Coronavirus Has Not Only Brought Trouble But?

Coronavirus Has Not Only Brought Trouble But?

People all over the world are facing difficult situations due to coronavirus. Coronavirus infection and the death toll due to it are increasing daily.

Not only the city, but now many countries have also reached a state of complete lockdown. Thousands of people have been quarantined. The economy is badly affected and many people have lost their jobs.

Nothing can be said clearly about how long this situation will last, but in the midst of all these disturbing news, some such things have also come out which can be seen as a positive change.

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  1. Reduction in pollution

There is a situation of lock down in many countries due to Coronavirus and due to this the level of pollution has decreased.

In both China and northern Italy, there has been a significant reduction in nitrogen dioxide, a serious factor in air pollution. The main reason for this is the closure of industrial factories and the lack of operation of cars on the roads.

In New York, many researchers told that carbon monoxide has fallen by 50% this year compared to the previous year. It mainly originates from cars.

Air travel is on hold and a large number of flights have been canceled. Millions of people are working from home. It is expected that countries around the world will adopt this situation in the coming time.

Along with this, a significant decline has also been observed in the carbon dioxide gas heating the earth.

  1. Changes in water quality

According to the people living in Venice, the water quality of the city’s canals has improved.

The roads of this popular tourist destination in northern Italy are almost completely empty due to the Coronavirus. Water traffic has come down due to the lack of tourists and this is the main reason behind the clearing of water.

Usually, the water here looks so dirty that fishes can also be seen here.

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  1. Generous works

In many countries, cities have been completely closed due to the Coronavirus, while some countries are still preparing for it.

Due to the fear of how long the house has to be closed, people are buying large quantities of goods from the nearby stores and due to this, the situation of chaos is being created.

There have been reports from many places that people are quarreling with each other in the competition to buy goods. But in the midst of all this, there have been some cases which make some pleasant feeling.

In 72 hours, two people from New York have prepared 1300 volunteers who are working to deliver home goods and medicines to the elderly and needy in the city.

According to Facebook, thousands of people in Britain have joined local cooperation groups formed to combat the coronavirus. Such groups have also been formed in Canada. Due to these groups, the ‘scaremongering’ trend is being encouraged.

In Australia, the shopping time for the elderly at the supermarket has been set aside so that the elderly and disabled do not have trouble shopping.

Many people are also giving donations to deal with this problem. Some people shared recipes to help the elderly living in isolation, some shared ideas and some people have converted their businesses into food distribution centers.

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  1. People Uniting

In the rush of office and household chores, people often go a bit disconnected from those around them. Due to the increasing infection of Coronavirus, people are in their homes and due to this many communities around the world are coming closer.

Fully closed in Italy. In such a situation, people are coming to the balcony of their homes and singing songs to encourage each other.

A fitness instructor in southern Spain got people exercised from the lower terrace located in the middle of an apartment complex. People were standing in their balcony doing exercises.

Many people are talking to their friends, family and close friends through phone or video calls. Not only this, but many people are also having virtual parties (clubbing, pub sessions) through mobile apps.

The outbreak of this virus has made the importance of health workers and those working for all the essential services.

Thousands of people in Europe from the balcony and windows of their homes are encouraging all the doctors and nurses who are working day and night to deal with the coronavirus epidemic.

Many medical students in London are volunteering to help with the health service. Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has also appealed to the countrymen to cheer on the balcony and windows of their homes at five o’clock in the evening and clap, ring or ring the bells of people working to tackle the problem of Coronavirus.

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  1. Increased Creativity

Most of those who are locked in the house due to the virus has also got a chance to show their creativity.

On social media, many people have shared their new habits with their friends like reading books, cooking, and painting.

The DC Public Library of Washington has launched the Virtual Book Club. Italian chef Shef Massimo Botura has started a special series on Instagram and named it ‘Kitchen Quarantine’. In this, they teach people easy recipes.

An art teacher in the state of Tennessee in the United States has started a live streaming class for children who are in homes because of school closures.

Due to the closure of many public places, people are now seeing things online. People are doing virtual tours in the world’s largest galleries. Australia’s Sydney Observatory has started showing night sky tours to people in homes.

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