Internet Addiction Can Be Dangerous


Does it often happen to you that you are sitting in a meeting, and your eyes are repeatedly falling on your mobile screen? Or on a tiring day, you think that after going home, you will eat and go to sleep, but as soon as you turn your phone side to side, then the notification sound on your mobile rings. (Internet Addiction)

I don’t know If this happens to you too, suddenly you have become accustomed to mobile and the internet. Today a large number of people are getting lost in the internet world.

Their addiction has increased so much that they have forgotten the real world and started living in virtual life. They are more concerned about social media image than social image.

How does internet addiction affect your health?

What Do Studies Say?

According to a National Web-Based Survey in the year 2014, teenage boys and girls were found to have?poor health,?unhappiness, and depression due to Internet addiction.

– An Italian study of Bruno et al. 2014 found that 3.9% of high school students have an Internet addiction, in which more boys than girls were found to be suffering from Internet addiction.

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How to avoid Internet addiction?

– Walk or cycle or do any physical activity for at least one hour. Only then log in on your computer or mobile app. Apart from this, keep a target of reading at least ten pages of the book in free time.

– Make a list of works to be done in free time and complete them one by one. Like fixing things in the house etc.

– Before eating food, give yourself one minute to look at the message on the mobile and then keep the mobile upside down until the food is eaten.

– Leave the mobile at home and walk outside for 15 minutes or read the magazine related to nature. This will make you feel closer to nature and help the mind to focus better.

– If possible, leave your phone at home once a week and go out. You may find it difficult at first, but later you will like it.

– Nowadays, children are facing more problems with Internet addiction. To save children from this, you should talk to them and give them your time. Remove the computer from their room and keep it in the standard place. Put login lock on the system, keep track of history, and talk to them if necessary.

– If you or someone you have a gaming addiction, seek help from a certified counselor.

Although there are many benefits of mobile, TV and the Internet, the losses from them also cannot be ignored. Before it is too late, stop your habit of excess surfing the Internet in time to become addicted to internet addiction.

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