How To Help Someone With Depression


Depression is a mental state in which a person begins to feel depressed. If your friend is in depression, you can help them get out of depression by staying with them. (How To Help Someone With Depression)

What is Depression?

So far it has not been clearly explained what causes depression, but it is believed that many things have an important role in it.

Many important stages of life, such as the death of a close one, loss of job or marriage, usually lead to depression.

With them, if there is a possibility of something bad happening in your mind at all times, then there is a danger of going into depression. Under this, people keep thinking ‘I have failed in everything’.

People also have depression due to some medical reasons, one of which is low activation of the thyroid. Depression can also occur in the side effects of some medicines. These include some medicines used to reduce blood pressure.

What are the symptoms of depression?

Symptoms of Depression

  1. Change in Mood. General sadness does not come in it, but the lack of interest in any work or thing, no interest, no happiness in anything, even lack of feeling of sorrow is a symptom of depression.?
  2. Thoughts mean having negative thinking all the time.
  3. Physical like not sleeping or feeling very sleepy. Opening of sleep at two-three o’clock at night and if it lasts more than two weeks is a sign of depression.

What kind of role do the chemicals of the brain play in the condition of depression, it is not yet fully understood? But most experts agree that this is not just due to an imbalance in the brain. (How To Help Someone With Depression)

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Who Can Have Depression?

There is a short answer to this – it can happen to anyone.

By the way, research shows that there can be a genetic reason behind this. Under this, some people are more likely to go into depression when they are going through challenging times.

People who have a history of depression in their families are also more likely to be depressed. Besides, some genetic changes in chromosome 3 can also cause depression. About four percent of the people are affected by this.

What are the role of antidepressants in depression?

Role of Antidepressants

Antidepressants affect the way the chemical works in the brain. But what is the role of these chemicals in depression is not fully understood and antidepressants do not work for everyone.

Depression also worsens the way neurotransmitters work in the brain. These are chemical messengers that establish contact between neurons, i.e brain cells.

How to survive depression?

Ways To Survive depression

  1. Keep sleep properly.
  2. Eat well and eat on time.
  3. Everyone is under stress, but having an idea how to keep it low is good.
  4. Keep the ambition as high as possible.
  5. Staying connected with family.
  6. Staying busy with your work.

The messages that the neurotransmitters send receive the receptors in the next neuron. Some receptors may be more sensitive to a particular neurotransmitter or may be insensitive.

Antidepressants gradually increase the level of mood-altering neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine are included in this.

This is the reason why most people have to take these medicines for a few weeks and only then it starts showing its effect. (How To Help Someone With Depression)

Antidepressant medicines were first formulated in 1950 and there are a total of four types of antidepressants. These chemicals affect the brain in a few different ways.

The most commonly used antidepressant is one that increases the level of serotonin in the brain. Also, serotonin and noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors, ie SNRI, are new anti-depressants that target norepinephrine.

Tricyclic antidepressants and monoamine oxidase inhibitors are chronic anti-depressants and are not commonly used because they also contain site effects.

Antidepressants provide relief in some symptoms of depression but they do not affect its root cause. This is the reason that they are not used alone with other treatments.

Depression is a serious mental state in which a person overcomes his contact with someone or is only surrounded by negative thoughts. Most people in this mental state separate themselves from their partner and their loved ones.

In such a situation, seeing their partner in this situation hurts the other partner and tries to get them out of this situation. A partner suffering from depression should always be supported.

There is a need to understand their situation and not to leave them alone. There are many times that your partner is unable to know how to get out of this situation. So let’s know how to help your partner get out of depression.

If your friend or someone you know is troubled by depression, then you also feel frustrated and upset. But at this time they need your support more. Depression is a disorder that can make any person mentally hollow.

You do not understand how you can help a person with depression. It takes some time to get out of depression and feel good. If you keep positive thinking, you will be able to get it soon. So let us tell you how you can help your friends or loved ones suffering from depression. (How To Help Someone With Depression)

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How To Help Someone With Depression

  1. Stay With Them:

In depression, people need everything like food and drink, but they need most is a connection with someone. Stay with your friends when they are in depression. This gives them courage.

Talk to them lovingly as well as ask them how you can help them. This will make your friend feel good and it will also be easier to get out of depression.

  1. Don’t Judge or Criticize:

The wrongness thing is that you start to judge your friend who is in depression. This causes that person to be troubled by his thoughts. If possible, do not judge them and start talking to them.

If you are in depression, no logic works. Instead of criticizing his words, listen to his words and then try to explain them comfortably. (How To Help Someone With Depression)

  1. Learn More About Depression:

You can clear a lot of your misconceptions by reading about depression on this website. Once you understand the symptoms of depression, you will be able to understand your friend’s position well.

Some people feel that if people suffering from depression have had a good day then it is healing but it does not happen. There are some symptoms of depression that people misunderstand, but the truth is that the symptoms of depression are very different which are not easily understood.

  1. Don’t Give Advice:

Naturally, we advise our loved ones. Whenever a close one is disturbed, we tend to reduce their problems, but people with depression have different problems.

When a person needs someone’s help in depression, people start giving them advice, which makes them feel insulted and different. To make your friend feel good, ask them lovingly how you can help them.

