Top 23 Ways For Raising Children Successfully


There is no doubt that both time and effort is needed to raise children. Giving birth to children is a natural action. But it is very difficult to raise them. If you want to know how to raising children, then follow the given instructions.

How do you raise a successful and happy child?

23 Ways For Raising Children Successfully

Method 1 – Create a healthy routine

  1. First, recognize the upbringing of a child:

It is very difficult to do this in today’s world. Good parents spend their time with their children thoughtfully. They need to develop their child’s character.

When you become a parent, you should keep your priorities below your child’s priorities, and spend more time taking care of your children than taking care of yourself. This does not mean that you do not take care of yourself, just recognize the needs of your child.

Both parents can take care of the child one by one so that both can get time for themselves as well.

When making your weekly schedule, take care of your child’s needs and likes first.

  1. Reading books every day:

Your 15-year-old child will love it. This will make your child love books. At any time during the day, keep your child to read the book, if you keep this time before sleeping, it will be very good.

Try to take time from 30 minutes to an hour daily for this work. This will not only increase your child’s tendency towards books, but he will also have educational and behavioral development.

It has been revealed in the searches that the children who read and listen to books every day have good behavior in school.?

Once your child learns to read and write, let him move on his own. Do not correct his mistake every 2 seconds or else his enthusiasm will decrease.

  1. ? Eat together in a family:

In today’s modern family people do not eat together. A dining table is a place where you can teach children good values. Rules and laws are also followed at the dinner table. Family dinner is also a time to teach those ideals that children will follow throughout their lives.?

If your child eats food and then takes the time to eat the whole food and see how he is eating it. This will increase the child’s disinterest in eating food together.

Involve the child in the process of eating, it will be fun to eat when the child contributes to it such as you can take help of him in the vegetable selection or in setting the table. You can also give them small tasks like washing vegetables. An older child can handle more than this. Involve the whole family in deciding what to eat.

Only talk lightly while eating food. Don’t ask too much, just ask “How was your day?” (Raising Children)

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  1. Make a rule of sleeping:

This does not mean that your child should sleep at the same time every day, yet tie a rule that your child can obey and live on. Discoveries have shown that if the child sleeps less than an hour’s sleep, then his or her falling capacity falls below 2 levels. That is why the child must complete his sleep before going to school.?

Keep time to be a little quiet in your routine. Turn off the TV, songs, etc. and talk to your child or read the book before you put them to sleep.

Do not give your baby sweet before going to sleep, it will hurt you to sleep.

  1. Help your child develop his or her skills.

This does not mean that you put the child into 10 different activities in a week, you just need to find 2-3 activities of your choice that you can do in your child’s weekly program. To put in this, you can put him in soccer or in an art-related class, just he should enjoy doing it. You encourage your child and tell him how well he is doing.

By doing different things to your child, he will learn to mix well with other children.

  1. Give your child plenty of time to play every day:

Playing time does not mean that the child is playing in front of the TV while you are doing some household work. Playtime means that you keep the child in a separate room with a bloom that helps in its development. No matter how tired you are, you must explain to your child the importance of playing with children so that they learn to play with them and their growth is also good.

You don’t need to buy all the blooms of the world for your child to play. Look at the quality of the toys, not their quantity. In the end, your child may play with toilet paper. (Raising Children)

How do you raise the perfect child?

Method 2 – Love baby

  1. Listen to everything your child does:

It will be the biggest achievement in your life to have an effective impact on your child’s life. It is very easy to separate your children from your life, but do not lose the opportunity to teach them something good by doing so. If you will never listen to your child and will always shout at them, then they will feel that you do not need them or care.

Encourage your child to talk. Teach them to put their words in front of everyone so that they can talk to others properly.

  1. Respect your child.

Remember that your child is a person who has some needs and wants. If he does not eat properly, do not always interrupt him while eating, if he is not potty trained, then do not talk about it in front of everyone. If you have promised your child that he will live well then take him out, then do not break your promise just because you are tired.?

If you respect the child then only the child will be able to give you the respect that you want. (Raising Children)

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  1. Remember that you can never love your child too much:

Too much love, encouragement, and care will spoil your child. This is a hoax. If you give your child a lot of love and attention, he will grow up to be a good person. By letting the child blossom in the place of love or not scolding him for his mistake, your child can be spoiled.

Tell your child at least once a day – or even more often than you love him.

  1. Be involved in every activity of your child:

This is a lot of hard work and hard work, but if you want to encourage your child to develop his character and hobby, then you have to be strong support for him. This does not mean that you chase the child like a shadow, just support him in every small step.

Once your child starts going to school, you should know in which class he is and what are the names of his teachers. Help your child finish his homework and if he finds a difficult task, help him to do it, but in any case, do not do his work.

As your child gets older, you can give him some relaxation and also encourage him to fulfill his hobbies.

  1. Make your child independent:

You should support your child but give him the freedom to fulfill the hobbies of his choice. Don’t tell him what should happen to him, let him choose them himself. You help him get ready, but when you go to get clothes for him, do ask for his opinion. If he should play along with his friends or children, then let him do it, it will make it easier for him to make his identity.?

If you make the child independent soon, then he will grow up and think about himself easily. (Raising Children)

How can I make my child smarter?

