Meditation for Stress: Quick 5-Minute Meditation for Effective Stress Relief

Meditation for Stress

What is stress? Stress is a mental state that can be caused by external causes (from environmental, psychological, or social conditions) or internal causes (from illness or medical procedures). Due to stress, our body reacts to fight or flight. Fight or flight is a physical reaction that a person’s body gives in a state of severe stress, fear, or danger. It is also known as hyper-arousal. Meditation for stress is a popular way to get out of this mental state.

If you want to keep yourself stress-free with five minutes of meditation, then follow these easy ways to remove stress.

Set time

If you are afraid that you will lose by meditating, then set a five-minute timer in the mobile and relax and meditate comfortably. If you have an iPhone then you can use the Healing Music application as a timer or put a regular timer on another phone.

Why meditation is good for stress?

Relax The Body

Relax with your eyes closed. Take a deep breath & let the stress out of the body. Imagine that the tension is going out of your body or think that your stress is coming out of the toes. With every breath, stress comes out.

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Calm The Mind

When you try to remove thoughts from the mind instead of thinking about nothing, focus on the thoughts happening. When an idea starts coming to mind, accept it clearly, and let go and then return to the present situation.

If you can return the mind from the vortex again and again and bring the mind to its present state, then this is the meditation, and this keeps the mind stable.

Do it Continuously

Do this five-minute meditation daily and then get involved in your work. You will feel that you are more energetic and relaxed than before.

Pay attention to the sensation that occurs in your body; pay attention to your breath. In this way, you will feel stress-free by mediation.

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