Migraines in Children Reasons and Treatment


The problem of?migraine?is not limited to the elderly. The danger of this is now being started in children as well. About 10 percent of school-going children’s suffer from this disease. More than half of the children get a migraine attack before the age of 12 years. Let’s Know Major Causes And Prevention Migraines in Children.

How do I know if my child has a migraine?

These Are The Main Characteristics?

Migraine is a brain disease. Symptoms include headache, one side headache, vomiting, dizziness, change in mood, sensitivity to light and sound, etc. In children, it does not last as long as adults. But it disrupts the average life of the child.?

Watching TV Also Increases Risk of Migraine in Children

Chronic daily migraine is one of the different types of the disease in which children experience pain for 4 to 5 hours a day. Apart from a headache, there are many other causes migraines such as disturbances in the speaking pattern, lack of water in the body and overeating of junk food, etc.

Children sit in front of a TV screen or computer for a long time, which causes glare and flicker to affect the eyes and increase migraine.

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This is How The Investigation Takes Place?

In children whose family has a migraine problem, the risk of this disease increases in children. In such a situation, parents should not ignore the complaint of a child’s headache and find out the cause of headache with a blood test, EEG, lumbar puncture and neuron-imaging test, etc. with the advice of an expert.

Three-Way Treatment of Migraines in Children

The most important for migraines is its management. In girls, it is associated with menstruation. Three types of methods are commonly used in the treatment of migraine.

First acute treatment in which the medicine is given according to the symptoms. The second is a preventive treatment that helps reduce the number of migraine attacks.

The third is a complementary treatment in which drugs are not used. In this, migraine is controlled through behavioral therapy, acupuncture, exercise, proper rest and diet.

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