Pursuit of Happiness


The meaning of happiness can be different for every human being. Chocolate for children and good numbers for students is not less than a joy. Similarly, it can be a pleasure for elders to get success in jobs or hang out with friends. Anyway, the definition of happiness also varies with the circumstances. (Pursuit of Happiness)

What is the main idea of the pursuit of happiness?

Pursuit of Happiness

Due to the increasing burden of stress and diseases related to it, now scientists are also researching happiness. Harvard University researched helping people live a happier life.

In this 724 men were taken and their studies from teenage to survey day. Apart from this, there were many questions related to his life, brain scan, questions related to friends and family.

Some interesting facts were revealed in this research. It said that happiness is the most basic of all human emotions, but it is also said that happiness is also difficult to define. University has given many such factors that you can be happy by adopting:

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Happy childhood is important

Just like a child’s relationship with his parents, relationships are formed with others when he is young. Children who have very good relationships with their siblings other than their parents, their chances of disappointment in life are greatly reduced. Research also says that if you get familiar with childhood, then the child has good physical development.

Don’t stress too much thinking about stress

You are always strained in your life. Sometimes the stress of office, straining when someone in the family is sick. In such situations people get so upset that they separate themselves from the world.

Then he suffocates inside himself, but many people will also meet such people who try their best to solve the problem. Research also says that it can be easy to enjoy life by joining them instead of ignoring things.

Leave bad habits

Bad habits like smoking, alcohol or indiscipline affect not only the body but also the mind. People who get out of the cycle of bad habits lead a happier and healthier life.

Apart from these factors, spending time with your family and close family is equally important for a happy life.

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