Ways To Keep Your Child Away From Smart Phone Addiction

Ways To Keep Your Child Away From Smart Phone Addiction

When the three-year-old show tantrums in the food, her mother puts a song or poem on her mobile and gives it to her. Seeing Sophia eats her food happily, and this happens three to four times a day. Not only this, when her mother gets some work, or the Sophia starts crying more, she gives her songs or cartoons on the iPad. By the way, this story is not only about Sophia, but nowadays, it applies to almost all children. This is affecting their health. (Smart Phone Addiction)

How do I get rid of my phone addiction?

Not Too Much Screen Time

Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) has released new guidelines regarding children’s screen time. According to this, children below five years of age should not use the mobile, iPad screen for more than an hour.

Actually, up to the age of five years is very important in terms of the overall development of children, so during this time, it is crucial to pay attention to their diet from physical activity.

Nowadays, obesity is increasing rapidly in children due to sticking to mobile, TV, iPad, and the new guidelines of W.H.O, express concern about rising obesity in children in the world.

According to the UN Health Agency, six percent of children worldwide are overweight, and the main reason for this is not physically active.

In the new guidelines of WHO it is clearly said that the screen time of children up to the age of five years is more than one hour is not suitable for their health. By the way, there are many easy ways to keep the children away from the mobile with children.

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Sleep is Also Necessary

It is not good to put young children in the pram or chair for too long. For them, physical activity like running, walking is essential, as well as children should also sleep more. This keeps their health good.

Due to sleep, the child remains physically and mentally healthy. You may have noticed that children who sleep less often become irritable and start crying over small things. Therefore, children up to five years are required to sleep.

More Mobile and TV Hazards

Sticking longer on mobiles, iPads and, TVs not only increases obesity but also has an impact on children’s brain development. The eyesight starts decreasing quickly, and there is difficulty in focusing on something. Mobile radiation is also very harmful to children.

Other Excuses For Recreation

Mobile may be the most accessible means to entertain children, but it is the most dangerous thing, so try to keep children away from it from a young age. Instead, consider them by giving them a toy, big-picture book, etc. Remember, the most important thing for you is your child’s health. (Smart Phone Addiction)

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