15 Lifestyle Choices That Have Eased My Anxiety


After being analyzed with generalized anxiety and panic disorder a few years ago, my life becomes a roller coaster ride, which is filled with drug-induced highs and depressive lows. (Eased My Anxiety)

I developed a life-threatening obsession with my anxiety medication and then survived with an accidental overdose. This forced me to improve my whole lifestyle to overcome my addictions and manage the problem of anxiety.

My doctor request that I had a need to be on medication for the entire life due to the hardness of my disorder. Anyhow, with the time and faith and a lot of trials and errors, I handled to rid my life from all medications successfully, I stopped drinking, smoking and learned by myself about how to control my anxiety.

Since then, I have learned and understood that there are many aspects that can contribute to anxiety, including dietary and environmental triggers. Again, by making lots of healthy choices, you can also get a better hold on all of these conditions.

Today I am going to share a list of 15 lifestyle choices that have personally helped me to ease my anxiety.

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Lifestyle Choices That Have Eased My Anxiety

I Start Buying Fresh Flowers.

Preservative fresh flowers in and around the house is a calming reminder that no matter the soil, with the proper nourishment, we can blossom.

I love jasmine flowers, lavender flowers, and white calla lilies, which are generally known as a symbol of purity, faith, and rebirth.

I Decorated My Home With Colorful Pictures And Accessories.

Our feelings are often set within a few minutes of waking up in the morning. By organizing up our home with a pop of color, we grant ourselves to see something beautiful whenever we wake up in the morning.

I suggest that buying a colorful pillow for your chair, sofa, or for a living room with a bright-colored rug. It does not need to purchase anything expensive or fancy. Even a colorful wall painting can brighten up your room and your mood and feelings. (Eased My Anxiety)

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I Start Reading.

From the day I start reading books, I start loving and living with them. I love to read books like motivation and inspirational, which helps me from inside about how can I make myself stronger from inside and outside.

And I find it comfortable to learn from other people’s experiences, failures, and success because I found myself a feeling of connection to them.

I Get Into Nature.

Going outside, in a park, mall, theaters, functions can do more for your health, which will help you to forget about your mental condition and meet new peoples and learn new things.

Going to the park in the morning or evening also provides you with Vitamin D, which is very helpful in coming out of this problem.

Research and studies have found that just being outside makes you more likely to do exercise.

I Start Eating Colored Food.

I am sure that we all can agree that fruits and vegetables are the base of a healthy diet. They provide our bodies with the necessary vitamins and nutrients to fight with illnesses and diseases.

A simple rule of thumb when it comes to vegetables and fruits? You should eat them all. You only get one body and one life, so feed it with on basis on the way you expect it to perform.

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I Start Eating Green In Breakfast.

After becoming a devoted juicer, I realized that by drinking green juices or green smoothies in the early morning or breakfast, I had more energy all over the day.

I did not get the afternoon crack, which is connected with caffeinated or sugary beverages. To make ensure you are getting the proper amount of greens in each of the serving (and not overeating the sugar).

I recommend you the 80/20 rule, which means 80% of vegetables to 20% of the fruit. You will thank me later for this. (Eased My Anxiety)

I Start Meditate Daily.

So much of anxiety is fixed in worrying about the future. Meditation helps me to bring my attention back to the present time. If you are not sure how to meditate and how it will help, then start it by sitting quietly for a few minutes on the calm place and start focusing your attention on your breaths.

You do not have to sit in a classic cross-legged seated position to enjoy the benefits of meditation. Just find some comfortable place or seat and dedicate yourself to your breathing pattern.

The idea is not to free your thoughts, as much as it is to observe them. This creates a small emotional distance between you and your thoughts and will soften any intense feelings in your mind, which you might be experiencing.

I Leave My Work At Work.

Set barriers for yourself so that your home will become a truly relaxing place. Turn off your work mobile phone whenever you reach home, and avoid getting online and reading business emails.

When you come home, spend time with your family, children and wife, and other members of the family. You can do your business early in the morning for 1-2 hours between 5-7 AM.

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I Started Gardening.

Gardening associates the benefits of being in nature with the awareness, mental focus, and patience which is needed to grow and maintain an accumulate.

If you do not have the resources to plant a big garden, do what I did and start with a small herb garden. I am currently growing organic cilantro, ginger, parsley, lavender, and basil in small flower pots and the Mason Jars right inset of my two-bedroom residence. (Eased My Anxiety)

I Start Doing Creative Things.

Well, we all have some creative genius between us, and anxiety can fuel our thoughts in positive ways. Regardless of what you are enjoying, make the most of it and medium which energy into something productive and creative.

If you love to make food, then start taking a culinary class. If you have always wanted to learn about how to dance, then join a nearby dance class and begin learning the dance of your choice. It will not work soothe your mind and but also help you to lose some weight.

I Learn How To Breathe.

A useful tool to prevent panic attacks, the breath is also a significant marker of where your anxiety level is at throughout the day.

Short and small breaths give a sign of stress and anxiety in the brain and body. On the other side, freely breathing, plus lengthening and strengthening your inspiration will help you to send signals to the brain that it’s okay to relax. (Eased My Anxiety)

I Start Think And Visualize Things Positive.

When you encounter with the anxious thoughts, then take a moment to imagine yourself handling this situation with ease, calm, and clarity.

Try not to pay attention to the ongoing mental state; you need to focus on the feeling of smooth-sailing through the disturbance. This technique is called ?guided visualization or guided imagery and can help you to reduce feelings of stress.

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I Start Smelling Good Things For Relaxing.

Try sniffing some calming oils like anise, basil, chamomile, and lavender, which are excellent choices; they will help in the reduction of tension in the body and also help in increasing the mental clarity.

I Started Taking Proper Sleep.

Not getting enough sleep can trigger your anxiety. If you are having trouble in sleeping, tonight, you should engage yourself in a relaxing activity before bedtime, like taking a warm bath, reading motivational books (few pages), start writing something good (your non-working can be the best option), listening to soft music or taking few deep breaths (5 to 7 are enough).

And, if you are also like those people with anxiety whose brains start whispering right before going to bed, then forget down about your worries earlier in the day for 10-15 minutes, or try some mental exercise like thinking of good things in your life and your planning for your upcoming future. (Eased My Anxiety)

I Start Avoid Caffeine (Especially In Evening).

Managing anxiety is as more like what you do as what you don’t do. And some material inflames anxiety. And, caffeine is one of those irritating substances.

The last thing people who are suffering from anxiety need is a substance that makes them feel more excited, which is literally what caffeine does.

Anxiety does not have to collapse your life. Let it serve as a reminder that there is still a lot of work which needs to be done. Remember, the goal is to be better, not perfection. It is what I tell myself every day.

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