16 Myths and Facts about Depression


What do Stephen Hawking, Abraham Lincoln, George Patton, Winston Churchill, and Michelangelo all have in common? Not merely where they are some of the most successful people in history, but they too dealt with depression. Depression is one of the most typical mental sicknesses in the U.S. In 2012, the National Institute of Mental Condition revealed that over 17 million adults in the U.S. had an experience of depression that year. Myths and Facts about Depression.

Signs of Depression

  • Loss of the interest in things you enjoy, like work or hobbies
  • Poor levels of motivation and energy
  • Trouble in sleeping
  • Oversleeping
  • Failure to concentrate
  • Feeling anxious
  • Feeling irritable or angry
  • Loss of the appetite or overeating
  • Feelings of the hopelessness and sadness
  • Thinks of suicide

There are endless stigmas and misinterpretations about depression. Find out what is genuine and what is fake, and begin supporting yourself, or a loved one now.

Myths and Facts about Depression

Myth 1: Depression is a deficiency; there is no disease.

Fact: Depression is neither deficiency nor idle lion. This is a major mental disorder that is overdue for many reasons. Depression can arrive at anyone at any age and at any time.

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Myth 2: Hunger and poverty are not related to depression.

Fact: It may be a matter of the depression or poor diet, depression. The carbohydrate-rich diet helps to create chemicals like serotonin and tryptophan that spark the quality of being healthy in the person.

Myth 3: Depression comes from family, and sufferers of depression should not become married.

Fact: Not so. No research-based validation is available about this. People can marry and maintain a healthful life. But they should express their spouse about their sickness.

Myth 4: Depression is always correlated with life-related incidents.

Fact: All issues linked to life are not the cause of depression. There are many other reasons like loss of social protection or any other physical disease such as heart disease, cancer, thyroid, HIV, etc. can also lead to depression.

Myths and Facts about Depression

Myth 5: Depression is dealt with simply by taking antidepressant medications.

Fact: In an extension of acute sedative disorders, medications are not regularly required. This treatment also includes psychotherapy. For bright and reduced sediments, counseling and alternative therapies are too effective.

Myth 6: No one is depressed towards suicide due to depression.

Fact: It is still significant to recognize the myths combined with suicide. It can not be true because when people have severe depression opportunities, they too have thoughts of suicide.

Friends and family members must be sensitive towards the actions and behavior of their family members or relatives who suffer from depression and take methods to care for before it is late.

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Myth 7: Many individuals who are suffering from depression never move to psychiatric health professionals.

Fact: Although many individuals are suffering from depression, those who are victims of the acute depression they heal from therapy, but yet they restrain from getting help.

Only one-third of such people heal themselves. Many times, those people ask for advice about depression after five to ten years intervals.

The sooner the person receives treatment – psychotherapy, medications, or another type of help – the treatment also performs effectively. Mileage treatment has also been discovered to be helpful.

Myth 8: Depression is all in your mind.

Depression is an emotional, social, and biological disturbance. It is continuous and receives medication to operate. Someone who is depressed cannot just lock it off or ?suck it up.?

The general population only identifies the spontaneous side of the depression-like moving out or not developing like yourself. If we got time to realize that depression is brainwashing that leads to physical issues as well, maybe we would observe that depression is a real disease that takes time and treatment to manage.

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Myth 9: Depression is hardly forced on by a traumatic occasion.

A life crisis, like the failure of an adored one, generates reactions of loneliness, sadness, and emptiness in everyone. However, those who deal with depression are further likely to encounter those emotions for long periods and more regularly.

A painful experience does not lead to depression; it increases merely an already existing issue in someone who deals with the depression.?

Myths and Facts about Depression

Myth 10: Trading with depression is a typical part of life.

Those who deal with depression do not have to struggle it solely. You can accept help, and we support it. It is possible to maintain your depression.

Depression is further not a normal part of getting older. Even though your story extends through many reforms, being depressed is not something with which you have to continue.

Myth 11: If you have a family member with depression, you will have it, too.

While there is a genetic factor in depression, investigation indicates it negligible of people who have a relative who contracts with the depression, hardly 10 to 15 percent will still develop the depression.

Those who have family members who are/were suffering from the depression may have a further opinion of the signals and might be more sensitive to adjustments in their attitudes and emotions.

Myth 12: Everyone experiences depression in the same manner.

People who experience depression may have physical inequalities in their heads than the average human. These variations do not consistently act in the same manner in everyone?s head. The differences in the head, plus hormone differences, can regulate the harshness of the thoughts, mood, and physical issues.

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Myth 13: Only women become depressed.

It is not that there is not any depression in men; it is just that men do not express about it as usually as women. In the U.S., four times as many men pass by suicide than women.

Some men think that speaking about their sentiments is childish or pitiful. Some men avoid treatments for the depression in worry that they will no longer appear strong or masculine. And some signs of the depression in men are different than in the women.

Along with the signs above, here are some other symptoms of the depression:

Myths and Facts about Depression

Signs of Depression in Men

  • Feeling angry
  • Loss of passion for satisfying activities like sex
  • Feeling fatigued
  • Not keen to remember details
  • Overeating or not wishing to bite at all
  • Dreams of suicide or suicide attempts
  • Aches, injuries, headaches, cramps
  • Inability to meet daily responsibilities?

Signs of Depression in Women

  • Feeling guilty
  • Loss of interest in favorite activities
  • Feeling fatigued
  • Not able to remember details
  • Overeating or not wanting to eat at all
  • Thoughts of suicide or suicide attempts
  • Aches, pains, cramps, headaches

Myths and Facts about Depression

Myth 14: Depression is the same as being unhappy.

Feeling down and being depressed are the two different points. Depression can be created by feelings of sadness, but feeling down does not finish as deep as a matter of depression.

Depression can last from a few months to an entire year. Unlike sadness, depression usually does not move away on its own. People suffering from depression have many other emotions other than feeling unhappy.

They can feel scared, tense, exhausted, and encounter other negative sentiments. Depression also acts not go aside with time or inspiration from family members, friends, and loving ones like sadness does.

Myth 15: Depression is not a substantial deal.

Clinical depression is a dangerous condition that leads to those who suffer from it to eliminate from loved ones, have serious risks, or even open conflicts with substitutes.

It requires medication to manage and overcome. The facts that depression can drive quickly to dreams or movements of a suicidal nature make depression a huge deal. (Myths and Facts about Depression)

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Myth 16: Depression is a weakness.

Depression does not evaluate. You do not choose to become depressed. The entire reason for depression is observed as instability is that the community has stigmatized the condition. Depression is a psychological and biological condition that has nothing to look at how secure you are.

Note: Depression Cure does not provide any type of medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.





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