25 Ways To Forget Unwanted Memories – How to Forget a Bad Memory

25 Ways To Forget Unwanted Memories – How to Forget a Bad Memory

25 Ways To Forget Unwanted Memories – How to Forget a Bad Memory

Whether bad memories are connected with an embarrassing moment or a painful accident, they can trouble you for a lot of days, months or even years later. You can prepare your mind in many ways to fight such negative memories with luck. Let us know about the ways in which you can help in removing your bad memories and the discomfort associated with them.

Method 1 – Create a positive ideology

  1. Excommunicate the things or places that make those memories alive:

Has it ever happened that by visiting certain places or using some things, your memories have started to dominate your consciousness again? Perhaps you do not realize that because of them your memories are getting alive again. For example, your memory is related to an accident that has happened in school, and every time you go through it, you can remember it. If you go from the other road to the office and go through that road, where you have a school, then you will get rid of that bad memory with your mind soon.

If you completely boycott such things that alert you to your bad memories, then in the end, it will completely end up with your mind. You will not have any reason to remember it and as you go ahead in life you will give it to the place and important thoughts.

It is also true that boycott of everything is not necessary, for example, you should not boycott your favorite book or music band just because the night your boyfriend broke the relationship with you, then you were reading or listening to any of them. If the boycott of such things is not possible because they are too much or you do not want to give much recognition to that memory, then you can also face these bad memories in other ways.

  1. Think about that accident so much that it will lose its power:

In the beginning, when you think of such a bad memory, often you become restless and unhappy. In this way, the less you think about the memory, the better, but in doing so, it may happen that when the bad memory is starting again, it becomes more powerful. It is better to remove that bad memory from the mind, try to remember it a little bit. Think of that memory until its effects are reduced. In the end, you will reduce so much thinking about him and when he thinks he will not do so much trouble. If memories cannot escape from the mind, then do some exercise or go on a long trip.

Make sure you remember that the accident has ended due to the accident. Whatever happened – people laughed at your embarrassment or whatever horrible situation you passed – they all have passed.

Many times, thinking about bad memories becomes a passion. Note that when you think about that memory, then what kind of feelings arise in you? If you feel like repeatedly thinking about it, that power in memory is that if it hurts you, then find another method to remove that memory from your mind.

  1. Make a change of memory:

Every time you think something, your memory changes a bit. Your brain changes the change in that memory with different ideas. You can take advantage of this lack of your brain and change the bad parts of your memory with different ideas. In the end, you will start remembering that changed memo.

For example, if you remember any childhood, ride in a boat with your father whose name is “Dreamcatcher”. You remember that your father was wearing red knickers and glasses, then when you accidentally fell into the water. You know what happened, but after many years when you look at the picture of that day, think that your father wore jeans and the name of the boat was “Kingfisher”. Memories are never completely correct and they can be changed.

Try to change the part of memory that is painful. In the above example, if you were afraid of falling into the water, then think of that memory as if your father had saved you so much.

Every time you think of that memory, it has changed a bit. If you focus on good feelings rather than bad feelings then you will find a change in memory. It may be that he will not be transformed into a good memory from a bad memory, but his ability to hurt you will end.

  1. Focus more on good memories:

Many times our mind gets entangled in a quagmire which is difficult to get out of. If your brain repeatedly thinks of bad memories, then force it to think about the good memories. Do not give a bad memory so much time that it makes you restless, inverted as soon as it comes to your thoughts, then turn it into a good memory. Till then remain on positive thinking until it does not come out of that bag.

Add every bad remembrance to a good remembrance. For example, if you do not forget that day when you had made a mistake in front of the class and the whole class had swan, then add a remembrance with it when you did well and everyone praised you. Every time you remember those poor memories, focus your attention towards those good memories. By keeping a good memory fresh in your mind, you will not need to find a good memory at the time of a bad memory.

  1. Learn to live in today:

The habit of giving more attention to today is also to be conscious. This means that you should give more recognition to today and now, and not to spend time in your past and tomorrow’s anxiety. Staying awake is a great way to reduce stress and live a lot of lives. Do not waste your time and strength on things that you cannot change, let it go, and just be happy.

Many times we allow ourselves to be lost in our routine and forget about what is happening around it. It is better to be lost that you enjoy the beauty around and pay attention to small things such as fragrances and voices. With this, you will not run towards those bad memories again and try to live in today.

Follow a mantra that can be replicated in such situations. For example, you can say that “I am here” or “I’m alive”. Say something that brought you back to your present.

Take a look at how your body feels at that time. Note your senses like: What are you listening, watching or smelling at that moment?

Learn to meditate:

In the process of meditating in any manner, it is very important that you be conscious and do it. By removing all the distractions from your mind, if you try to concentrate only, you will be able to live your present life right. By regular meditation, not only do you improve your life, but you can also change your mood.

Method 2 – Adopt a positive attitude

  1. Think of what you learned from that accident:

No matter how painful an accident, it always teaches you something. You will probably find it a little while to learn these lessons, especially when the accident is fresh. But if you can look back and see what you learned from that condition then that poor memory will lose a little effect. Can you find something good in your situation?

Remember that negative experiences are also an integral part of life. Hard experiences make us stronger and help in understanding the value of sweet moments of life. Unless we sometimes feel bad, we will not understand the value of the happiness of our lives.

Count your blessings. Whatever you have lost due to these memories, forget them and examine the things for which you consider yourself lucky.

