4 Signs That Appear In The Person Suffering From Emotional Violence


Emotional violence is more dangerous than any other violence because it breaks the morale of a victim and has a negative impact on its personality. Many symptoms appear in the victim.

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Emotional violence is more dangerous than any other violence. Because it affects the sufferer by surprise and in many ways. It breaks the person from inside to several short-term effects, thereby creating a sudden change in the behavior of the person.

Emotional violence harms anyone’s life balance by damaging his mental health. Let’s know who is affected by emotional violence in a short time.

Sense of guilt:

Victims of emotional violence are always afraid of such a situation and a violent person. The feeling of guilt within them increases, in which he blames himself for the violence, which is baseless. At the same time, emotional violence in children makes their personality scared and confused.

Sense of wrath or compliance:

Emotional violence in some people increases the feeling of anger, by which it becomes aggressive for the person who acts as violence or to others. At the same time, some people start to follow everything of the violent person because of the fear of violence, because they feel that if they do not, then the violent person will begin to abuse them again.

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A decrease in respect of honor:

The emotional violence situation reduces the victim’s self-esteem and reduces his thinking or behavior to the contrary. The sufferers start feeling guilty and do not get eyes from people. This situation raises concerns in children and distorts their world. And that harmed their mental development in the future.

Emotional Violence

The situation of the problem:

Whether a victim is an adult or a child, he can not believe in the emotional violence that he has with himself. This creates a confusing situation at their mental level, and this confusion then negatively impacts every decision they make.

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