Does Stress Cause Cervical Cancer?

Introduction about Cervical Cancer

What is Stress?

It is common to have stress or tension. This is felt when it becomes difficult to deal with a situation. When there is stress, adrenaline starts running throughout our body. The heartbeat increases and mental and physical consciousness increases significantly. We sweat, feel the excitement, and sometimes the whole body cries.

According to Studies

Recent research has shown a direct correlation between stress and cervical cancer and claimed that women who have cervical cancer and suffer from stress disorder would be more likely to die from this cancer.?

According to the study’s lead author, “Donghao Lu,” patients undergoing cancer treatment are at higher risk of suffering from disorders such as depression, anxiety, and stress.

For this study, researchers collected and examined the records of 4,245 patients with cervical cancer between January 1, 2002, and December 31, 2011.

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Besides, we also examined patients who had gone through a stressful situation in their lives. For example, a family death or serious illness, divorce, or a part-time job.

According to the researchers, such cases significantly increase the emotional pressure on the patients. He also identified women who died of cervical cancer or unspecified uterine cancer.

During the study, 1,392 patients died, of which cervical-cancer was found to be the leading cause of death in 1,005 people. Researchers also found that 1,797 patients either had a stress disorder or had undergone stress conditions.?

The risk of death from cervical cancer was 33% higher among those suffering from stress disorder.

According to a report of the year 2018, 74 thousand women die every year in India due to cervical cancer. It is a disease caused by the irregular growth of cells in the uterus. It is caused by the HPV virus i.e., human papillomavirus.? ?

What are the main causes of cervical cancer?

Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

This includes abnormal bleeding from the vulva, bleeding during sex, or insertion of tampons. Apart from this, feeling pain during sex, uncontrolled discharge from vulva, back pain, leg pain, fatigue, weight loss, loss of appetite are other symptoms.

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Cervical Cancer Treatment

If cervical cancer is detected at the right time, then its treatment is possible. Therefore women should get their checkups done from time to time. Apart from this, the distance between smoking and alcohol should also be maintained. Human papillomavirus infection is the cause of cervical cancer in most women.?

Therefore, get the right vaccine for this. According to one study, women who use birth control pills for too long or for a long time are at higher risk of this cancer. To avoid this, use condoms instead of pills.

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