Teach Children About the Importance of Food


Nowadays children do not know that the food which is on their plate has reached their plate after the hard work of many people. That is why you must have noticed that they do not feel bad at all while wasting food. Therefore, it is very important to explain the importance of food for children.

Children who see pulses, rice, chickpea, peas, and dry fruits in the packet may not even be aware that the things their mummies are asking for in the packets grow in the fields, and these things that grow in the soil, the farmers grow them with their sweat and hard work.

From there, these items then arrive at the supermarket after being packed and from the supermarket to your kitchen. That is, in this journey from the farm to the kitchen, the goods have to pass through the hands of many people and it takes their hard work.

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Go to the fields

The children will not be able to understand this until they are introduced to the ground reality. That is, by ordering online food and grocery, children cannot be taught all this, and no app can do this.

For this, children are required to visit the fields. Instead of traveling abroad once or twice a year, it would be better to take the children to the village and fields.

Seeing the farmers doing farming there, seeing the paddy plants, wheat, and mustard plants and other fruits and vegetable plants, they will know that, in fact, they put the peas, vegetables, and rice in the dustbin very easily.

How hard it takes when farmers break grains and vegetables from the fields with their own hands; this is how a child will feel connected and will never waste food next time.

Importance of Food

Social Relationships Improve

According to experts, a visit to the village and the fields removes children behavioral problems. This not only makes them mentally healthy but also improves their social relationships.

As life and efficiency increase, so does the ability to deal with problems. Overall, children become more social and practical.

No app can do the things that can be taught to children by walking the fields. A few moments spent in the pure fresh air and clean environment make them familiar with the real world away from the mobile screen.

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