Nobel Laureate Claims China Accurately – Corona In Final Stage

Nobel Laureate Claims China Accurately – Corona In Final Stage

There is an atmosphere of panic due to the corona epidemic spread all over the world. To combat this dangerous virus, about one-third of the world’s population is imprisoned in their homes. Meanwhile, a prediction by Nobel laureate Michael Levitt about the Coronavirus may bring some relief to the public. So far no cure has been found for this disease.

Stanford University biophysicist and Nobel laureate Michael Levitt makes a prediction. He has said that social distancing has given the world a booster shot which is necessary to fight the epidemic at this time. Hence the havoc of Covid-19 will end soon.

Leavitt, who won the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, had earlier predicted a pandemic in China. He said that the epidemic in China will bring devastating outbreaks. Michael had already predicted this from many other experts. Michael Levitt is the one who predicted that three and a quarter thousand people would die in China.

In an interview to ‘The Los Angeles Times’, Michael Levitt said that we are doing what we need to do to stop the growing outbreak of Corona. We are going to be all right. Levitt further explained that the situation is not as frightening as being warned.

He said that even though the number of rising corona cases is disturbing, there are clear signs of slow growth. So far, over four and a half million people have been infected with the coronavirus worldwide and more than 50 thousand people have died.

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