15 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Incredibly Happy – How To Be Happy

15 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Incredibly Happy – How To Be Happy

15 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Incredibly Happy – How To Be Happy

Happiness – which we all want to achieve and want to keep with us, even when it is not always the way to come. To be happy often means to be full-filled, to be amused and to realize that there is also a purpose for your life. However, not all people can be happy and delighted all the time, some individuals are definitely more than others Are satisfied. Studies show that happiness expects physical needs, accessories, or desires, or higher success; Your attitude about life, the goodness of your relationships, and basic amenities such as a good government and community resources are more related to them. Being happy is also beneficial from a health point of view.

Method 1 – Create a happy atmosphere

  1. Change your thinking:

Unfortunately, the human brain has the power to forget good things quickly and keep bad memories in it for a long time. However, under a process called “neuroplasticity” you can change the way your mind thinks. You can teach your mind to be happy.

Be hopeful:

Being optimistic affects your body in many ways. Focus on your today so that you can make yourself and others more happy.  

Set focus:

Procedures such as Pranayama, Yoga, Tai Chi, and any other religious work actually influence a particular part of your brain that is called “insula”, which develops your thinking and understanding experience. A Happy life is necessary.

Take small things like experience. It is the best way to learn to be happy if your mind is. Just feel like a happy day, take it as an experience, if your friends appreciate you for anything, accept it wholeheartedly, remember these short moments and be happy.

  1. Be optimistic and positive:

Say where a will there is the way. So always be optimistic and positive. Be happy in what is and is as much as it is. Around 1970, the researchers inspected those who had won a lottery and after one year saw that they were not very happy with the people who did not win the lottery. It is called happiness adaptation which suggests that whatever happens, good or bad, its effect remains on the happiness of someone because the attitude of happiness is to return to its original line level quickly. Some people have a higher level of happiness than the root line of happiness, and this is genetics in some people, but it also depends on how you think.

Collect all the small pleasurable events that have happened with you throughout the day. You can keep a journal and keep them down and write them down. For example, if the traffic was low today, if you made a great breakfast if your friend said something humorous that made you laugh, if you move your dog to the park and play with it, then add it all together. This may start to change your attitude.

Feel deeply grateful for the things you have. It’s an effective way to be more happy. If you feel gratitude for those things that you have, then you appreciate what you have and feel more satisfied with life.

See the glass half-full instead of seeing half empty. Has your girlfriend/ boyfriend broken up with you? So now you have the chance to meet someone who is good for you already! Have you lost your job? Now you have a better chance to find! Adjust your mindset so that you see some excerpts of what is happening in everything, and say this optimistic word, “it will be fine!”, Or “it’s going to be good”, or “I expect good results. Will do it “

Put yourself in situations where lucky things are likely to be received or received where preparation matches with the spot. Being optimistic is easy if you get yourself credited for success. Cheating with a partner, or stealing someone’s bicycle ——— While it might seem thrilling for some time ——– it is hardly a good end to the people on either side it occurs. Ask yourself before doing action: I am setting myself up for success or for failure?

  1. Evaluate yourself:

Make a calculation, and focus on what really is “that” for you (family, education, career, relationship, marriage, etc.), at least you are seeing it now. Decide your way, for example you choose career objectives. In school, you can choose your personal “high school plan” and then, it is possible, your “college degree plan”, addicted. When ready, write a clear objective of your personal, short, medium, and long term, for your career- / life-course: how to start a plan, and then start. Follow your imagination, purpose, and plans with full care to see the development of your future. Complete your objective while getting one at one step. But do not just work hard, work with intelligence; Therefore, expanding throughout your life, achieving your goals, adding more to your development of the kind.

Take the path of “cause and effect” – because life is exactly the same. See what goals you want as a cause that will bring the necessary effect. If possible, find something you love or do whatever you like, most notably when you are making an important decision —– Education, career, choice of training, buying a home, buying your partner and Showing love towards the child, family and friend .. addicted Find the possibilities that may be the result of long-term due to your decision and action. When you think about your current situation (no matter how difficult) – think of how much other people’s situation is more difficult, by any aspect. Therefore, feel good that you are not in such a bad situation, and enjoy your life! Say: “It could have been worse.” Be cautious and curious, while bending forward mentally and reaching to those who want to achieve, enjoying learning and improvement of the years of day-to-day development and satisfaction.