  1. Avoid Being Strict:

Some people feel that if they treat their friends harshly, they will get relief from depression and there will be positivity in their behavior. But all these things do not work but it can cause more trouble for your friend. They feel that you are ignoring or shying away from them. (How To Help Someone With Depression)

Show Your Support:

To get your partner out of this depression, you should support them and at the same time, you need to make them feel that you are with them and not leave them alone.

Inspire Them:

If your partner is a victim of depression, you should motivate them instead of making them feel small. If you motivate them, the chances of their quick recovery will increase. (How To Help Someone With Depression)

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Learn About The Things Related To Depression:

Unless you know about the things related to depression properly then you will be able to help your partner well. Also, it is not true that a strong person cannot have a mental illness.

A person with mental illness may feel sensitive or weak at some time and may hear their heart by hearing that they have to get stronger or do something different.

Don’t Bother

Different people experiencing the same situation may have different emotional reactions. Telling someone who is depressed that they do not get upset or change their thinking can hurt their feelings, and they may feel that they are overreacting when faced with situations.

Often, when people talk to us about their depression or concerns, we tell them to think ‘something else’. Although saying so, may seem like a solution to keep the worries away, but the process of keeping the depression away can automatically decrease the depression.

He can train his mind to be more aware of what the person is thinking, but it is not possible that he is completely free from such thoughts.

At least you are better than that (the name of someone you both know)? you should listen to what happened to them?

Sometimes, we say this to make the other person feel better or try to show them a ray of hope about their situation, but it can seem like reducing their problems. It is not a waste but saying it is like not recognizing their pain. (How To Help Someone With Depression)

Sometimes we jump in to offer a solution to help the other person feel better, but we don’t think about whether the next one expects a solution from us.

We often discuss with our friends or family about what is happening with us to hope for sympathy and understanding. In such a situation, by trying to give a solution very quickly, a person may think that we are not interested in listening to him.

I do not believe in mental illness.

Or: There is no such thing as mental illness.

Or: You should not take medicine.

Such talk can completely negate the experiences of those who have experienced mental illness and reject their struggles and challenges. We all may have different opinions and views on this subject.

At the same time, it is important to acknowledge that each person has their preferences and beliefs about caring for themselves, and perhaps wants to do what works best for them in the same way. (How To Help Someone With Depression)

When a friend or loved one with a mental illness speaks to you about their experience, they just want someone to listen to them carefully.

At the same time, it is also a common human aspect that we want to ‘fix’ the problem of the person in front because we worry about it. We do not need to respond like a trained mental health expert in such a situation; The thing that helps is awareness – what we are saying and why. Here are some things to try:

  1. Listen to them completely before offering any advice or solution to them. If you want to give them suggestions, then explain to yourself that it will come, but first, let the person know that he is being listened to.
  2. If they are sharing with you something that you don’t fully understand, then tell it honestly: “It seems like this is a tricky issue, and I don’t know how to help. But if you need me, I am present to you. Or “I don’t understand it completely but I want to know more about it.”
  3. Before giving advice or suggestion, know whether the person in front is ready to listen to it.
  4. If that person does not ask for any special assistance, ask them what you can do for them.
  5. If you find it overwhelming to listen to their story and feel that you are not able to pay full attention to it, then say it clearly ?In fact, such things make me excited. Can you talk to someone else about this? “
  6. Tell them that you love them, and if they need you, you are always with them.

Help a friend or relative with a mental state of suicide by keep calm and listen to them.

If someone is feeling desperate or is thinking of committing suicide, our first reaction is to try to help them. We advise, tell about our experiences, try to find solutions.

It would be better for us to keep calm and listen to him. People who think about committing suicide do not want answers or solutions. They want a safe place to express their fears and concerns where they are heard.

Listening actually listening is not easy. We must overcome the urge to say something, comment, add a story or give advice.

We have to listen not only to the facts that the person is telling, but also to understand the feelings hidden behind them. And we have to see things from their perspective and not from their perspective. (How To Help Someone With Depression)

If you are helping a person with a suicidal state of mind, here are some things to remember.

What to do with the person with suicidal feelings?

Someone to Listen:

Someone who will take the time to listen to them. And the someone who will not give decisions, advice or opinion, but will give full attention.

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Someone to Trust:

Someone who will respect them and not try to dominate them. And the someone who will keep everything secret.

Somebody to take care:

Such a person who will be available himself will give mental peace to the person and will speak with a cold heart. Such a person who will get revived, will accept and believe in him. The person who would say, “I care.”

What to do with the person with suicidal attitude?

To be alone:

Discontinuation can make the problem ten times worse. He wants someone who changes his problem. Only listen to him.

Get advice:

There is no help with speech. Nor by suggesting “be happy”, or by such a simple assurance that “everything will be alright.” Do not analyze, compare, classify or criticize. Just listen to him. (How To Help Someone With Depression)

To question:

Do not change the subject, neither show mercy nor have any kindness. Emotions are difficult to talk about. People with suicidal attitudes do not want to be hurried or defended. Only listen to them.

How To Help Someone With Depression

Note: Depression Cure does not provide any type of medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.





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