Top 25 Ways to be a Good Good Father


Becoming a good father is not an easy thing. No matter what your child’s age is or how many children you have, you need to know that a father’s work never ends. As a good father, you should always be together, be a good disciplinarian and an inspiration, and also be sympathetic to every little bit of your child’s needs. If you want to know what to do to be a good good father, just follow these steps.

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How can I be a good father?

Top 25 Ways to be a Good Good Father

Method 1 – Be with them

  1. Take time out for your children:?

It doesn’t matter to your children how big a position you are in your company or how many responsibilities you have over them, just by spending time with you.

What he cares about is whether his father comes home for dinner in the evening, does he take him to play outside on Sunday, or spend some time with him watching his favorite movie.

If you want to be a good father, you need to set aside some time every day for your children – or at least every week – no matter how busy you are.

Include these moments spent with children in your schedule. Maybe, your children like to spend time with you on certain days like Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Take time to pay extra attention in those days and don’t let other commitments get in the way.

If you have more than one child, you should take time to see each child in person, so that you can develop your unique relationship with them.

If you are so tired that you are unable to prepare yourself to play with son/daughter, then instead of going out, do something else like sit in the house and watch a basketball based movie. It is important that you are with them with some ability. (good good father)

  1. Stay with them in their memorable times:

Having a “father time” each week is a great way to strengthen your relationships, try to be together at important times in their lives. Plan your time to be with your son/daughter on the first day of school, your son/daughter’s first major sports event, or your son/daughter’s high school graduation ceremony.

Your children will remember these moments throughout their lives and being there at that time means a lot to them.

When your child is touching one of your milestones, you may be very busy at that time, but if you miss this opportunity, you will regret it for life.

  1. Teach your children important lessons:

You must be present to teach your children to complete the basic tasks of life. You can help your child clean teeth, use the bathroom, learn to ride a bike or learn to drive when the time comes.

And, you can teach your sons to shave and maintain good health. Your children will need you to learn the big lessons of life ranging from everyday small tasks.

Share these lessons with your wife: Both of you, teach your children important things for the development in their lives that they need to know.

Help your children learn from their mistakes. If they do something wrong, it is better to kill or scold them to try to find out why they did it and talk to them about what to do in the future.

  1. Develop strong contacts:

It is very important to be present at important moments in your children’s lives, and therefore be able to communicate with your children while you are there.

You don’t always have to hang out with your kids and have fun – you just focus on enabling yourself to communicate with them, to understand their concerns and struggles.

Make sure that you check with your children every day so that you know what they are worried about, how was their week, what is going through their mind.

Without really wanting to know the answer to this question, don’t just ask superficially, “How was your day?”

If your children are teenagers or busy college students, they may not want to discuss the details of their day with you. So you just make sure that sometimes you ask them so that they also feel that you care about them. (good good father)

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  1. Plan an Outside Trip with Your Children:

As a good father, you should take the time to travel with your children, with their mother, or anywhere. Go for an annual fishing trip with your daughter or a beach trip with your son or a camping trip that your children will never forget.

Whatever you do try to make it a special, memorable one, and be something that can be repeated at least once a year so that you can develop a fun father-centered routine.

If the mother of the children is present during the visit, then spend some time in singles to have a relationship with the children.

Planning such a trip in advance will give your children fun and an opportunity to see and do it further.

  1. Take time out for yourself:

While it is very important that you stay with them for your children, take “my time” when possible for you. Whether it is Sunday afternoon, you do your own will, or run half an hour every morning or read a good book every night before going to sleep. You have kept the interests of your children paramount at all times but never neglect yourself completely.

If you do not make time for yourself, you will never be able to feel relaxed, or re-energized for yourself and will not be able to give the children the time and attention they deserve.

You can keep a special room or chair in your house where your children know that you should not bother. Help your children understand the idea of ??”my time” and tell them that unless they really need you, you are going to do your will for a short time. (good good father)

What are the qualities of a good father?

Method 2 – Being a proper disciplinarian

  1. Reward Your Children Properly:

Being a disciplinarian does not mean punishing your children for making mistakes. It also means that whenever your child does a good job, you reward him so that he is encouraged and wants to repeat this behavior.

Whether or not they have got it straight, help your younger brother/ sister in hard work, or have become mature enough to keep themselves away from fights.

You tell them how proud you are of them, take them out to dinner at their favorite restaurant, or do whatever you want, to tell them how much you appreciate their good behavior.

When your children are young, rewarding them with affection helps them, in the long run, to understand how proud you feel.

However, sometimes taking your children out for dinner or bringing a toy for their good behavior promotes good behavior in them. Eating outside or bringing a new toy to your children should not be an encouragement. They should be motivated because you have taught them to differentiate between good and evil.

