CBD Gummies and Anxiety: What the Experts Think


During the past few months, CBD has become a dramatically favored natural approach to treating conditions like anxiety and stress. And while certain people take CBD oil for everyday concerns such as wanting better mental clarity and feeling more positive, many people are now turning to the powerful CBD products such as CBD gummies and tinctures to help them cope with serious disorders such as anxiety.

Almost every one of us will be affected by anxiety in a certain way. It could be before giving a speech at our best friends wedding, or simply participating in social interaction with new and unknown people. Regardless of the trigger, we can all feel insecure, unprepared and nervous at times.

These mental symptoms can often manifest themselves as physical issues like shortness of breath, excessive sweating, or complete loss of appetite.

Do CBD gummies work for anxiety?

Anxiety disorders can also be much more severe, especially if someone is prone to experiencing panic attacks and complete agoraphobia and even these people agree that since they started consuming CBD, their anxiety has become much more manageable and less impactful on their already complicated lives.

The traditional treatments for anxiety and stress usually involve some kind of psychotherapy and pharmaceutical medication, which can include antidepressants and benzodiazepines, both of which are known for their sometimes-severe side effects.

So, with all of the above in mind, it really comes as no surprise that in general, people are desperate to find an effective way of overcoming their anxiety in the most natural way possible.

This organic movement of society has seen people flocking to supplements such as CBD as various clinical studies, as well as strong personal testimonies have paved the way for CBD to demonstrate its full potential as one day being a reliable and effective alternative treatment for physical and mental illness.

These days you can find CBD in pretty much everything you can think of from gummies to specially formulated coffees and smoothies, but what impact does mixing it with other ingredients have on its efficacy as a potential remedy for anxiety and what do the experts say about it?

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Does CBD gummies help with anxiety?

CBD Could Help Children and Adults Battling Anxiety Issues

Virginia Thornley is a certified neurologist based in Florida, and after studying various scientific articles on CBD, she revealed that the effects produced by CBD are incredibly similar to those produced by benzodiazepines or SSRI?s.

Because of the fact that CBD does not have any psychoactive elements (unlike THC, another key player in the cannabis plant), it could also be valuable in helping certain individuals overcome posttraumatic stress disorder.

One study performed at the University of Sao Paolo in Brazil in 2017 further backs up this claim with results showing that CBD does decrease anxiety in patients who suffer from social phobia.

How Come Everyone Isn’t Taking CBD Instead of Medication?

Very simply, because there isn’t enough research to prove that CBD is a cure for anxiety as a standalone treatment and also because Marijuana is still classified as an illicit substance in the United States. That means funding for further research can be quite limited.

Blake Pearson is a practicing doctor based in Canada, who specializes in CBD. He revealed that he has personally witnessed his own patients being able to wean themselves onto a lower dose of prescription medication when using CBD as a complimentary supplement and in most cases, the side effects of those prescription medications were dramatically reduced.

Pearson also expressed his frustration at the fact that we need to see more random controlled trials being performed on CBD as well as a body of robust research.

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CBD Gummies: Do They Actually Work for Anxiety?

The jury is still out when it comes to CBD gummies. There are many experts who agree that for mild anxiety it works fantastically well, while others insist that CBD is most effective when taken as a sublingual tincture.

What they all agree on, however, is that the dose you take plays a big role in how well CBD gummies work to help you cope with anxiety.

Simply put, the higher the dose you take, the better chance there is of your body absorbing more CBD once it has passed through the digestive system and been processed by enzymes in the liver.

The higher the absorption, the stronger the effects, and when it comes to anxiety, most people want to go all-in and not have to wait long periods of time to experience relief.

The way the product is prepared also makes a big difference as to how effective CBD gummies are, said one Miami based expert. Manufacturers of CBD gummies who use a CO2 extraction process definitely have the edge when it comes to purity and quality, and this is often what causes their prices to be higher, but when you compare that to paying less money for a poorer quality product, it?s a no brainer.

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Another influential factor that everyone can agree on when it comes to the efficacy of CBD gummies is whether you take them on an empty stomach, or after a meal.

Surprisingly, consuming CBD gummies alongside particular high-fat foods like avocados and eggs can actually enhance the rate at which it gets absorbed into your bloodstream as when the healthy fats are converted into energy, they take the CBD with them.

But this doesn?t mean you should eat anything you like just before taking a CBD gummy, as some foods will slow the absorption process down by coating the inner lining of your gut. In consensus, only take your gummies on a full stomach if you have eaten foods rich in healthy fats.

How Do Other Ingredients Added to CBD Oil Affect It?

Even though CBD infused food and drinks are more popular than ever, only certain ingredients will complement it. Good CBD gummies are made using a minimal amount of ingredients for purity reasons, and recipes are carefully engineered to ensure that the ingredients in each product compliment CBD oil?s ability to work.

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