70 Amazing Facts About Dreams

70 Amazing Facts About Dreams

  1. You, I, we all dream in this world. But if a person tells you that he does not have dreams, then it means that the person has forgotten his dream.
  2. If a person is sleeping in front of you and is snoring, then you understand that that person is not dreaming at that time.
  3. Do you know ?? Not only humans but animals also dream. After a study, it is found that animals even leave brain waves like humans while sleeping.
  4. No matter how much you try, you can never remember where your dream started.
  5. A person forgets his dream by about 90% within just 10 minutes of waking from sleep.
  6. People believe that once the dream is broken, the dream does not come again, but this is not entirely true. Suppose you are dreaming a good dream and someone in the middle will wake you up from sleep (as is often the case with all of us) but if you go to sleep again in the same way, chances are very high that dream will be seen from where that dream was broken.
  7. In our dreams, we see only those faces which we have already seen, whether it is in T.V. or Reality because your mind can?t face by itself. (Facts About Dreams)
  8. Do blind people also dream? The answer is. Yes !! Even blind people dream. People who are born blind too dream; the only difference is that they are not able to see any image in their dream, they can listen and feel it.
  9. All the people who are reading this post right now mean that you, me, our dream is most colourful, but when long time back, TV was not there, most people used to dream in Black & White.?
  10. If you are dreaming and you want to know whether you are dreaming or not, do not cut yourself in a filmy way, try to read a book quickly or watch time in the clock, you will know the truth. Because in the dream you cannot read anything, and the number of times you try to watch the clock, you will get the different time.

Psychological facts about dreams

  1. Every person spends 5/6 years of his life only in dreaming.
  2. Men mostly dream of men, whereas women dream of both “women and men”.
  3. When dreaming, do you know that you are dreaming?? Congratulations if you answer yes, you are among the few people in the world who have lucid dreaming.
  4. The most common dream is that people are cheating on their spouse.
  5. Every person has 4 to 7 dreams in the night, but we do not remember.
  6. Often people get scared while dreaming, cannot even move their hands and feet; this condition is called in the language of science, sleep paralysis.
  7. Dreams are mostly negative.
  8. It is often said that morning dream comes true, but there is still no proof about it.
  9. Children of up to the age of four years are unable to dream due to poor brain development.?
  10. In general, pregnant women remember dreams more than other people. This is mainly due to extreme hormonal changes during pregnancy.
  11. We have a dream of 90 minutes while sleeping, and our most extended dream comes in the morning, which lasts between 30 to 45 minutes. (Facts About Dreams)
  12. If someone sees dirty water in his dream, it means that the dreamer is not healthy.
  13. It is written in our ancient books of Vedas that this world is really a dream and reality is something else.
  14. If you dream about someone waking up, it means you are missing it.
  15. The first book on the dreams was written in Egypt, and it was written about six thousand years ago.
  16. Many of the people think that the mind gets tired after a working whole day, but it is not right. The brain functions more quicker than it does at bedtime.
  17. Many people believe that their morning dreams come true, but what you have seen in a dream has rarely happened in the future.
  18. Many people suffer from sleeplessness. It is a psychological disease and the possibility of this disease can be eliminated by sleeping correctly at the right time.
  19. When we have a dream, then we do not know from it that what we are seeing is a dream; then we take that thing. Some of the people in this world can control Lucid Dream, such as flying in their dreams or time travel on their own. Frederik van Eeden first used the word ‘lucid’ to mean ‘mental clarity’.
  20. You cannot read and write anything in your dreams; even it is challenging to see the time in the dream.

Weird facts about dreams

  1. We spend 6 years of our life dreaming.
  2. When we are lost in dreams, we can neither read anything nor tell the right time.
  3. Many big inventions were created in this world due to dreams, such as – Google and sewing machine.
  4. Many people see things happening in their dreams in future as Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his death.
  5. Some people, due to dreaming in their sleep, lose the ability to move. This is called sleep paralysis.
  6. REM sleep disorder is a disorder in which people mimic their dreams in their sleep.
  7. Sleep sickness is often seen in people. But this disease has proved very dangerous. People walk in sleep and do many things that we do not believe. Some of these things may also be wrong by law like killing someone.
  8. Some people love to dream so much that they do not want to give up their sleep. For this, such people take an illegal drug, due to which they start dreaming on their own. (Facts About Dreams)
  9. We think that we get the most peace at bedtime. But actually, at the same time, our agility increases due to dreams.
  10. Many people know the way to achieve their dreams. These people control their dreams in such a way that in a short time they fly away, move from inside the walls to the other side, and sometimes enter the past.
  11. Because many great inventions have been created due to dreams, it proves that dreaming enhances our creativity.
  12. It never happens that you have not dreamed of any dream. The thing is that we do not remember our dreams.
  13. People who are not blind from birth also have dreams.
  14. We only see the faces that we recognize in our dreams.
  15. Dreams are often more negative than positive.
  16. We can have at least seven dreams a night.
  17. Many people’s dreams are not colourful. They are often black and white.
  18. A man dreams for at least six weeks in his entire life.
  19. Children do not see themselves in their dreams until they are 3-4 years old.
  20. Dreams are never strange. There is always a meaning hidden behind them, which we do not understand.

