Love Yourself to be Happy


Rachel always expected her husband to praise her for everything, always take care of her, just like her father used to. But no husband can do it all the time, so Rachel was often sad and depressed, she felt alone. He could not understand that the relationship between husband and wife is different from the relationship of parents, and here, both partners have equal responsibility. (Love Yourself to be Happy)

One day at the behest of her friend, she went to the psychologist and then changed her mind completely. Now neither does she always expect a compliment from her husband nor does his attention try to water, yet remains happy.

Eventually, he realized that it was necessary to love oneself before expecting love from others. After understanding this philosophy of love, everyone will always be happy in life.

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Love Yourself to be Happy

– Love is a very pleasant feeling for a woman and a man, but to maintain this beautiful feeling, the partners must understand the different forms of love. It is important to understand the difference of love between parents and partners. After following this, you will never feel sad that your partner does not love you as much as the parents.

– Expecting your partner all the time that he will understand the heart without saying it, will read unexpressed feelings in the eyes, seems far away from the truth. It is only useful if you do not give such filmy things a place in real life. Fantasy love is far from the truth. It is a pleasure to accept love with its actual look.

– Often people say that I am entirely alone. This means that the person is not enjoying himself. That is, he does not like his own company, so how would he like someone else’s company? It is essential that all human beings love themselves and do not care about how others treat them, how much they give importance. It is important to live happily with yourself. How about loneliness when you are with yourself?

?- Some people get very sad when the relationship breaks down. So remember that there are many people in the world to love. Go ahead in life while learning a lesson from a broken relationship, because there may be many lovely relationships waiting for you on the way. This relationship can be of friendship or your new spouse.

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