Does Coronavirus Die From Heat?

Does Coronavirus Die From Heat?

The first case of coronavirus was revealed in Wuhan, China in December last year.

Since then, this virus has slowly spread in 168 countries of the world. Governments around the world are alerting their citizens about this and sharing information to avoid infection with this virus.

But the market of rumors about this is also hot, and due to this, there are many questions in the minds of people.

In many places, such claims are being made that the coronavirus can be eradicated with the help of heat. In many claims, it is being advised to drink water after heating. Even hot water is being used for bathing.

Such claims have been flooded on social media for the past several days. In a post shared by thousands of people in many countries, it was claimed that this virus can be killed by drinking hot water and living in sunlight. It was also advised not to eat ice cream in this claim.

Not only this, but it is also being told in a fake way with this message that UNICEF has said all these things.

How does coronavirus spread?

The BBC contacted Charlett Gornijk, who works for UNICEF, to learn more about these claims. He categorically denied these claims and called them misleading.

He says, “Recently a message is being spread online in the name of UNICEF that this virus can be avoided by staying away from ice cream and cold things, it is a completely false message.”

When someone infected with the coronavirus coughs or sneezes, very fine particles of his spit are spread in the air. The coronavirus spreads through these tiny particles. Once a person sneezes, more than 3,000 particles of droplets, ie droplets, come out of the body.

When approaching an infected person, these particles can enter your body through the breath. Sometimes these particles can fall on clothes, door handles, and your belongings.

If someone touches that place and if that person touches their eyes, nose or mouth with the same infected hand then they may get coronavirus infection.

How long does the virus stay outside the body?

The American National Institute of Health has found in its research that viruses in these sputum particles can live for 3-4 hours and float in the air. But if these particles can remain active for 48 hours on metal-like surfaces such as door handles, lift buttons.

At the same time, if the particle falls on the steel surface, then it can remain active for 2-3 days. Based on some old research, it can also be said that the coronavirus can remain active for up to a week under favorable conditions. On soft surfaces like clothing, the coronavirus does not survive for long.

In such a situation, if you do not wear the same cloth for a day or two, then the virus will not be active. But it is also not that touching an infected surface will cause you to get coronavirus. As long as it does not enter your body through your mouth, eyes, nose, then you are fine.

So stop eating without touching your mouth or washing your hands. This means that someone who has got corona and has touched or sneezed if you have touched the same thing and the virus has gone into your body through the eye, nose, and mouth, then an infection can occur. Keep in mind that not just touching, but going into your body will cause infection.

How much heat will affect?

The coronavirus cannot be destroyed at temperatures from 60 to 70 degrees Celsius. The temperature is neither in India nor in the body of anyone. Some viruses perish after increasing temperature, but what will be the effect of rising temperature on coronavirus?

Regarding this, the British doctor Sarah Jarvis says that the SARS epidemic started in November of 2002 which ended in July. But this happened due to changing temperature or for some other reason, it is difficult to tell.

Doctor Paresh Deshpande, who researches the virus, says that if someone sneezes in the heat, spit droplets can fall on the surface and dry quickly and the corona verdict can reduce infection.

We know that flu viruses do not remain outside the body during summer but we do not know what effect of heat on coronavirus. So it can be said that there is no concrete evidence that the corona will be destroyed in summer. Do not rely on temperature.

Traffic restrictions

Coronavirus has spread to 168 countries worldwide, including cold countries like Greenland, hot cities like Dubai, humid cities like Mumbai and dry cities like Delhi.

Once this virus has entered the human body, the method of killing it has not yet been devised. The World Health Organization and many countries are working on it, but so far no medicine can be made to kill it.

This is why governments are telling citizens about ways to avoid this. She is imposing traffic restrictions and asking people to keep a distance from each other.

Our body will have to fight with this virus, that is, only the immune system of our body will have to defeat it. If we wash our bed sheet, then this virus can be removed from there, but the virus that has entered the body cannot be removed by washing the body.

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