How To Fall Asleep Fast Naturally

How To Fall Asleep Fast Naturally

In a fast growing Global village driven by technology, it isn’t very rare and uncommon to find or come across sleeping issues. How to fall asleep fast has become an often sought after statement among many who are very dynamic and move along with the changes of time.

What is Sleeping?

Sleeping is simply giving a complete or full break, rest to the mind after a long period of work. It is a very common characteristic of every living organism. It is naturally triggered by the mind to tell the living organism to break from every activity as a result of exhaustion. As we can see, Sleeping is a natural occurrence. This is why it can be very difficult and even impossible sometimes to stop it when it’s triggered.

The problem

As the world has become very fast paced fueled and driven by technology, sleep has become very artificial lately and this has in turn given rise to the question of how to fall asleep fast. I personally know of many young folks from as low as 15years to 21years; who have to take sleeping pills anytime they want to sleep. The often visit to hospitals to inquire solution from doctors on how to fall asleep fast is not so rare among these people. I believe there are even many more young ones out there than we can count who also go through the same problem and the situation is likely to become worse in the next decade.  But why is it so?

 Even animals that sleep in outside in the cold, eat and drink unhealthy stuffs can enjoy their sleep anytime it sets in. Could the problem be from a change in lifestyle just to adhere or keep up with time or this fast paced world? Well at least I know that animals haven’t changed their lifestyle and I believe this is why they haven’t been affected. With that being the case, let us consider few possible causes of this problem of sleep.

Causes of Sleeplessness

  • Prolonged use of smartphones and gadgets: Most of these current smartphones and computers have sleep inhibiting features that interfere with the body’s sleep induction abilities. Prolonged use of a smartphone especially in the dark has been proven by many scientific studies to affect our sleep hormones. In the long run, an affected person will find it very difficult to sleep even when the mind has been exhausted; hence the search for how to fall asleep fast.
  • Caffeine intake: It is really advisable to know that most of the food we eat impacts greatly the way the body functions. Caffeine is well known to be an agent of inhibiting sleep. It contains substances that when consumed or digested by the body, it prevents many of the body’s natural functioning ways. In this 21st century, it is very common to find caffeine in most of the drinks (soft or hard) we take.
  • Stress: In an ever changing world, the game of survival has become very demanding. We usually come across the saying “survival of the fittest”. The demands and efforts of becoming successful in a world where time waits for no man are overwhelming. Working very hard alongside having to deal with social related problems has given a rise to stress. When a person is stressed out, the mind functions abnormally. It is a disorder therefore is it very likely that the mind won’t communicate or trigger sleeping signals to the whole body.
  • Daytime Sleeping: Sleeping during the day is also a possible cause of sleeplessness. Yet, this is very natural because it is very easy to start feeling sleepy after a short time of trying to sleep again. When a person sleeps during the day, it is very likely to be unable to sleep during the night. This is because the mind has rested and doesn’t feel exhausted. Because this is natural, it is even possible to sleep again with ease since the body’s sleep hormones are still intact and can be induced to bring sleep.

The question of how to fall asleep fast, naturally, as and when a person desires is a matter of understanding how the brain works naturally. Previously I had mentioned that sleep is a natural phenomenon. This means that the mind will automatically start shutting down after it feels exhausted.

In our Normal daily lives, it is expected of the mind to start feeling exhausted after working for 12 long hours. If this doesn’t happen, it can be said that a person is into one or more of the above mentioned causes of sleeplessness.

 All the above mentioned causes of sleeplessness with the exception of daytime sleeping; even though they involve hard and prolonged use of brain power, still can’t seem to get the brain to trigger sleep. This is because they all have sleep inhibiting factors. Instead of the mind triggering a sleep after being extremely exhausted from them, it is rather kept active and helpless. To solve this here is the answer to the question of how to fall asleep fast.

How To Fall Asleep Fast

Exercising Few minutes before Sleep time; Exercising before sleeping does two major good to the whole body when the question of how to fall asleep fast is concerned. Some might probably be wondering what exercising has got to do with the question of how to fall asleep fast.

 When a person exercises, first of all, metabolism increases. Waste products including toxins from substances such as caffeine gets excreted and washed out quickly. As a result sleep is easily achieved if a person’s sleeplessness or untimely sleep is due to the intake of any substance with sleep inhibiting factors such as caffeine.

Secondly, exercising gets the blood warm and it easily circulate. This helps to reactivate and stimulate sleep hormones. The blood has its natural way of recovering natural body substances. Just like how a soup can get stale after a long period of applying no heat, the blood can also stay inactive and in an irrecoverable state without warming up. It is therefore advisable to warm the blood with some good exercise in order to recover some lost, destroyed or deactivated sleep hormones.

Step by step exercise guide on how to fall asleep fast

It is important to have in mind that the goal of this exercise as I mentioned above is to ensure two things. This in turn will naturally answer the question of how to fall asleep fast. The simple exercise ensures

  • Excretion and metabolism of any waste or substance that is causing Sleeplessness or untimely sleep.
  • Recovery or reactivation of sleep hormones destroyed or deactivated by any of the above mentioned causes of sleeplessness.

To achieve the above mentioned goals, the exercise will be combined with 3 natural agents (water, fruit and bathing). This is how it can be performed.

  1. Drink 1 to 1.5 liter of water 40 – 50 minutes before sleep time. Urine will be passed out after 30 minutes.
  2. After 30 minute when urine is passed out, fruit should be eaten. Any fruit at all will be fine. The purpose of this is to ensure that the blood has some nutrients to reactivate or recover the sleep hormones. Fruits have almost every kind of nutrient and are easily digested.
  3. Start the exercising after 10 minutes of eating the fruit. The exercise should be continued for at least 30 minutes. The blood will be warmed and circulated throughout the entire body. It is at this point that some sleep hormones can be reactivated and stimulated. It is also at this point that the mind can be exhausted naturally enough to trigger sleep.
  4. Finally, take a short cold shower or bath starting by putting the cold water from your feet up to your head in 5 seconds intervals (the feet to the legs to the thigh to the torso and to the head) and go to bed with ease.

Enjoy the feeling of freshness and renewal after this exercise. The answer to how to fall asleep fast shouldn’t be so difficult and expensive to get. It is also very advisable to reduce time spent on phones and computers. Also drinks that contain caffeine and other substances that can inhibit sleep hormones should be avoided. If a person suffers from any sleep disorder, a simple change in lifestyle can easily solve the problem. If a person wants an answer to how to fall asleep fast, simply a change in lifestyle is how to fall asleep fast.

Note: It is advisable to consult a health professional before beginning any health practice. DepressionCure will not be liable for what may occur if you decide to use any of the information provided in place of a professional medical advice.





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