15 Insomnia Facts


Apart from insomnia and sleeplessness, there are many problems related to sleep, which can make your life worse. (Insomnia Facts)

There are often three types of sleep problems. One is that it does not sleep or breaks after coming, and it does not come back, and such that it keeps coming and going throughout the night – not even asleep. We technically call this insomnia. The reasons for each of these are different and also the treatment.

The second type of problem is sleeplessness throughout the day. Sleeping while sitting. Go to work Blinking while driving. On the whole, in contrast to insomnia, sleep disturbed due to excessive sleep.

And the third type of sleep problems is those that seem elusive, becoming the subject of stories and jokes ? walking in sleep, waking up screaming while sleeping, kicking loudly, snoring, grinding teeth in sleep, urinating while sleeping, etc.

Apart from these, those doing ‘jet leg’ and ‘night shift’ duty have their sleep problems. Here I am presenting something like news channels type of news, a hundred news stories in ten minutes, about sleep problems. (Insomnia Facts)

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Sleep During The Day

Often the patient himself does not accept the fact of sleepiness during the day. The accompanying person explains. Such people take a sudden nap in the meeting, while driving, working on the machine.

It can be a disease called ‘sleep apnea,’ due to which a man snores at night, his breathing stops fast while sleeping and the patient is not even aware. He sleeps all day. If so, do not ignore it. Once the cause of the investigation is known, then it can also be corrected.

15 Insomnia Facts:

    1. If insomnia is from a few days, then it is usually due to the stress of any household or office. Nothing to worry, it may not even need medication.
    2. If insomnia stretched for two to three weeks, then take a doctor’s prescribed sleep medicine for a few days. This is usually due to stress; it can happen even after getting up from some disease or surgery.
    3. Yes, if insomnia is for many months or years, then it needs complete investigation and treatment. In this, meeting with a psychiatrist can check the possibility of depression, etc. There is a possibility of thyroid, asthma, heart disease, Parkinson’s, migraine, even abnormal type of epilepsy.
    4. A major cause of insomnia can also be your ‘poor sleep hygiene.’ Sleep hygiene brings many things. The bed is more padded, there is a lot of light or noise in the sleeping room, with snoring, kicking, even ticking the wall clock, it is terrible ‘sleep hygiene.’ If you are under the stress of office before bedtime, have eaten it, have taken a bath in hot water, have exercised – then all these are also anti-sleeping.

  1. As far as alcohol is concerned, you will go to sleep after drinking, but you will sleep through the night, or you will not come back after a while. Today it has come in two pegs; later it will come in three and then it will not go in there four pegs either.
  2. Is insomnia a symptom of any mental illness? Yes, it is possible. Insomnia can also occur in restlessness, depression, and mood disorder. Depression is unique in this case that its patient may also have insomnia, and he can even fall asleep day and night after suffering from excessive sleep. Depression medications can also cause insomnia.
  3. Insomnia can be an essential factor and symptom in many diseases. Respiratory disease, congestion of the lungs due to weakening of the heart pump, menopause, insomnia can be a significant complaint in kidney and liver failure.
  4. Take sleeping medicine only on the advice of a doctor. If possible, only for a short time. If there is a chronic disease of insomnia and sleep medications have to be taken for a long time, then stop them in between. And if you take them continuously, then their effect will end.
  5. In a new place, in a hotel room, in a hospital, when something new happens in life, sleep can be disturbed when a critical date is near. This is called ‘adjustment insomnia.’ It resolves automatically.
  6. Sleep may be disturbed upon reaching the high mountains. This is called altitude insomnia. For this, a medicine called Diamox has to be taken, not sleep medicine. Which is given for adjusting from these places.
  7. Neither the cause of sleep sickness is known, nor the treatment. In a third of cases, it can be a family illness. (insomnia facts)
  8. The child wakes up in sleep at night, shouts with sweat, takes a fast breath, then goes back to sleep, and when he wake up in the morning, he does not remember anything, it is not a ghost haunt. It is also a sleeping disorder that cures itself automatically with age.
  9. If a child between five and six years urinates while sleeping, then it is considered normal. If you do this later, then treatment is needed. There are pills and medicines. A complete urology checkup of the child is necessary.
  10. ‘Jet leg’ means sleeplessness after international flights, break down. This problem can take time from two days to two weeks to become healthy. If you have passed through more time-zones in the journey, then the jet-leg will run for more days. (Insomnia Facts)
  11. Those working in night shifts are not able to sleep properly during the day. They lay down but could not sleep. Then, while doing duty at night, they are not able to remain alert so that mistakes and accidents on duty also occur. It is less if there is an excellent bright light at the workplace at night. Also, try to keep the night shift changing at intervals of two to three weeks.

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