40 Interesting Phobia Facts

Phobia Facts

  1. Psychologists have reported 400 different types of Phobia. (Phobia Facts)
  2. The fear of seeing a saint-monk or a priest is called “Papaphobia”.
  3. The fear of being Phobia is called “Phobophobia”.Click Here to Read:- 60 Interesting Depression Facts
  4. Fear of being known as a persom without a mobile phone or not getting a signal is called “Nomophobia”.
  5. “Anatidaephobia” is a strange kind of fear in which you feel that a duck is watching you somewhere and in some way.
  6. The fear of seeing a beautiful girl is called “Caligynephobia”.
  7. When your glass of beer is empty, and then the fear you feel is called “Cenosillicaphobia”.
  8. The same fear is called “Cherophobia” when you feel that being happy is not going to cause anything sad in future.
  9. The fear of falling in the love with someone is called “Philophobia”.
  10. Research has shown that Phobia is memories that are moving from generation to generation due to changes in DNA.

interesting phobias

  1. Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Mussolini and Hitler all had Ailurophobia which is a fear of a cat. (Phobia Facts)
  2. Fear of going to the school is called “Didaskaleinophobia”.
  3. If something terrible has happened to you in the past and now you have lost faith in the new people, then it is called “Pistanthrophobia”.
  4. When someone does dirty work, then the fear of shaking eyes is called “Ommatophobia”.
  5. Fear of dental treatment and care is called “Odontophobia”.
  6. The fear of seeing long words is called “Hippopotomonstrosesquippedalio”. (They are also tall)
  7. Ombrophobia There is fears related to rain, in which it seems that most of the farmers are prone to severe disasters due to rain.
  8. The fear of getting married and the fear of being in a relationship is called “Gamophobia”. (Even fear of marriage is revealed today)Click Here To Read: 75 Depression Quotes
  9. “Trypophobia” is the fear of seeing an object with small holes.
  10. If you are scared of seeing yellow colour, then you have “Xanthophobia”.

interesting facts about phobias

    1. The fear associated with the number 666 is called “Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia”.
    2. Sociophobia: A person who has this phobia is afraid of coming in front of any unknown person or group, talking to them. There is always a fear in him that he might say something wrong. Do not spoil his image anywhere.
    3. Agoraphobia: Some people are afraid to travel in crowded places, markets or bus-trains. So he hesitates to visit such sites and prefers to be alone and travel. (Phobia Facts)
    4. Fear of darkness is called “Nyctophobia”. In this, humans are afraid to go to some dark place. This fear sits in mind in such a way that if that person is sleeping and suddenly it becomes dark, then his sleep opens at the same time.
    5. Fear of altitude is called “Acrophobia”. In this, humans are very much afraid of height. On reaching a higher place, such a person gets a panic attack. Or it may start vomiting.
    6. Fear of dogs is called “Cyanophobia”. Although many people are afraid of dogs and this is common, but humans with Cyanophobia are so scared of barking in the street of dogs even after sitting in the house.
    7. Fear of injection is called “Trypanophobia” (Trypanophobia). In this, humans are so afraid of injection that their fear does not go to the doctor. Seeing the injection, his heart starts beating fast.

  1. Fear of Germs or Dust This is called “mysophobia” in which even if there is a little dust in the person, it can cause problems like nervousness, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, increased palpitations, and tremors.
  2. Ablutophobia is a phobia which causes panic. It is often found in newborns, but not only children but also older people have this phobia. Avoiding bathing without any reason and refusing to take a bath even if you take it to the bathroom, these can be symptoms of ablutophobia.
  1. Do not have to face condemnation from anyone at the workplace and people who survive the work in this affair have this ergophobia. These are people who are doing something for the first time. Such people worry that if the work goes wrong.
  2. Similarly, some people also make excuses to avoid the sun. Such people have hilophobia. It is not that he will be harmed by the sun, but he still does not want to face it. (Phobia Facts)

fun facts about phobias

    1. Has it ever happened to you someday that you are standing at some distance from your kitchen and trying to identify one thing which is far away due to the lack of light.
    2. This happened when the thing kept away takes a frightening form in spite of not being scary. You may also have considered your bread toaster a dangerous animal. This type of fear is called oikophobia.
    3. Coulrophobia is a phobia in which a human is needlessly afraid of a circus clown. Such a joker who comes to make people laugh entertains people; maybe you are scared of him.

  1. A person unable to make any decision may have mysophobia. This is a phobia in which even after understanding the whole situation, the person is nervous about making the decision in the end.
  2. Does it ever happened with you that you had grown out of your room to go to the lower floor, and suddenly stopped as soon as you reached the first ladder. Why? It happens when a person is afraid of getting down the stairs or climbing up as well. This is called mysophobia.
  3. Suddenly, despite being alone in the room, feeling that there is someone around you, there is something dangerous. Even at night, sleep is opened with fear and the feeling that someone has passed by you. It is a type of phobia, known as panophobia. (Phobia Facts)Click Here To Read:- 20 Ways To Do Meditation ? How To Do Meditation
  4. Some people are also afraid of lightning. They keep thinking not to fall over us. This fear is called Astraphobia in English
  5. 17% of people succumb to depression due to their phobia.
  6. A person gets very scared even before he is harmed by something due to his fear (Phobia). This is a big thing in his mind but tiny in real life.

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