PubG Death and Tiktok Suicide


Psychiatrists are warning that digital addiction can be as dangerous as addiction, citing ways to prevent the frequent use of electronic gadgets in children and adults. Access usage of digital media and gaming can cause something like Tiktok Suicide and PubG death. (PubG Death and Tiktok Suicide)

If we look at the news of the last few weeks, somewhere in India, the mother of two committed suicide when she stopped using TikTok, then somewhere a student who played PUBG for six consecutive hours died of a heart attack. Experts have said that the most important thing to fight digital addiction is to realize it when this addiction increases.

PubG Death and Tiktok Suicide

Parikh, director of Healthcare’s Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, told news agency IANS, “It is the most important thing for people to maintain a balance between work, life inside the home, entertainment outside and social engagements. To make sure they are getting enough sleep. This is very important. “

Parikh also said that adults must adopt a four-hour digital detox model per week. In this interval, they do not have to use their phones or any digital gadgets. He tells, “If anyone has trouble in these four hours, then it is a matter of worry.”

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Vohra, Senior Consultant, Department of Psychiatry, said, “People who are addicted to gadgets always think of gadgets, or when they try not to use them they feel sleep disturbances or irritability.”

He said, “Digital addiction is as bad as any other addiction. If you have digital addiction, then it is a sign that you are moving away from your daily life. You are always dependent on the screen.”

Such people can even do personal hygiene and neglect themselves. They do not talk to society, their family, and stop thinking about their responsibilities or also doing their regular work.

“Such people may have depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, irritability as well as difficulty in focusing on things,” he said. Vohra suggested that when people feel that their child is spending more time on screen, they should first talk to their child and ask them to reduce their exposure to digital gadgets.

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