  1. Know that it’s not fun to have fun:

Fun may be present at any moment here but it can also be disappearing immediately. It is very different from happiness. Happiness is that which lives with us, changing and growing like a shoot, becomes a tree. Happiness changes gradually, increasing gradually and increasing. Thus, there is no goal, such as happiness, success, it is a series of continuing to choose between one hour per hour, day-to-day life process. Whatever happens, we can try to keep developing a lot every day.

Happiness is like a joy tree, an increasing decision. Make these decisions to be a little smiling, to be happy, to show kindness, to think carefully, to study, to study, to think positive, but slow down in anger. But, also tell truth from love — Being compassionate and truthful is as important as it is to be true. Let other people enjoy your smile, happiness, kindness ——- Then you will feel better, due to the time being more blissful, expecting too much, very soon, not Be content from one moment to the next. Say, “Things will change for better.”, Or “I expect something good.”

  1. Follow your self-motivation to make decisions with happiness:

In one study, two groups of people were asked to elect a poster to take home. After seeing good and bad views of a group, with the analysis, were asked to make decisions, and the second group was asked to follow their self-motivation. Two weeks later, the group who followed their self-motivation were more happy with their posters who took their decision with analysis.  Now, some of our decisions are more important than opting for a poster, but where you are thinking so much about your choices, the choices you are ignoring are probably quite similar, and the difference is only for some time For your happiness; So why take so much stress about it?

The next time you have to make a decision, and you have two or three options, just pick one that you feel is right, and stay with it. Do not waste time in regret about the decisions you have made; Accept it. Spend life with 4 ‘C’ of life: Choice, chances, Courage, and changes take decisions, opportunities, courage and changes, appropriate opportunities, otherwise your life will never change for better. By doing the same thing repeatedly, nothing will work unless it is different. New, bold decision-making, the spirit of a purposeful opportunity, and the hope of good change.

Method 2 – Be happy

  1. Be Your Own Owner:

It means your habits, your personality, the way you talk about, your voice, and the most important ‘you’ to accept them and adapt yourself. Try to feel comfortable with yourself and communicate subconsciously to others that it is me, or accept me or leave me. Do not mean sorry for something that is actually a part of you, such as your personality, your voice, habits (good or bad); Remember that there is always someone who likes you as well as you like. For example, if you want to wear something that is different, but if you like, then wear it; No one will stop you This is a deep step towards connecting yourself with happiness.

  1. Earn enough money to meet your basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing:

Easy money cannot make you happy. Remember the lottery winners who were mentioned earlier? The pile of money cannot make them happy. Once you earn that which meets your basic needs, then your happiness will not have any effect on the importance of how much you earn, but the level of your optimism will have an effect.

With the increase in your salary, you can increase your comfort, but people are relaxed, they are not happy. That is why it is important to push for personal development ahead of your comfort zone to give strength.

  1. Treat your body in such a way that it is worth being happy:

It may seem unpleasant to say, but only one of the part of your brain is not able to be happy with this content. Researchers have found that workout, healthy diet, and regular sleeping are the main components of being happy and living in the same way.

Those who are physically active, incidents of passion and excitement are high in them.   Scientists have speculated that due to work, chemicals from the brain called the endorphins are released, which give rise to our attitude.

Eat the right food:

Healthy food like fruits and vegetables, meat without fat and proteins, whole grains, nuts, and seeds give energy to your body and mind, to keep them healthy is necessary. Some scientists have thought that unhealthy diet, especially those are rich in processed carbohydrate, sugar, and industrial plants with fat are responsible for the destruction of certain cells in the brain and some mental diseases such as depression and dementia.

Get enough sleep:

Many studies confirm that the more sleep you get, the more you will be able to be happy. It is quite surprising that earning more than $ 60,000 a year makes sleeping more than just one hour more every night to make a normal person more happy. If you are in advanced age, decide to sleep for at least eight hours each night; The young and the elderly should take 9 to 11 hours of sleep every night.

Method 3 – Stay in touch with people

  1. Stay close to friends and family or, move where they are so that you can see them often:

We live in a dynamic society, where people go to work all over the country and sometimes even around the world. We do this because we think we will be happy with an increase in the salary, but in fact, there is a huge effect on the happiness of our relationships with friends and family. So the next time you are thinking about transferring, consider that you will need a $ 100,000 increment in salaries for the happiness that you will lose from staying away from your friends and family.

If the relationships with family and friends are unhealthy or non-existent, and you are bent on transferring, then choose a place where you will earn as much money as all others; According to the research, people feel financially more secure (and more happy) when it is at the same economic level where people around them, what level is it does not matter.

