How Will Coronavirus Affect Your Sex Life?

How Will Coronavirus Affect Your Sex Life?

When talking about social distancing and self isolation around the world, this question does not surprise us that what will happen to sex?

Some people may ask what effect the coronavirus epidemic will have on sexual relations.

Scientists say that so far no evidence has been found that infection of coronavirus disease Covid-19 can also be done through sexual relations. But we already know that shortness of breath can cause infection by coming in direct contact with a close or infected person.

Expert Professor Paul Hunter of the Department of Medicine at the University of East Anglia has tried to explain what is meant by the latest advisory issued by the British Government regarding sexual relations.

Professor Paul Hunter says, “If you or your partner do not have any symptoms of a coronavirus infection, then you have no reason to avoid sex. But if someone is ill or either of you is at risk. In the event that it is probably better to stay away from it any other kind of close.


Professor Hunter and other experts agree that at the moment everyone should avoid having sex with anyone other than their regular partner at home.

Officials of the New York Department of Public Health have issued new guidelines on sexual activity, in which clear advice is given about what is safe and what is not safe.

All of us should avoid making inappropriate contact with other people, keep distance so that its infection is prevented from spreading. We know that kissing can easily spread the coronavirus.

So if you are single then it is better to avoid dating for some time. Yes, if you want to do this keeping safe distance, then you can do it.

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