10 Common Nervous Breakdown Symptoms


Between stress and everyday run-outs, there are some changes in behavior and mental state that, if not identified at the right time, you may become a victim of a nervous breakdown later on. Nervous breakdown is a mental state that can sink you into depression for some time in such a way that you can lose your mental balance. (Nervous Breakdown Symptoms)

There may be reasons for a nervous breakdown, but science has not yet found a concrete reason for this mental problem. Based on its symptoms, doctors help you to get rid of the nervous breakdown problem.

If you are feeling these changes in the behavior in yourself or your close ones, then take immediate steps as these changes can be the symptoms of a nervous breakdown.

What are the symptoms of a nervous breakdown?

10 Nervous Breakdown Symptoms are:

Frequent Mood Changes

Many times the mood changes rapidly in the event of a nervous breakdown. You become very unhappy about small things very quickly or get angry quickly, which seems very different from your normal behavior. If you recognize this change on time, then talk to a doctor as soon as possible.

The idea of Suicide

If the idea of suicide comes to mind for any reason, contact a psychiatrist immediately. It is very natural to think of this as being in a state of a nervous breakdown.

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A state of depression also indicates a nervous breakdown. Yoga, meditation, and medical counseling are very important to get out of this state. Otherwise, it can make you mentally ill.

Fatigue and Stress

This problem can also be caused by too much stress and fatigue. Good sleep and good routine are very important to avoid this. Many times you start disconnecting from family and society in a state of stress so that the inner feelings within you lead you to a state of a nervous breakdown.

Effect on Sex Life

If you are in a state of a nervous-breakdown, it can also affect your sex life. The sense of unwillingness to have sex with your behavior is not something to be ignored.

Unable to Concentrate

During this stage, you are not able to fully concentrate on any task, and you do not feel anywhere. You will be able to overcome this situation with yoga and exercise.

Physical Symptoms

A nervous breakdown will not only cause a change in your mental state, but many physical problems can also be a sign of this condition. During a nervous breakdown, the heartbeat may be irregular, some other problems such as the upset stomach, muscle strain, too much weakness, or discomfort.

No Control On Feelings

This symptom is most commonly seen during a nervous-breakdown. You cry for hours on small things, feel lonely, and too many negative thoughts come to your mind. Many times you feel so disconnected from all the people around you that you start getting angry with everyone without any reason.

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Panic Attack

Sometimes you may face a panic attack in the event of a nervous-breakdown. In such a situation, there is difficulty in breathing, anxiety, such thoughts that someone is throttling you all the time, like emotions come in your mind so fast that it takes the form of a panic attack.

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