  1. Be compassionate.

Mercy means something good for a needy or someone who does not have enough facilities for you. A study of a mind-image (where the scientist thinks in the minds of people when they act or live in thinking) have expressed that the happiness that people get from acquiring money themselves is almost the same happiness that others have benefited from it. Seeing it!

Think of the effective ways in which you can make your community or the world a better place by being kind. Loving is the main part of enduring happiness:

Read, become a volunteer, or join a church group. Countless children are looking for someone to teach them and become an inspiration.

Give a microloan. Microcloan means where you give someone a very small amount (usually in developing countries) for their own financial venture. The rate of return of many microloans is more than 95%.

Give food, clothes or shelter to the needy, if it is safe then It’s so basic, we often forget to think about it, even then it is easy to do.

Increase happiness by giving small gifts to those who are around you. This will increase your happiness – in fact, giving the person who meets the gift is usually more big dopamine veins (neurotransmitter who is responsible for feeling happy)!.

  1. Make a deep, meaningful conversation:

A study by a psychologist at Arizona University shows that spending less time participating in gossip, and spending more time in deep, meaningful conversations can increase happiness. So the next time you are turning around with your friend, instead of wasting time and saying what you have to say directly. You will be happy with this.

  1. Find happiness in the kind of work you just have:

Many people expect that a new job or career will change their level of joy dramatically. But, research makes it clear that the level of quality of your optimism and relationships leads you to satisfying satisfaction while meeting your job.

If you have a positive attitude, you will do the best from any job; And if your relationships are good, then you will not rely on your work for an intentional emotion. You will find intentions in discussing with those people you care about. Instead of being dependent on your job, you will use your work as a crocodile.

It is not said that you should not want to get the job that will make you more happy; Many people feel that it is the main determinant in their total happiness in the career path. It just means that your ability to make your work happy is quite small when compared to your attitude and your relationships.

  1. Learn to smile:

Science suggests that when you smile, whether you are happy or not, your attitude becomes hilarious. So if you can, smile at all times! A smile is like a loop of reaction: Mascara restores happiness again, just like a smile caused by happiness. People who smile during the painful process gave details of less pain than those who kept their faces neutral.

  1. Learn to forgive:

In a study of college students, the attitude of pardon contributed to better cardiovascular health. You can say that forgiveness literally causes the heart wound. While it is unknown, how the pains directly affect your heart, the study suggests that it can be understood from the tension of stress.

  1. Make friends:

In a study published by the Howard researchers in the American Sociological Review, 2010, people who regularly visited the church, gave a description of more satisfaction with life than those who had never gone to church. The important component in it was the quality of friendship created in the church. Those close to the church who had no close friends were not much happier than those who never went to church. When the researchers compared the comparison of those who had close friends in the same number, the people whose close friends were from the church were more satisfied with their lives.

The difference here is to be formed on the basis of mutual interest and reverence of friendship. So, if you do not have a church, then think about finding something about which you are deeply sensitive, and have friends with similar interests.

When you have discussions with people whose choice is with you, you feel more happy due to the sensitization of reward and goodness. Because during this kind of deliberations, neurotransmitters responsible for serotonin and dopamine —— happiness and relaxation —— are left in your body. In other words, when your body is involved in social thoughts, it is designed to feel more happy.


Falling is not a matter of shame; When and if you fall down, get up again and give a dusty tree and continue again… Remember that now on which you are putting so much stress, it will become unrelated in most one year. And when you have a bad day there is always a new opportunity to do better next time or tomorrow.

Avoid negative thoughts and negative people in those complex situations where you can find yourself unhappy. If people are persuading you to do something that you feel uncomfortable, then do not do it. You will be happy to feel that you went with your self-motivation and made the right choice.

Always accept that what has happened is asleep. Do not feel sorry for the mistakes made in the past. Instead, learn from them and move on.

Take deep breaths and smile, even if there is nothing to smile. Relaxation and meditation or praying can be very helpful if you believe in it. To relax, start with your fingers folding your fingers, then continue the legs and feet, and each part of your whole body, stretching and relaxing, then your neck, jaw/ mouth, face and face in your head Bringing flexibility in skin muscles. Getting Massage is also to take some time for yourself, as the way to reward yourself for everything you do.

Just try to love others as you love yourself more. Happiness arises from feeling good about things happening around you and feeling good about yourself. Look in the mirror, and be happy that the person who sees you is saved.

