20 Easiest Way to Stay Awake When Tired


If you are feeling tired at work during the afternoon and you feel to sleep again and again, and struggling to stay awake. So these are some of the qualities that will keep you ready at the time of work and will overcome your sleep.

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Balance your senses

  • You can balance your senses in many ways, like always keep the proper lightening in your room.
  • By using chewing gum
  • Make your senses awake by smelling peppermint oil.
  • Listen to music.
  • If your eyes are exhausted, then for some time, focus your attention on the wall or the window.

Keep your body alert to get rid of feeling tired

  • Wash your face with cold water. Your eyes should be open while doing this.
  • Pinch on your forearm.
  • Thump your feet lightly on the floor.
  • Rotate your shoulders
  • Whenever you get a chance of a break from work, then do walk or stretching for some time.
  • If you cannot move around at work, then get used to exercising regularly early morning or in the evening.

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Eat healthy food to stay awake

  • Start your day with a good breakfast, as you can eat eggs and bread in your breakfast.
  • Do not eat too much; doing this will make you feel tired.
  • Keep foods like cashew nuts, almonds with you, and when you start feeling tired, then eat few dry fruits, it will make your body active by eating, and you will not feel tired again.
  • Drinking cold water will help you feel fresh.

Keep your mind active and awake

  • If you feel tired in class, you can make notes of what is going on in the class to keep your mind active. By doing so, your mind’s focus will not feel tired, and you will be active in class.
  • If you are busy with your work, then you can ask your employees to talk about your work.
  • If you are at home and you are feeling tired in the daytime, you can talk to your friend on the phone or e-mail to avoid this sleep. You can also play video games some time to feel fresh.

Change your lifestyle

  • Make a habit of daily sleeping and early rushing every night.
  • Become a responsible person.
  • If you have a sleeping disorder, you should consult the doctor and take proper treatment.

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