Do not reward your children for the work they are expected to do, such as doing household chores, or cleaning their own belongings. If you do this, then he will understand that he is doing you a favor. (good good father)

  1. Properly punish your children:

As an impartial disciplinarian, you should punish your children for their mistakes. This does not mean that you will be physically or mentally cruel – it means that you tell your children what they have done wrong and make them aware of its consequences. When your children grow up to understand the reason, they will themselves understand where they made a mistake.

Make sure that you and your wife agree on the punishment for the children. If the mother or father sees any wrong action of the children, the results should be the same. This will help you avoid getting divided into types like “good soldier, bad soldier”. (good good father)

  1. Be the same:

In the case of rewarding or punishing children, it means that whenever your child misbehaves, the punishment should be the same every time, whether it is uncomfortable again, you are tired or you are out in a public place. And if your child does something great, don’t forget to make him feel special, no matter how tired or stressed you are.

If you do not stay the same, your children will know that your reaction can be influenced by your mood.

  1. Don’t yell at children:

You may feel offended by your children’s behavior, but shouting is not a solution. If you want to shout, then shout when you are alone under the shower in the bathroom, or on the pillow in the bedroom.

But don’t shout at the children, no matter how insistent it is. You can raise your voice a little to tell them that they made a mistake, but if you yell or scream, they will be scared of you and will not want to talk to you.

Although this can be difficult, you do not want your children to see you lose control.

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  1. Do not become violent:

No matter how angry you are, you should avoid hitting, hurting, or holding your child with a whimper. This will hurt them physically and emotionally and they will want to avoid you at all costs.

If your children feel that you may be violent, they will not want to stop working and be around you. If you want to gain respect from them, then you have to stop this violent form from coming in front of the children and their mother. (good good father)

  1. You have fear and love:

It is important that your children are a strict disciplinarian to let you go and they cannot pull you out loud, but it is also important that they want to love and affection from you and have a wonderful time with you want to have a relationship.

To be a good father, you need to draw a line between implementing difficult lessons and making your children feel loved and appreciated.

If you are concerned with looking too scary then your children may not feel comfortable talking to you openly.

If you are associated with looking very loving then your children will see you as a pushover that does not let the law go down. (good good father)

What is a father’s role in parenting?

Method 3 – Being a good inspiration

  1. Lead by example:

If you want to lead by your example, then your motto should be “Do what I say and do as I do”, so that your children know that you are hypocritical for teaching right from wrong.

Not happening If you want your children to behave according to your expectations, they will want to see positive behavior from you first. Here are some ways you can lead by example:

For example, if you do not want your children to smoke or drink excessively, then you should never do such things in front of them or ever.

If you want your children to treat people with kindness and respect; So they should see your basic respectful behavior from a waiter in a local restaurant to a telemarketer.

If you want your children not to get into fights; So you should never fight with their mother in front of them. (good good father)

  1. Be respectful to the children’s mother:

If you want to be a good inspiration, then you should treat the children’s mother with respect. If you are married to her, then you should show them how much you love her, how much you help her, and how much pleasure you give her.

And, if you misbehave with your wife, then your children will think that it is right to behave badly with the mother or someone else because the father does it.

Treating your mother with respect means that you share your childcare and household duties with your wife.

Let your children see how you praise their mother and give them love and affection; To which he is entitled.

You not only give respect to the mother of children but love her and nurture love, fun, and relationships. If the children’s mother is happy, then everyone is happy.

If you and your children’s mother had divorced, then never say bad to their children about their mother, even if your relationship with them is not good. Making them look less than a good ideal relationship with your mother will make your children stressed and confused. (good good father)

  1. Admit Your Mistakes:

You don’t have to be spotless to be a good inspiration. In fact, it is better that you are not spotless, so that your children will see that no one is spotless and that everyone makes mistakes.

If you made a mistake; And, if you forgot to bring the child to school late at night, or lost their temper, you should apologize and you should say that you know you have made a mistake.

If you swallow your ego in front of your children, they will see that it is also right for them to accept their mistakes whenever they make a mistake.

By accepting your mistake you make your character better than “do the right thing”.

  1. Help with household chores:

If you want your children to help you with household chores, then you also help yourself with chores, no matter how hard your work demands of you. When they see you working; They would also like to help you, such as cleaning utensils, cleaning kitchen counters, and cleaning carpets with a vacuum cleaner. If he thinks that cleaning the house is only “mother’s job” then it is less likely that he will help you when the time comes.

Helping with household chores will not only make your wife happy but by doing so your children will see that you work as a team and they would also like to join it. (good good father)

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  1. Earn respect from your children:

Honor is not earned, rather it is earned, and you must do whatever you can to gain respect from your children as a father. If you are not much around them, yelling at their mother or sometimes in the mood to discipline them, they will not summon you just because you are their father.

