a day whose start, with freshness, be with the food items that keep your body and mind steady, and not with the food items that weaken your body.

Life is full of courtesy, so please say thank you more; life is filled with respect for others.

Thanks to people for giving you a company. While doing so, keep a smile on the face as expected, so that people will know that you are saying this with heart. (Have A Nice Day)

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The suggestions given here are a set of many measures and choose from which you deserve. Unless you feel that it is possible or you want it, you will not be able to take them as a whole-day activity. For this, you are advised to choose the one who attracts you the most and leave the suggestion for any other good day.

Note: Depression Cure does not provide any type of medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.





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