Digital Media Causes Anxiety and Depression in Children


The University of Montreal has researched the students of the school. This research has found that the roots of depression are deepening in students due to social media and TV shows. (Digital Media Causes Anxiety)

In today’s era, mobiles and computers are connected to our lives in such a way that they cannot be separated. Social media has added fuel to the fire. A variety of apps on it, which are quite popular among children. Especially mobile apps have taken away their childhood.

Now instead of going to the ground, children have started liking playing games on mobile, making tik-tok videos and chatting with friends. In such a situation, research has emerged, which can increase your anxiety as a parent.

What are the negative effects of social media?

Digital Media Causes Anxiety and Depression in Children

What is in Research

The University of Montreal has researched the students of the school. This research has found that due to social media and TV shows, the roots of depression are deepening in the students, and they are becoming limited to themselves.

Research has told that teenagers are spending an average of nine hours online, and this is affecting their health. Due to this, the level of depression in the youth has reached a record level.

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How Do You Save Your Children

Psychologists are also saying what has been revealed in the research of the University of Montreal. Despite this, the researchers came to know a good thing in their study.

They say that it is good to know from this research about how much and what children are watching online can provide initial information about their depression.

By the way, 20 percent of people have suffered some degree of distress until they step on the threshold of youth. What is worrying is that this average has increased in the last few years.

What are the negative effects of social media on youth?

Incidence Of Suicides In Children Is Increasing

Depression and other mental illnesses are becoming even more dangerous for teenagers. An example of this comes in the form that now a teenager is committing suicide every 100 minutes, i.e. an hour and 40 minutes.

Anyway, this is an age when there are many changes in the mind and body of children. This is also the time when the tide of emotions hits them.

Research Done On 4000 Students For 4 Years

Researchers researched 4000 students for four years. During this time, they placed students from ages 12 to 16 at the center of research during their high school days.

During this time, the researchers noticed that the students were spending more time on social media every year than they did in previous years.

Along with this, with every passing year, the signs of depression were also increased on an average. During this time, his video game playing time declined year after year, but he was still spending the same amount of time on the computer and mobile. (Digital Media Causes Anxiety)

What are the dangers on social media?

Social Media Is Causing Depression

With every hour spent watching television on social media, the student’s lack of confidence and depression began to show more. Post-doctoral psychiatry researcher Dr. Ellroy Boers have led this research.

According to Dr. Ellroy, social media and TV is the medium through which teenagers are exposed to such pictures, in which people of similar age are living richer, better lifestyle.

During this time, he realizes that the people he sees on social media or TV have better physical appearance than him. This leads to inferiority complex to themselves, and they go into depression.

The bad thing about social media is that the one thing that is leading someone to depression if he has consumed that content, he is served the same content by reading his user behavior. Because of this, he is unable to get out of depression.

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However, says Dr. Patricia Conrad, a psychiatrist and senior author at the University of Montreal, her research does not prove social media to be the cause of depression in teenagers but rather supports this theory.

He says that his study can serve as a way of protecting his newborns from depression. Teenagers can be protected from the danger of depression by restricting their use of social media and watching TV to some extent. (Digital Media Causes Anxiety)

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