6 Strong Success Positive Affirmations

6 Strong Success Positive Affirmations

The very foundation of successfully accomplishing anything depends on how well a person’s heart and mind is set. That is simply to say; firstly how we see ourselves and secondly how we understand what we want to carry out. Therefore it is always required to set up the mind and heart with positive affirmations before starting anything.

What are Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations help prepare and strengthen the mind and heart to accept oneself in any given circumstance in order to be successful. What this does is getting a person to believe in oneself irrespective of physical traits (physical impairment, race, gender etc.) rather than believing any given activity, task, goal or target to be greater or impossible to achieve. Put simply, Positive affirmations spells out or boils everything down to the very fact that Life or breath is the very essence of success, nothing more nothing less.

It always feels good to be alive and most importantly healthy. As humans, we can pursue anything we desire. The only basic requirement to pursuing anything is life. It is one thing to pursue and another to be successful in our pursuits.

Challenge is not failure

Life is full of challenges therefore every activity in life comes with a challenge. A person can easily fail given all the skill, tact and strategy he or she has. This is because of challenges and how they can be very deceptive. They don’t often set in during the early stages. As humans we naturally build encouragement and motivation from every successful step we take in a given task or activity.

Challenges can easily break a person down to the point of even giving up on whatever he or she is pursuing. When challenges set in, they destroy all the encouragement and motivation gathered from the early stages irrespective of the skill and physical strength of the person. It is at this point that a person can stop what he or she is pursuing and this is called failure.

Understanding Failure

Failure is just a decision by person to put a stop to everything in pursuit due to experienced challenges. Note that failure is a person’s decision. This means that a person is the determining factor of failure from successfully accomplishing any given activity or pursuit. It comes from the mind and heart. It doesn’t matter the strength a person has. Most of our special abilities come from within us.


To be successful endurance is required. Endurance is holding on to one’s strength when faced with challenges. These strengths are what a person builds from positive affirmations. When challenges set in, a person needs only remember the positive affirmations known. The calling to mind of positive affirmations during challenging times is called positive thinking. Positive affirmations are very important to be successful. Success can never be achieved without them. They help and prepare the mind to endure to the very last in challenging times when pursuing anything.

Here are 6 strong success positive affirmations to consider and say out loud to yourself in heart and in mind whenever you want to pursue anything.

6 Strong Success Positive Affirmations to Accomplish Any Goal or Target.

  • I am fully able to pursue whatever I set out to do.
  • I am too intelligent, alive and human to succumb to challenges and subject to failure
  • I know that there will be challenges not failure
  • I am the master of my life therefore I am the only one who can say it’s over
  • I will be patient enough to see results no matter what time it takes
  • Everything will surely workout in the end so I will never quit

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