Corona Virus: Why Does The Same Person Get An Infection Again?

Corona Virus: Why Does The Same Person Get An Infection Again?

Scientists from all over the world are doing research day and night to understand the behavior of the corona virus.

It is believed that once the corona virus or an infection like this, the body’s immunity increases against it and the same virus does not infect the person a second time.

But many patients who have recovered from the Covid-19 disease caused by Corona virus have come up with fresh test positives.

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So is this corona virus different from others?

The case of a 70-year-old man has upset the doctors.

The corona virus infection was found in this person, after which he was kept isolated from others in a hospital in Tokyo in February.

According to Japan’s news television channel NHK, the man was completely recovered from Covid-19 and was also discharged from the hospital after the test results came back negative.

He had returned to normal life and started using public transport as usual. But after a few days, his health started deteriorating and he got feverish.

Doctors were shocked when his test positive for the corona virus came.

It is not the only case of Japan to reach hospital again; there have been many such cases here when the infection of this virus has been seen again in those who have recovered from Corona. But why? What is the reason that it infects the person a second time?

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Why does the corona virus return?

Louis Echuanes researches the virus at the Spanish National Center for Biotechnology (CSIC). He told the BBC that there are at least 14 percent of cases in which corona virus test has been found positive again in people who have been cured of this virus before.

They say that there is no virus infection in them again but the same virus is increasing itself in their body again. This is called “bouncing back” in medical science.

Echuanes says, “I believe that a person’s immunity may not be able to fight the corona virus forever. And as soon as the person’s immunity weakens, the virus already presents in the body Attacks the body. “

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Does the virus live inside the body?

Experts believe that this infection can be seen again in 14 percent of people who have been completely cured of the disease of Corona virus Covid-19.

Some viruses can remain inside the human body for three months or longer.

Echuanes says, “If a person has got the virus first and after that, the test has been negative then it is believed that that person’s body has learned to fight with that virus. And because of that the virus cannot bothers that person again.

“But many times some viruses are hidden in such a tissue of the body where the effect of the body’s immunity reaches less.

Virus increased the concern of scientists

One thing that has increased the concerns of scientists about Covid-19 is the short time between when a person is recuperated after recovering.

We know that the immune system of the body works against different diseases in different ways.

In the case of measles, the vaccine given at an early age prepares the person to fight against that disease for the whole life.

But many health officials believe that it would be better to give another dose of measles vaccine at a certain age for the second time.

There are also many viruses against which vaccines do not prove to be more effective. In such a situation, it is better to increase the vaccine dose (giving booster dose) regularly.

Also, vaccines for influenza and common flu are also given every year because the virus changes itself repeatedly.

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Trying to understand the virus continues

Covid-19 is a new virus and scientists are currently trying to understand its behavior. They are busy understanding how the corona virus returns so soon.

Isidoro Martinez, working as a researcher at the Carlos III Health Institute in Madrid, says that Corona Virus returning to the same person is not new, but in the case of Covid-19, it is happening in a short time.

Martinez told the BBC, “It’s not like your body learns to fight it forever. If an epidemic-like situation occurs again between years and years, the virus can infect you again.”

“But it does not usually happen that someone who has been defeated by fighting the virus gets an infection of the same virus again. As far as we know, like the flu virus, this virus does not change its form again and again.”

Current cases are not common

Martinez agrees with Echuanes that the infection may not have completely ended in those cases being seen again.

He says, “Those who have tested positive for the Covid-19 virus once again may not have completely eliminated the virus from their body and the virus has reappeared due to low immunity.”

But both scientists believe that more research is needed to understand the corona virus.

The Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) told the BBC, “Covid-19 is a new virus that we know little about. New information is being collected daily about it. That is why the reasons for its re-infection It will be difficult for us to say.

But scientists are trying their best to help the government in its efforts to avoid this epidemic.





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