Happy Fathers Day – 15 Ways To Make Your Father Happy


Every child wants his relationship with his father to be cordial. When your father is happy with you, his behavior will be kind towards you, which will make you happy as well. Making the father happy can be a difficult task. However, it is necessary to lay the foundation of a happy family. You can start a happy family relationship by paying attention to what you achieve in life and how you relate to your father. (Make Your Father Happy)

How do you make your parents happy and proud of you?

Happy Fathers Day – 15 Ways To Make Your Father Happy

Method 1 – Spend time with dad?

  1. Spend time with them:

It can be challenging to spend time with your father, especially if you go to school because you will also be busy and he must have gone to work. Working hard to spend time with them and sharing your thoughts and ideas with them will strengthen your relationship.

Try and have one meal of the day with them. This can prove to be the right time to share with them the unique things of the whole day and any such thing which is worrying you or is important to you.

If your father also tries to tell you his mind, then later ask him about it and show that you were listening carefully to him at that time.

Learn about his life. Take the time to ask your children about their dreams, careers, or their favorite memories. These are the stories that you cherish until you grow. You will be able to understand their thinking by listening to them.

Listen to them and show that you are feeling aware. By listening, you will come closer to them, and it will feel like you are anxious.??

  1. Avoid arguments:

It will be difficult not to answer back, especially if you do not agree with them or they are refusing you for something that you need. Control yourself a little bit and increase the talk when you are feeling calm.

If you feel angry, take a calm, deep breath so that you feel better. If possible, sit down and drink a glass of cold water. It will make you feel at peace.

Always try to understand your father’s point of view. They will have a good reason not to let you do anything or to think differently. What you are getting from them is probably their attempt to keep you safe.

If your father is unhappy, why should he be feeling like this? Consider his reasons. Are they tired Or did they not have a good day at work? Or maybe he is worried about something else? They don’t need to be unhappy because of you.

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How can I bond with my dad?

  1. Ask for their opinion:

Ask your father for his advice on schoolwork or friendship or money matters or if you are looking for a job. This will make them feel that their opinion is important to you.

They may not have the experience to face the situation, but still, they can tell you what you should do or where you can learn to face the situation.

  1. Show love:

Show your father that you love him. Speak with them in loving words and language, or show your appreciation by doing hag or kissing. Some fathers do not like to express love, and you may also find it strange to come close to them. But know that the feeling of love is a fundamental need of every human being.

Many times, especially boys, are not able to express love to their parents. Treat them according to the situation that suits you. If you do not like it, then you do not have to do hag to your father in front of everyone.

  1. Follow their thoughts:

Make a list and write the names of your father’s values ??and beliefs in it. Think of the statements your father often utters, ‘Always tell the truth,’ or, ‘Try to perform well.’ This shows the values they are teaching you (honesty and hard work in these two examples).

It may also happen that your father does not always speak such things, but once he has made you sit and have explained these things. Think of how they cut their lives.

Think about how they live their lives. Note that he always goes to the office on time or always wears the right clothes. Live your experience with this ideology.

You do not have to agree with everything that your father says. Think about the ideas that will bring positive changes in your life and follow them. If your father has any such work that you do not agree with, talk to him about it. Maybe, together both of you can think of a way to get rid of their habit.

How can you make your dad happy?

Method 2 – Be responsible at home

  1. Do your work:

Think about the things your father often asks you to do at home. Think of the things that you have to do. Try to finish them. If you find it difficult or challenging to do household chores, ask your father for tips to do them. Maybe they can tell you new ways to eliminate them.

By asking them their opinion, you are also expressing that their opinion is important to you. Once your father gives an opinion, then he must follow it. If you ask for the opinion of doing something and then do not follow it, then he can consider it as his insult.

Do not give your father a chance to ask you why the work is not done. Make a daily schedule and finish your work at the right time. As long as you do not have the habit of finishing them on time, keep alarmed on your mobile, which tells you that it is time to do some work.

  1. Take responsibility:

Focus on tasks that are to be done at home, but no one has asked you to do them. End them to make your father happy. Think about such things for several months, but no one has been able to do so far.