Method 3 – Disciplining the child

  1. It should be known that children also need limits:

Maybe they may forget their limits. For this, you can give them light punishment. Children should know what punishment has been given and you are punishing it in love.

If you want to stop the child from any wrongdoing, then punish him in such an obligatory way. It is better to punish without any head than to punish him without any privilege.

The child should understand the meaning of the closure of this privilege. “For example, you can tell him that if you cycled on the road, you would not be able to ride for the rest of the day.”

Do not adopt punishment for violence with children such as beating and beating. Children who get beaten up by their parents do not necessarily listen to them.

Children who are beaten and killed may also beat other children. So never kill a child. He can be a rogue and use beatings to end his every fight. Children who are victims of violence at home may also have post-traumatic stress disorder.?

  1. Praise your child for his good behavior:

More important than scolding your child for bad behavior is praising him for his good behavior. By doing this, he will be able to understand the future behavior. If your child does a good job such as dividing his or her toys with others, then tell him this, it is more important than scolding him for any bad work.

Prioritize the need to praise your child. Saying “I am proud of you for this work” will make your child feel that his good behavior has been liked.

You should feed and sweeten your child from time to time, but do not feel that your child will be given a toy for every good work. (Raising Children)

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  1. Keep equality in your behavior:

If you want to keep the child properly disciplined, then you have to keep the same behavior. You can’t do that, for one thing, you scold him one day and give him the toffee for not doing it the next day and don’t tell him anything on the third day because you are tired. If your child does a good job, praise him every time. This equality will teach him to distinguish between good and bad behavior.

If both parents are raising the child together, then stay united and try similar methods to discipline him.

  1. Explain your rules correctly to the child:

If you want the child to understand the methods of your discipline, then you have to tell him in a manner why he cannot do certain things. Do not tell him empty clean or else mix with children.

Also, tell him why he should do this and what will benefit him, you and society by doing so. If you can explain to the child about its behavior and its effect, then only he will accept your decisions.

  1. Teach your child to take responsibility for the work he or she does:

This is a very important part of disciplining your child and developing his or her character. If he throws his food down, then try to follow his behavior and tell him why. Instead of that, he either refuses the action or holds someone else responsible for it. If your child does something wrong, talk to him about why it happened.

Explain to your child that everyone makes mistakes. The mistake is not as important as knowing how the child handles it. (Raising Children)

What life lessons should every child learn?

Method 4 – Character building

  1. Do not give character knowledge to the child just by talking:

We learn from virtue practice. Parents should take the help of self-discipline, good habits, compassion for others and social service to teach this to their children. The basic mantra of any character formation is behavior. If your child is too young to understand this behavior, then you can teach him to be kind.

  1. Be a good inspiration:?

Any person learns such good or bad things, children will learn all kinds of good and bad habits from you and this will be your biggest contribution.

If you shout at the child and then tell him not to shout then he will not understand, if you get angry or abusive to the neighbors, the child will find this behavior normal.?

Become his inspiration from day one. Your child will quickly understand your feelings and behavior. By this raising children can be easy for parents. (Raising Children)

  1. Understand what your child is learning:

Children are like sponges. Everything he sees builds his character. Books, songs, television, the internet, and television keep on giving the message of right or wrong to children. As good parents, we should see what is affecting children.

If you and your child see bad things like a fight between two people or a violent scene on TV, then tell your child about it.

  1. Develop good habits in children:

If you make a habit of saying thank you and please, it will be very beneficial for him later. Good habits are fulfilled throughout life, so the sooner you are put, the better. It is very good for the personality of the child to respect such elders and not to fight with children.

A good habit is to do your cleaning. If you teach your child to raise his blossoms at the age of 3, when he is 23, he will know the art of being a good guest. (Raising Children)

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  1. Speak only those words that you want to hear from your child’s mouth:

Even if you feel like calling someone you know on the phone, it is good to remember that your child is listening. If there is a fight between the husband and wife, then do this in closed doors so that it does not affect the child.

If any abuser comes out of your mouth, do not act as if nothing has happened. I apologize and say it will not happen again. If you don’t say anything, the child will think that these words are correct. (Raising Children)

  1. Teach your child to sympathize with others:

The sooner you teach, the better. If your children are empathetic with others, then only they will not make quick decisions on people and they will also be able to see the world from their point of view, for example, if your child says that his friend misbehaved with him, talk to him and ask what happened. What did the friend feel that he behaved like this? Or if the waitress in the hotel has forgotten your order, then do not say that she is lazy, say that all day It works so tired.

  1. Teach your child to be grateful:

Just teaching the child to say thank you does not work. To teach a child to be grateful, you should also say thank you to everyone so that the child sees this good behavior. If your child complains that everyone has a new toy in school, then explain to him that many people in this world do not have this luck.

Meet him with all kinds of people so that he can get an idea of ??how lucky he is, even if you are not giving him a new toy at the festival.

Saying, “I did not hear you say thank you” will not have the same effect as saying thank you to yourself. (Raising Children)


Meet the parents of your child’s friends. You may have a deep friendship with them, but still, you will be satisfied that they are safe in their house.

How to read books carefully, mistakes made in childhood get upset due to growing up.

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