In this world, a person who never wants to get bored with you is himself. Being bored is a personal problem. remain active. Always look at the bright sides The past has passed and you cannot change it. Nobody. Be hilarious and positive!

Have some fun! Instead of just thinking about other people (because you are so kind and sweet), think about your needs at any time. Give yourself a day party, watch a movie or eat your favorite food! Or, shout loudly (first warn your family or friends!) And fill the upside down; Jump and dance for a few seconds. If there is a hot day, then remove your swimsuit; Go out and shower water on your own with a pipe.

Helping your loved ones or true needy strangers —– For example, arranging to go to a doctor or to a new job place can make them and both of you happy. But, stay away from helping people who are too scared, or who feel disappointed, or who are wasting your time too much. If there is a negative effect of a person who is pulling you down, then avoid such a person in your daily life, if you cannot help him readily, then his problems should not affect you.

Be like you, be happy with yourself, because no one is ‘perfect’. It is important to take time for yourself. Being thankful for whatever things you have, think about how fortunate you are. Become a peacemaker. If your imaginations and thoughts are continuing to fight in family conflict, or in a group of your friends, or in an organization’s meeting, such as in place of work, or in church groups, then proceed. Go there where you can be happy without unnecessary, logical arguments, anger and disenchantment. In the personality struggle, do not urge for your choice on the fluctuations of meaning and the arrangement of the group and the price of peace in opposing matters and do not try to do it in your own way.

Identify your value. Focus on doing your best to each one of your goals. Trying to find yourself, again and again, you do not sit indoctrinated for more time by applying yourself and applying yourself to having a goal or opportunity.

When you are deliberately trying to be happy or hilarious, but this time it does not seem to be achieved, then do something new. Strange small tasks can look nonsensical but really can lift your attitude – because you are happy that you did them.

Stay away from quarrels/ disputes. Look at your work and do not try to get involved in the problems of others, except that you know the situation and someone has asked for help from you – and then you should definitely help.

You will not be unhappy forever and you can collect small particles of happiness every day. Stop overthinking. A busy/ disorderly brain can cause problems for your nerves.

If you are feeling unhappy, sing about it If you are feeling happy, sing about it also. Being happy is an election that always knocks on your door. Just open the door and choose to accept it, and let the good feelings grow.

If you are required to move a position from a position, then list all positive points, difficulties and possible solutions in 2 or 3 columns. Talk about events from a trusted friend or a family member, or take a diary, and write down what emotions and experiences you feel are due to which you have become sad, distressed, addicted. Then do something to fight and resolve the problem (s).

If you are sad, even if you do not know why; Talk to someone about whom you trust. Exchanges ideas and emotions free of pain and usually make some level of solution or peace.

See the potential of the people, and help them. Regarding philanthropy, it is beneficial for both you and them; Because later you find a valuable friend who is grateful for your help. Inspire gratitude, but do not show off it, do not ever signal or request for praise. Gratefulness, grin, and applause will help you to be very happy after helping someone

Working on your own personal goals will move you forward rather than delay. Find out what will make you happy and take one step at a time to get there.

Do not start working in the morning. Avoid emailing in bed. Instead, think about your day, listening to your favorite songs.

If you need to do something, try not to listen to those who criticize you. Do what you want to do! You are becoming what you are about to become, and you have control over your attitude and can change your goals and ambitions just as you reach them or leave them. You cannot judge yourself with your own rigidity. Be kind to yourself, but quite firmly.

Think of something that caused you to laugh or smile before, even if it was a long time ago. It still has the same effect. A little smile can make others feel better; So when they are happy and smile, then everyone around you will contribute to your happiness. Do not show a sticky artificial smile on your face or do not get laughed steadily.

Find some online courses that are deeply researched about happiness through the concept of lasting happiness.

Following the ‘POSI’ account on a social network (especially the tweeter) is an easy way to enclose yourself with joy and encouragement.

Stimulate your attitude or brain conditions. Happiness is not interpreted fairly. Your brain condition can change in many ways, with the inclusion of these suggestions:

Turn your favorite music into a loud voice, and dance for it for a little while.

Talk to yourself or sing in front of the mirror to promote your skills and preparation of talking.

Practice honestly smile in your mirror. Really do it with your heart.


Make sure you have a friend whom you can count on and you can talk to him.

Happy people are not always happy. Everyone has time to be sad, frustrated, criminal, angry, and so on. Happy people are just more flexible and are better at maintaining the state of wide spreading happiness. We all can experience negativity for a few moments in our lives, but try to be happy again, and live in one moment, and be satisfied with all that you do.

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