Best 3 Surprising Truth About Tears

The Science of Tears

Whenever we are sad or depressed, our eyes become moist. Some people cry on small things and tears comes out from their eyes, some people shy away from crying. There are many things about crying that you may have known hardly, but you should know.

Some of us are like those who cry on small things like someone’s marriage, at the birthday party, child’s play, or other common reasons, but some people do not even remember that they When was the last time I was crying.

Although tears in your eyes can come anytime and you are unable to stop them, no matter where you are. But crying in front of some unfamiliar people can be a bit awkward for you and them too.

Have you ever wondered why we cry? Why do some people cry less than normal? Let’s solve this puzzle today why we cry.

Why we cry:

The reason behind crying seems quite reasonable as we cry because either we are unhappy or we are happy. Crying is a natural emotional response to some of our emotions.

Feeling like sadness or sadness, But some people cry it even during other circumstances and opportunities. When you are crying, energy is created with your emotions. Crying is due to an emotional purpose.

Experts say that crying is a biochemical process during which stress hormones and toxins are released in our bodies. Apart from this, crying may also be menopause. It is used by any person to persuade you to speak.

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Is it right to cry openly:

Most people are sad or sad when they want to cry freely because by doing so, they can feel better by reducing their suffering. However, after everyone’s crying, everyone feels good. It is not so.

Those who are suffering from mental conditions like depression or anxiety, crying openly is not the way to feel better, but after crying, their mental state may get worse. However, people with general mental status feel better at pausing in an emotional situation.

When it is not appropriate to cry:

Even though crying is a feeling that is not on your control, but it is not relevant to cry in every situation. In some cases, you should take control of your tears.

Like if your boss has spoken something to you, or you are taking a close member for a medical check-up, then you need to give him courage.

In this way, you can take a little time and then allow your feelings to flow, because preventing tears is also not appropriate. You can go to some other place.

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