Top 10 Smart Ways To Increase Your IQ

How To Increase IQ

However, research has shown that Genetics contributes 40-80% of your current IQ; there is no fixed number in it. By making some changes in life, you can enable your IQ to increase to a standard level. The right diet and routine can do marvels; the only thing stands in your way in becoming the next genius of the world, which is you. So, are you ready to increase your IQ?

Can you increase your IQ?

Method 1 – Make changes in your routine Increase Your IQ

Do everything every day in a different way:

Challenge your brain to make some new connections and choose the path to do the things you usually do differently. Brush your teeth with your non-working hand. Read and talk to yourself in a different language. Mix whatever you can, and do it!


Most research has shown that meditation is not only good for reducing the level of stress and for mood, but it is also good for the functioning of the brain. This is to improve the blood flow of the brain. Have some patience, and it improves their concentration and memory, and it gives you complete comfort.

Do 30 minutes of practice every day. You can divide it into parts of 10 or 15 minutes 2-3 times a day. When you are awake, it is better to do it after exercise and before going to bed at night. (Increase Your IQ)

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Consider taking supplements:

A smart alternative to ‘smart’ drugs is to take natural supplements. Keep in mind that you should take it in the right amount and consult your doctor before taking it for the first time. All the things given below are addressed by scientific research:

  • Caffeine
  • Creatine
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Omega-3 fatty acid

Start regular aerobic exercise:

The study of Win Wenger has shown that the breath relates to the duration of meditation. Try swimming or walking inside the water. If not, then any aerobic exercise should work the same way.

Exercise for 45 minutes twice a day; it can be done immediately after you wake up or before bedtime. You can do this with meditation after exercising.

It is also good for your waist (extra fat) and fitness, it will improve your mood. During exercise, your body releases endorphins, your brain will also be active as much as endorphins will be made in your body. Also, you will feel better about it.

Sleep, when your brain wants:

Some people are at the top level of their thinking at 9 in the morning and some at 9 PM. Even some others at 3 o’clock or when they finish their third cup of coffee.

Since everyone is different, when your brain relaxes, you should take a good sleep. Do you work best at night? Then sleep late. You are not becoming lazy; you are becoming intelligent!

The target for 7 hours of deep sleep at night, when you are tired, your brain cannot work at 100%. It falls loosely, which thinks he can do any work, but he cannot do it right when tired, it puts itself in hybridization mode and only does so that it can keep you alive and breathing worthy. (Increase Your IQ)

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How can I increase my IQ and intelligence?

Method 2 – Practicing your skills

Read more:

In addition to genetics, education is also a significant contributor to enhancing your intelligence. Try to read science, such as physics and math, etc. Which improves your understanding, vocabulary, mathematical abilities, and logic.

Use word puzzles and problem-solving games:

Use games that solve puzzles regularly, to avoid dementia, and to run your brain at high speed, which means (in today’s era) the internet and phones most of the time.

An app like luminosity, which will help your brain to keep working. Spend a little more time to grow your IQ than playing PUBG.

Complete more tests:

For getting passed in high school, we used to give chemistry four times; the intellectual examination is also no different from that. They have more and more similar problems and types of questions. So the more you use them, the better you will be performing.

The tests you take online for free are not tested like a career center or psychiatrist. If you want a real test of your intelligence, then take a real test. Generally, these exams have their fees, so try the hardest of all.

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Always try to get new experience:

Because if you repeat the same thing throughout the day, then your brain becomes like an automatic plane. It stops stimulating and is comfortable in your surroundings.

When you take a new experience, then your mind gets excited and stores those changes inside you, then instead of watching a movie tonight, either search for a new place like any stage show theater or a museum so that your mind works fast and learn new things.

Even going to a new place or making a fresh meal is also a pleasant experience. Apart from this, you are increasing your knowledge, informing yourself of a better future decision. The better they are, the better they will be. Think of it on the excitement of an attractive vacation. (Increase Your IQ)

Teach yourself something new:

Help your mind actively to learn new things that were not previously possible. How to play chess or lacrosse or do anything you have never done before, this shows your brain new things that he had never thought of before.?

Learning another language is a great way to teach the brain to work on a new path. Not only this, it works to raise the centers in your brain that you have never used. (Increase Your IQ)

How can I raise my IQ to 200?

Method 3 – Changes in your diet

Include protein in breakfast:

Protein is the main factor in the production of neurotransmitters of the brain, and it increases the level of norepinephrine and dopamine. Which is helpful for everyone to increase their vigilance and problem-solving skills.

Breakfast is especially crucial for working all day. After using sugar in breakfast, you will feel more hungry than you have in the past. So always eat healthy breakfast to stay fit and fine all day. (Increase Your IQ)

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Breakfast of dark chocolate:?

Dark chocolate contains abundant amounts of antioxidants and flavonol. There is plenty of magnesium, vitamin A, B1, B2, D, and E3 in it. It is a power of antioxidants that help fight the body’s free radicals. It certainly helps to keep our bodies healthy and strong. But not too much, it is good between 1 and 5 ounces in a day.

Take Vitamin B overdose:

This small nutrient enhances blood flow in the brain. You can find vitamin B in green leafy vegetables, wheat, meat, eggs, and cottage cheese. Do not eat too much quantity; talk to your doctor about the appropriate amount.

Folic acid, riboflavin, thiamin, and niacin are part of Vitamin B structure. When you get Vitamin B, you also get the benefit of all other things. (Increase Your IQ)

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Avoid Processed and Junk Food:

Many studies have shown that a healthy diet is associated with higher intelligence, especially in children. To keep your mind on full potential, stay away from cookies, chips and processed food and junk food, always cook food at home, it will help your brain and budget.

Vegetarian people are saving 5 points higher IQ than non-vegetarians, which are for both men and women. To increase IQ, you can choose any day in a week to avoid eating non-veg on that day. (Increase Your IQ)

Think about fasting:

If you are doing fast from time to time, it gives you the ability to increase your brain power and lead to a higher level of work. Make sure to eat between 10 AM to 6 PM and avoid eating from 6 PM to 10 AM, which is called a mandarin diet. It will help you to reduce weight and improve your brain and body.

You can also use this technique to lose weight. Good results can be seen after some time or immediately in case of weight loss. Just make sure that you are doing it safely, the fast is not for everyone, especially the elderly, the mothers, the younger children, etc. should avoid having fast.

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