Think about your father’s routine. For example, if they like to drink coffee before going to work, then they do this work for them from time to time. They will feel that you care about them.

Show concern for more people living in your home. Especially when you are using common parts of the house, such as living room and kitchen, do not leave any dirt that someone else has to clean.

  1. Clean your room:

Due to dirty rooms, parents are often annoyed. Even if you are not sharing your room with anyone, show your father that you can take care of it by keeping your place clean and tidy.

Keep your wardrobe clean by folding and hanging your clothes correctly. Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket. As soon as you wake up in the morning, fix your bed.

If you want to decorate your room with posters, etc., keep in mind that your father should not feel embarrassed by seeing such things. (Make Your Father Happy)

  1. Use the internet and phone wisely at home:

This is especially important when your father is paying for your phone and the internet. The use of the internet and phone is not your right. You have to show your father that you respect the money spent by him and the values ??given to him.

Discuss the limitations of using electronics with your father. If they set such rules for how long you can work on the computer at night or post things online, then follow them.

Show respect to your father and other family members and do not use electronics at the dinner table. This will show how much time is worth telling you.

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  1. Take care of your siblings:

Make your father happy by creating a loving and calm atmosphere in your home. Keep a good relationship with your siblings. Neither dictate to the younger ones, nor do the elders get angry.

If they need help understanding homework or any other problem, then provide it to them. Have fun together. If you are big enough to drive, then reduce your father’s work by bringing your siblings to their place.

By the way, it is natural to fight with your siblings occasionally, but as far as possible, keep good relations with them. (Make Your Father Happy)

How can I make my parents happy after bad grades?

Method 3 – Bring great results to a school? 

  1. Study diligently:

By doing well in school, show your father that you want to succeed in life. Try to finish your assignment time with all your heart. If you find difficulty in understand anything, ask your teacher to explain it again, or suggest something else to learn, or you can also request a friend to explain it to you.

Create a school schedule; Calculate how long your homework will take and fix your evening and afternoon time accordingly. Include revision and break time in this schedule.

Set the study session to 45 minutes and include a 10-minute break in between. Keep your phone closed so that you only focus on studying while working. If you divert attention from something, remove it. Until you do not understand the style of your studies, try with different learning techniques.

Find a quiet room to study in your home. Make sure you have your place to study there.

Organize your folders and stationery. Keep the file of your subjects. Write the name and date on all your assignments so that you know which work to do first. (Make Your Father Happy)

  1. Keep good relations with your teacher:

Try to create good credit for yourself. Always talk to your teachers politely and participate in the class and show that you are interested in learning.

Sometimes it is difficult to be polite, especially if you do not like any teacher or your friends bother you. Be a good example and present a good example. When your teacher praises you, your father will feel proud.

This does not mean that you required to accept everything that your teacher is saying. If your teacher is collecting money or you are not feeling his attitude towards you or anyone else, then bring this matter in the eyes of your school principal.

Also, tell your mother and father so that they can get an idea of the activities happening in your life. (Make Your Father Happy) 

  1. Participate in Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA):

Performing well in school is not just necessary in studies. By participating in ECA, you will become a great human being, apart from this, you can learn the values ??of life like discipline, leadership, teamwork, time management, analytical skills, social skills, and organization by participating in the activity of your choice. He is the skill that is needed to succeed in life. Every parent wants to see their children’s succeed in life.

ECA also seems to be useful in your college applications and resumes because they may have some of the qualities that the college or employer is looking for. (Make Your Father Happy)

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  1. Make good friends:

Show your father that you know how to identify a person. Befriend people who are doing well in school. For this, look for people who have good credit among teachers and other people and who own good characters and stay away from trouble.

You can learn something from them, and you can stay away from problems by keeping friendships with them. If you want, you can study by forming a study group with them.

Do not do any work just because your friends are doing it. Think about your antics in advance. If you are finding difficult to handle the pressure of friends, seek advice from your father or a school counselor. (Make Your Father Happy)


Instead of just giving your father a gift, trying to celebrate his birthday is a great way to make him happy.

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