Interesting facts about dreams

  1. Dreaming keeps our body healthy; otherwise, we get irritated throughout the day. So when our state of mind is not right, we fall asleep.
  2. It is said that when someone is taking snoring, then he does not dream.
  3. Psychologists have said that daydreaming is a disease in which our dreams move from where they stopped.
  4. Sometimes we see some dreams again and again. It is said that such dreams are often associated with the things that we have to fulfill in real life.
  5. We often get such thoughts in our mind that we have done or felt something in the past. Such expressions come because of our dreams. (Facts About Dreams)
  6. Insomnia is more common in women’s than in men.
  7. Exercise makes us sleep well.
  8. Our body gets used to the number of hours we sleep. So sometimes we have difficulty getting up a little bit every day.
  9. Blind people have scary dreams.
  10. Horror dreams are said to be a form of changing emotions in our lives.
  11. Scientists have said that fetuses also dream.
  12. Research has proved that often, people see their house in dreams.
  13. During dreaming, people often show feelings of anger and fear.
  14. The feelings we have in dreams come true.
  15. Sometimes it happens that the things that are happening in truth, in our sleep, we find those things a part of our dreams.
  16. We have about 1460 dreams a year.
  17. The dreams in which we were flying were visible to people even before the invention of the plane.
  18. It is said that more animals than humans come in the dreams of children.
  19. Psychologists have said that we see so many things throughout the day, the impression of which our brain makes out of our information. We understand all these things in our dreams. The order of these things is not necessarily the same. Therefore, it has been said earlier that dreams are not strange. They are connected to us in some way.

Some More Interesting Facts About Dreams in Detail

  1. All people dream.

Everyone, big and children, dreams. We dream for about two hours in a single night. Researchers have found that most people have different dreams every night and a dream lasts from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. In an average lifetime, people spend about six years dreaming.

  1. Dreams are difficult to remember.

95% of our waking dreams are forgotten. To find out the reason, a research was done in which the brain of the sleeping person was scanned, and it was found that the “Frontal Lobes” – the part of the brain that is most able to maintain memories is the dream work. Does not mean it is inactive. (Facts About Dreams)

  1. Faces and times seen in dreams.

You can never see a new face in your dreams, the faces that you see in your dreams are seen somewhere in your life. Most people are not able to accurately tell the time observed in dreams.

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  1. Men and women have different dreams.

There is a lot of difference between dreams of men and women. Women have longer dreams than men. Angry material and physical activity are more in the dreams of men and women have dreams of comparison, rejection and exclusion. Women have more conversations than men. Men’s dreams have more vaginal stimulation than women.

  1. Animals can also dream.

Apart from humans, animals can also experience dreams. It is said that the animal is dreaming when he shakes his tail in his sleep. Animals also go through the state of sleep in which the dream occurs. However, it is difficult to say whether this happens because the research on it has not been completed. (Facts About Dreams)

  1. It is possible to control the dream.

It is possible to see dreams according to their own, although very few people can do so. On average, every person has experienced this. Between half-sleep and half-dream, there is a situation when you can direct or control your dream.

  1. You are powerless during dreams.

No matter how many physical activities you do in your dreams, in reality, you are lying powerless. This is because your motor neurons are not stimulated during dreaming, and this prevents you from acting out your dreams while sleeping.

  1. Many dreams are universal.

By the way, every person experiences different dreams, but often all people have the same dreams. Such as – Someone is following you, you have fallen from a building, you are somewhere in a moment, or someone has attacked you. (Facts About Dreams)

  1. Blind people have different dreams.

Blind people have dreams that depend on other senses, and their dreams are still as intense as they are visual. People who become blind in an event experience visual images in their dreams.

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  1. Black and white dreams.

According to research in America, not everyone dreams of colorful dreams. According to this research, it occurs according to the age of the people. People 25 or younger see black and white dreams as equal, but 75% of those 55 or older have black and white dreams.

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