  1. Create happy new memories:

As time passes, the bad memories also gradually decrease. You can increase the progress of this process by living happily and creating new memories. Doing your time in doing things that you find to be fun and spend with those who give you happiness. Your negative memories will become less important with the same amount of memory you create.

You can go to such a place where you have never gone so that you can forget your past and realize new experiences. Go to a new city, or become a tourist in your city and go to a place where you will not go anyway.

If you do not like to rotate, try changing your routine in some way. Go to a new restaurant or eat good food and invite your friends to come home.

  1. Keep your life busy:

Keep your routine and mind busy, so that you do not have time to bring negative thoughts into your mind. If you spend a lot of time alone, then spend more time with your friends and family by trying. Start a new hobby or read some good books. The more time you spend sitting there too, the same old memories will disturb you. Below are some things that will help you stay busy:

Accept any physical activity such as soccer or wrestling. If you do not like to play sports then start yoga or make a rule to go on your daily commute. It is a good way to give a physical challenge to yourself, to keep your mind away from the negative thoughts. By exercising, your brain releases the chemicals called Endorphins, which is helpful in changing your mood.

Make something new. You can sew something, or make a picture or write a song. If you put your strength in something good then you will not get the time to think about bad memories.

Offer your time for social service. Helping others is a great way to get out of your troubles soon.

  1. Avoid alcohol or drug addiction:

Consumption of such mind-changing products can make your problems worse, especially when your memory leaves you restless. Alcohol will increase your restlessness, irritability and depression especially when you are already victims of these things.  To keep yourself mentally active, it is very important that we remove from alcohol and other narcotics. Stay

Alcohol and drug abuse are always transformed into addiction to eradicate their bad memories.  If you feel that you have to resort to alcohol and narcotics to forget your memories, then you should ask for help at the same time.

Avoid the methods of escapism. If you have gambling, having more food or a habit that is harmful to your health, then identify this habit and leave it with your own or any therapist or supporter group.

  1. Prioritize your health:

When you are surrounded by negative thoughts, you often forget to take care of yourself. But keeping your body upright will change the way you understand your thinking.  By eating nutritious food, sleeping comfort and exercising, you can keep your bad memories very far. As well as meeting your general needs, take out this time so that you can do something for yourself, which will make you happy and your anxiety is also less.

Eat a balanced diet that includes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, protein, whole grains, and nutritious fat.

Make rules for at least 30 minutes to exercise regularly for 1 hour.

Sleep for 7 to 8 hours every night, because of tiredness, you can turn towards your old memories.

Method 3 – Overcoming the Painful Experience

  1. Celebrate that memory:

Accept that memory and the negative feelings associated with it. It may be inverted, but sometimes the need for cleanliness is needed for treatment.  By suppressing a bad memo, it may cause pain in life again. If you are experiencing anger, grief, shame, and pain, then let it happen. If you want to cry and shout, do it. When you emerge from this, you will feel that your patience towards this pain has increased and your intentions have become stronger.

  1. Talk to someone about this:

Tell a friend or family whom you can trust with your mind. And people can give you their opinions, they can tell their stories of the same method and can assure you that this happened which was not so bad as you have made it in your mind. If possible, talk to someone who is totally unaware of all this and he can give you an idea of ​​how to deal with this suffering you need.

Join a support group:

Find a supporter group around you who struggles with the same issue by doing a little research. There are several such groups that teach divorce, relationship breakdown and diseases to face issues.

If you do not want to share your experience with anyone, write about it in a diary and keep it in a safe place where it does not touch anyone else.

  1. Meet a psychiatrist:

If you feel that you want a professional’s opinion more than your friends and family, then meet a psychiatrist. Because the relationship of a doctor-patient remains confidential, you do not need to feel embarrassed or hide something.

A psychiatrist will tell you about the causes of which your grief will be awakened again and will also teach you to control them. He will teach you the techniques that will help you overcome the clutches of those bitter memories.

“Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” is very beneficial for people who are suffering from severe deterioration. A psychiatrist who specializes in this work should get his treatment.

  1. Find out if you have a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD):

This disorder occurs when you are suffering from a terrible and bad accident, for example, sexual abuse, car accidents, violent attacks or some very bad diseases. For such people, it is difficult to forget the memories of this wound. It creates a sense of discomfort that can be restored. If you believe that you have a post-traumatic stress disorder then it is important that you take help from someone because it is something you cannot face yourself.

The symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder are flashbacks, nightmares or scary thoughts.

You will always feel depressed, worried and feel like you are stuck.

  1. Get your treatment:

If you are feeling suffocated with your accident-related memories, then there are many such treatments that you can adopt. You can take these cures with psychotherapy. Meet a psychiatrist to find out if there is any such treatment that will help you to forget your memories and move forward.

Medicines are the first method of treatment. Those who do not run away from their negative thoughts are often given anti-depressants to eat.

“Somatic Expiration” is a way to connect with your body’s feelings. It prepares you for something that your body fights even if it does not have such a condition or gives a reaction to run away so that you do not live with fear when there is no danger.

Electro-chemical therapy is an effective method to remove such memories from the brain, but it is used when no other method works.


By giving a name to your memory, you can ask your mind to move forward quickly. For example, if you do not remember the “bad” memory, remember as “past” remember. By repeatedly speaking “bad” in your mind, you will feel the same feeling.

Do not think much while mourning. It is natural to be unhappy for some time after an incident but to understand that when you have finished this sadness, you have to live your life again.

It is a part of your past; Do not allow him to ruin his or her today or tomorrow. If you cannot change it back in time then keep it in the past and show some courage.

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