3 Bad Addictions Leading To Personality Disorder

3 Bad Addictions That Can Ruin Your Personality and Life!

In this post, we reason on 3 bad addictions that can rapidly ruin a happy person’s personality which in turn ruins the life. If you have any of these habits, then eliminate them from today. If you don’t the never adopt them in your life.

Today every man is becoming aware of himself and his family. Everyone is engaged in making their life a happy and memorable one. Whiles a student wants to do the best in his study, a businessman is also trying to give new heights to his business.

This means that everyone wants a good life. This is a very good idea. If every man can make his life better, then his country will also become better.

Nowadays we get to see around us that man is himself, his own problems, often troubled or upset by none other but by himself. What causes this is due to his bad habits which gradually turn into a very bad addiction entangling his very life.

When we are born, we are neither good humans nor bad humans. Meaning our actions and our thinking makes us good or bad. Just as we follow good habits, so too bad habits.

A person who adopts good habits and abandons bad habits lives his life very well. There are some people who get caught up in the vicious cycle of bad habits. The result is a gradual change in their lives and going through hell. Let’s jump quickly to these 3 bad habits.

  1. Drunkenness (alcohol addiction) –

Alcohol Addiction! Today, out of 10 people, 7 can be found drinkers. They may not have any money to eat, but they collect money for drinking.

The youth who are the biggest power of our country and society are also the biggest victims of alcohol today. Alcohol these days has got intoxication which leaves a person hollow inside after consumption.

My friend! Why have I written that intoxication is a bad addiction that will ruin your personality and life? It is basically because intoxication is such a bad addiction that makes us die while living. We live but we are dead. Yes that is what I term “Personality death”. Being alive to the fullest yet dead to society in terms of human relation! This is a kind of personality disorder

A drug addict can never do well for himself or his family. The disadvantage of drug addiction is that we waste our lives as well as do not let our family and others around us live in peace.

We do not get anything from drugs. It gradually leads our health towards diseases and organ breakdowns, the results, big diseases like cancer, not even small diseases. A drunken person has no awareness of what he is thinking, what he is doing, and what he is saying.

This type of personality disorder gets drunken men to kill, due to intoxication. There are incidents such as rape etc. Due to intoxication, people are not able to drive properly and get themselves and other innocent souls killed. It is this same intoxication that leads a person to disregard parents and the elderly.

Once you are addicted to it, then your bad days begin. The only way to avoid this is to never think about addiction, taking drugs should be distant thing.

If a friend of yours gives you alcohol or cigarette, do not accept it at any cost. Otherwise, this cigarette will rather leave your life in ashes and smoke one day. So if you want a happy life, then say goodbye alcohol and getting drunk.

  1. Gambling addiction –

This is such an addiction that has made many Families from rich to poor today. If you want to survive in this world then you should have money. If you do not have money, you cannot live here.

Still knowing this, people waste their hard-earned money. Hey! If you have to fly, why do you earn money? Why do you work day and night?

This addiction is dangerous because money is involved in it. Where there is greed for money, the man runs backward. I saw many people who have been ruined making money in shortcuts.

The biggest example of this can be found right in the “Mahabharata”. When the Kauravas and the Pandavas gambled in the story of Mahabharata, the Pandavas lost their wealth, kingdom, the five Pandavas – by putting themselves at stake.

The extent is reached when the Pandavas also lost their wife Draupadi by wagering on the yoke, where else can you find a shrill example of gambling. Read full story Here

Nobody has become rich to date by gambling. What he made or achieved in life was never satisfied with this money. Money that is not from your hard work is not of any use.

The man does not recognize the value of that money. This addiction is a virus that slowly makes you hollow. People lose their money in gambling first.

He then takes a loan from his relatives and friends to get him back. Then he is also defeated in the lice. This is the moment when that person’s life is ruined.

Even then, he would not have been able to get out of this vicious cycle. So stay away from this addiction and keep a distance from it by treating lice as a burning fire. If you are careful, you will also be saved.

  1. Sex Addiction –

The biggest and most dangerous addiction is sex addiction. Today when I see the boys around me, most of the boys get immersed in the idea of ​​sex. Nobody is worried either about their career or to move forward. Those people are studying, and are busy preparing for competitive exams yet their focus is on sex.

In such a situation, will they ever be able to enter competitive examinations? Can they ever win? A person who is not focused on his purpose can never be successful.

I do not say that sex is wrong, in fact sex is a very powerful stress and tension reliever but everything has its age range requirement. He who breaks it has to bear the brunt of it. For a 20 to 30-year-old youth, this age is a major stage in life.

If he achieves anything by working hard here, then he spends his life happily throughout his life. If you have lost your career at this age, then you will have to face many difficulties in life.

There is the need to become a better person, building your career before marriage. If this happens then you will enjoy your marriage very well.

There are many other people who, after marriage, stay in a relationship with someone other than their spouse. It is very wrong to do so.

You cheat the person who means everything to you. Your attitude changes toward your partner. Your personality becomes dark. This personality disorder triggers you partners attention who in turn gets to know about it, then there comes catastrophe in your life. You must have seen examples of how bad this addiction is. In our country, from big babas to businessmen suffered and is suffering the brunt.

If you remain a slave to this addiction you develop a personality disorder, you ruin your life as it ruins your personality, which is the very fundamental element to societal interaction. It wouldn’t be long till you find your life in waste.

Friends! The 3 addictions I have shared in this article have ruined lives, many families and the society at large. People have become slaves to these 3 bad addictions until today. Therefore, you should be a little smart. Look at yourself, look at friends, and look at your family. Avoid the dangers of Personality Disorder developed through these 3 bad habits at all cost.

If you see these addictions in your life, then remove it as soon as possible before you develop this kind of personality disorder and thus your life ruined and become hell for you. This is the truth.

Whoever has these 3 bad addictions is sure to be ruined. Such a person can neither help nor do well for the society. So change yourself and those you know. Anyone who does not have these addictions remains happy today and ever.





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