Coronavirus Precautions Without Medicine

Coronavirus Precautions Without Medicine

China is facing a new and bigger challenge in the new year. The name of this challenge is Coronavirus.

The coronavirus has emerged from the borders of China and is showing its effect in other parts of the world.

Coronavirus born in Wuhan city of China has been found to have a presence in Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Nepal, Japan, the USA, Australia, and France.

Suspicious cases have been reported in many other countries including Britain and Canada.

By investigating these cases, it is being ascertained whether there is a coronavirus behind them.

Passengers descending from airplanes flying to the rest of the world are being investigated by scientific methods.

Due to Coronavirus, air travelers from other countries of the world are avoiding going to China these days.

Coronavirus Causes, Victims and Increasing Statistics

Corona’s Havoc

This virus spreads its legs very fast. There is a confusion of pneumonia due to its infection.

This is the reason why Chinese health workers initially considered the coronavirus infection as minor pneumonia.

But soon he came to understand that this is not a minor infection and to deal with it, heel-peak will have to be emphasized.

There were signs of crisis even before the coronavirus came to a standstill.

The coronavirus is increasing the concern of the whole world, originating from China.

Sophie Hunt and Jason Neil of Nottingham University were in Wuhan in the last months of 2019.

Sophie told what she had seen in Wuhan, “We went to Walmart to shop. There was chaos. As you see, he wanted to buy and collect food and drink. Then we went to the medical store to buy masks.

But people had already bought so many masks that there were no masks left at the medical store. It was very sad to see this condition of Wuhan, but it was not known then that the situation would become so bad in the coming days. ”

Corona Virus: Why Does The Same Person Get An Infection Again?

People in homes

China’s Huawei province has been severely affected by the Coronavirus. There have been more than a thousand cases of infection across the country.

Most of these infections have occurred in Huawei province. In one place, so many cases of infection have given sleep to the administration in China.

Authorities in China have taken several steps to prevent virus infection.

People are being prevented from going from one place to another by banning travel in Huawei province.

A student living in a hostel in the capital city of Wuhan told that people are mindlessly huddled in four walls.

On the condition of not disclosing his name, he said, “Everyone is sitting indoors, nobody wants to get out.” Now it has even come to the point that if you are very helpless, you have to take approval to get out of the house, you have to tell why you have to go out.

We say that we have to go out to get food and drink, and then we get the answer that we bring all this to the house, there is no need to get out.

The result of this strictness of the authorities is that the roads are empty. Even after falling ill, instead of going to the hospital, we are being asked to stay in our room.

Due to restrictions, at least 20 million people living in ten cities in China have been affected.

In China, the government has closed many public places due to the growing infection.

These include a large part of the world-famous China wall.

The celebration of Lunar New Year, one of the important dates in the Chinese calendar, has faded due to the Coronavirus.

Millions of people travel during the Lunar New Year holidays. But this time due to restrictions, the color has dissolved.

The World Health Organization has expressed concern over the increasing cases of coronavirus.

Why is Coronavirus Dangerous?

Abdi Mohammed, a doctor affiliated with the organization’s emergency health services, told that scientists are yet to know a lot about the coronavirus.

He said, “So far we have only so much information that the patients are showing symptoms. But it is a matter of concern because it is a new disease. We do not know how this will affect it.

About four percent of corona-infected patients have succumbed. These were people whose resistance was weak. Now it is too early to say to what extent the corona can prove to be fatal. ”

According to Health Editor James Gallagher, the coronavirus is not a virus that ends on its own. Its spread can be stopped by banning movement in infected cities.

He believes, ‘If you have any kind of contact with China or you have returned from Wuhan in recent times and you are having fever or constipation, having some kind of difficulty in breathing, then immediately you will get a doctor Should show.

But you do not have to worry just because you have eaten seafood. This virus is not as dangerous as SARS, but if its symptoms are not caught, then it will be difficult to control it.

It is not so easy to know who is the corona infection. It is known only when symptoms emerge or the patient’s condition worsens. ”

The World Health Organization has described the coronavirus as an emergency for China and said that it cannot be called a global health emergency.

But the World Health Organization has also said that the coronavirus can pose a very serious threat to China as well as the rest of the world.

What are the Symptoms of Covid-19 and Prevention?

Dwarfed by virus

The rising outbreak of the Coronavirus has raised the question of how ready countries like China are to deal with any virus in the growing world.

It was previously claimed that the coronavirus does not spread from person to person.

But soon this claim was proved wrong and this mistake proved that despite the state of the art medical facilities it is very difficult to identify and understand the strength of a new virus.

Sometimes bats, sometimes snakes, and sometimes seafood served in food plates, the seafood was said to be the cause of the coronavirus, but it is not known for sure which of these caused the coronavirus.

In the last few years, due to SARS, bird flu, swine flu, Ebola and Zika virus in different parts of the world, mankind has faced great difficulties.

Scientists have reduced their risk by developing vaccines. But there is no medicine or vaccine for coronavirus yet.

This is the real reason for concern around the coronavirus and it is expected that researchers will soon find a solution.

Till then, countries like India have no other option but to take precautions.

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