Is Botox and Ketamine the New Wonder Drug for Treating Suicide?


People adopt many tips to avoid depression. Even take medicine but do you know that there are some drugs through by which you can also avoid depression. (Botox and Ketamine)

Yes, we are talking about Botox and Ketamine drugs. Recently there has been a research, according to which, both these drugs Botox and Ketamine can easily treat depression.

California researchers did research on the US database in which positive effects of this drug were seen. US database shows that 41,000 thousand people are victims of depression.

Half of these people were taking a normal pain killer, and half were taking ketamine pain relief. Improvement of common depression was seen in both types of people. That is, taking ketamine is also possible to treat depression like other painkillers.

Botox and Ketamine

At the same time, people who were taking Botox antibiotic minocycline and diclofenac also saw fewer symptoms of depression.

Research results found that Botox and ketamine drugs have depression-reducing properties.

Ketamine helps reduce suicidal tendencies in patients with depression. This has been revealed in research. Columbia University Medical Center found that patients had fewer suicidal tendencies just hours after taking ketamine.

Researchers say that the drugs to reduce suicidal tendencies currently take at least 2-3 weeks. But for such patients who can take any concrete step at any time, such medicine is needed as soon as possible. At present, there is no such medicine in the market, which can benefit patients in a few minutes.

The research was done on 80 people suffering from depression. They were given small doses of ketamine, while some were given midazolam.

Less frequent suicidal tendencies were observed in patients taking ketamine within 24 hours, which was normally up to 6 weeks. At the same time, its effect was not seen in patients taking midazolam.

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A good change in mood was also observed in patients taking ketamine, which was not seen in patients taking midazolam. Suicidal propensity decreased one-third in patients taking ketamine. Which makes it a depressant.

The anti-depressant agent and often used for fun at parties, the drug ketamine can help treat severe depression. Actually, this agent starts showing effect in a few hours instead of weeks. (Botox and Ketamine)

According to research reviewed by Carlos A. Zarate and his colleagues at the US National Institutes of Mental Health, ketamine and its related substances can make major changes in the treatment of severe depressive disorders.

Current treatment for depressive disorders has limitations. Many patients with severe depression do not respond to the available anti-depressant medications, and those who do take several weeks before symptoms show improvement. The antitumor drug ketamine is one of the glutamatergic drugs that affect neurotransmitters in the central nervous system.

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