Expectation Hangover: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention

Expectation Hangover: Know its causes, symptoms and ways of prevention

Hardly have you ever heard or thought about an expectation hangover. It is said that life should not stay for long. We do a lot to make our life better. Of course, there is some expectation from our people.

Thought nothing else happened then or had to wash my hands with a good job. When were you thinking for promotion, but could not do till today? Many of us are unable to get things according to our thinking. Many things going on in the mind bother us if we are not fulfilled many times.

Someone has rightly said that “expectations causes a headache”. In the time of social media, our expectations have increased a lot. It is said that intoxication of expectation is also dangerous than alcohol intoxication. Dangerous because the intoxication of alcohol comes off after some time but the intoxication of expectations stays with it for a long time.

What is an expectation hangover?

Christine Hassler, author of ‘Expectation Hangover: Over Disappearance in Work, Love, and Life’, has described Expectation Hangover in her book. This book also talks about ways to get rid of the problem of expectation hangover.

Expectation hangover can be encountered when we think deeply about anything and it increases our attachment to it. Excess expectations also become a cause of sorrow. So many times, even if the expectations are fulfilled according to your plans and wishes, you can feel your expectation to be incomplete.

Hustler says that it is not wrong to expect, rather, letting those expectations dominate you can be the cause of your misery. Do not let anything dominate you. ‘

Sometimes expectation hangover is good because with its help you learn and understand many new things. Spiritual Guru says that ‘when we live only by expectations, our misery increases many times more. When we learn to accept things, the sorrow starts to subside. ‘Think for yourself once, if all your expectations are met then you will feel proud. You will not be able to learn anything new and will become narrow-minded.

What are the types of expectation hangovers?

Expectation hangover may be experienced in three divers ways.

  1. Situational Expectation Hangover

Situational expectation hangover is simply when we do not get the desired result of any work. Its problem can often be seen in parents. For example, when even after expensive tuition fees, children do not graduate with good results or academic performance. Often parents feel that if they are paying expensive fees to teach their child, then their child will be much faster in reading and learning than other children.

  1. Interpersonal Expectation Hangover

Interpersonal expectation hangover happens when an expectation hangover is caused by a sudden surprise from another person. Some people may include other people in their expectations.

In common language, it is just to expect something from someone i.e. relying on someone for an expected results. However, from whom we have expected, he or she may or may not know anything about this expectation.

  1. Self-Imposed Expectation Hangover

Self-impacted expectation hangover means when we set a goal or goal and it does not work accordingly, it can be called a self-impacted expectation hangover. For example, there is no success in working hard for a job or for passing an exam. Due to which most of the students also commit suicide.

How to prevent expectation hangover?

There are several ways to prevent an expectation hangover, altogether these major things need to be considered.

  1. Find out the reason for the hangover

If the problem is to be avoided, first of all, find out its root ie the reasons for its occurrence. You can also compare the conditions of the three types mentioned above to find out the reasons for this. Once you know the reason for this, then you can easily get yourself out of this problem by any of your loved ones.

  1. Talk about it

Although your problems should not be shared with everyone, if your problems are shared with some close and trusted people, then their solutions can be solved easily.

If you are also troubled by the problem of expectation hangover, then talk to your near or dear one about this problem as soon as you can find out the cause of it. But, keep in mind that while sharing your problem with him, do not expect that with his help your problem can be overcome 100 percent.

  1. Do not be disappointed when the expectations are not fulfilled

This is one of the best ways to avoid an expectation hangover. Keep in mind that not all our expectations can be fulfilled at the same time or we can not get success in any work by trying at once.

Therefore, if any of your expectations are not fulfilled, do not be disappointed nor lose that hope. Rather, try to fulfill that expectation once again with all courage and hard work. Before trying for the second time, also make sure to review your expectations once.

The above advice does not provide any therapy. Please consult your doctor for more information about this.





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