You should behave in a way that is admirable, honest and similar so that your children see the image of an ideal father in you and consider you worthy of their praise.

Your children should not do devotion to you and do not consider you a clean one. Understand that you too are just a human being and want to do well with them. (good good father)

  1. Show your children love and affection.

You might think that being a good inspiration means being a little far away, but always doing the right thing, while it really means being so attached to your children, kissing them, hugging.

Applying and telling them what they mean to you. Don’t let a day go by when you don’t tell them “I love you”, give physical affection to your children and tell them how much they value you.

Your children want love and affection for you for a long time, no matter what their age is.

Praise your children and tell them that without them your life would not be the same thing. (good good father)

What is a true father?

Method 4 -Being sensible

  1. Accept that your child is not like you:

You may want your child to pursue the family business, join Alma Mater like you, or be a high school football star like you, accept it You have to do that your child is a human being who has his own needs and desires and may not meet you.

You may think that the path shown by you is the only happy way, but as a good father, you have to accept that your child may have a different idea of living life.

It is possible; You may think that you are doing well at your level, telling your child what to do, what not to do, how to live their life, but in reality, you are hurting their freedom by controlling them.

You may take time to accept your children’s wishes. If you can’t immediately understand why your son/daughter wants to become an artist; While you are a doctor yourself, ask him to explain himself and take the time to listen and understand him.

If you try to control your children too much, they will start feeling bad and will not be able to open up to you.

Allow your children to make their own decisions by allowing them to be independent and open-minded. Maybe you want him to play baseball; But get them involved in various activities and let them decide what they like the most. (good good father)

  1. Be alert about changing times:

Being a good father; You should understand that your child is not growing in the same environment in which you grew up – even if you are growing up at the same time.

With globalization, the impact of social media and the changing politics in today’s society, it is likely that your child knows more about today’s troubles and changes in today’s society than you do.

Therefore, be aware that things like body piercing, sex before marriage, and world travel are more common now than in your time. Accept that your children are a product of time and may want to explore the world more than you wanted to.

It is possible; You seem like you know how the world will work. But let your children express themselves and let them share their vision. (good good father)

  1. Accept the mistakes of your children:

If you want to be a sensible father, then you have to understand that your children are not as flawless as you and they are also to make mistakes. Life is full of mistakes and it gives your children a chance to learn, and you must accept that there are many lessons to be learned – your son’s minor car accident, or his failure to pass an exam because he did not study, or he did some foolish shopping with his savings.

If you do not let your children fail sometimes, then they will not learn anything. However, you want to shelter and protect them, but letting them make mistakes will help them make more informed decisions.

You should still keep your children in proper discipline whenever they make a mistake, but at the same time instead of shouting at them; You should also talk to them about what they did wrong and give them a chance to see the error in their own way. (good good father)

  1. If your child is struggling, understand this:

If you want to be a good father; So you have to be aware when your child is going through a difficult time and be attentive to your needs. Your younger daughter may be struggling when she has no friends because you have moved to a new city or maybe your son has had his first breakup and is emotionally shocked.

You cannot completely excuse a child’s distance or emotional behavior, you should know what is going on in their mind so that you can be more understanding and talk to them when they are struggling.

Just saying “I know you’re having a hard time, want to talk about this?” Will help your child understand how much you worry about them.

Put yourself in place of your child, if you are disappointed then you will know where your children are coming from, you will be able to understand their behavior. (good good father)

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  1. Do not hold unreasonable expectations from your children:

A child’s life can be filled with pressure from siblings, children in school, teachers, trainers, etc. Help your children understand their desires and assess their abilities and limitations.

Try to help them achieve the goal set. Help them achieve their full potential. But, avoid living in such a suffixed form what you expected him to achieve or what he achieved.

  1. Know that the work of a father never ends:

Never assume that once your children are 21 years old, or they have taken a college degree, then your job of raising them is over. While it is important to encourage your children to become financially and emotionally independent, it is also important that they know that you care for them and are always there and that they are important to you. (good good father)


  • Be patient for things done for your children.
  • Always listen to your children.
  • Always speak with your children rather than speak with them.

Practice what you preached as an example, don’t make excuses for your own actions like “do what I say, not what I do”.

The goal of disciplining your child is to show them that their behavior is inappropriate and unacceptable. The use of force is probably not appropriate, sometimes it is necessary to achieve the goal regardless of the child’s age.

Other methods such as depriving the child of what they value most prove to be very effective over time as well as helping to maintain the child’s self-esteem and the child’s respect for you as a parent.

Teaching children right from wrong is a process. Methods of discipline that appear to achieve short-term results; They have unintended negative consequences in the long run.

Support children on time.

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