20 Ways to Increase Brain Power


Are you extremely upset with your stubborn mind? Because you do not remember what you want to remember, then you need to increase the strength of your mind. Learn these ways to improve it here. (Increase Brain Power)

Are you extremely upset with your stubborn mind? Because what you want to remember is not remembered, or you cannot understand what you want to follow.

Or you keep thinking and keep doing something; then everything gets messed up. If yes, then we are going to tell you a few selections of Dr Mike Dow’s book, due to which you will be able to control your mind and control it according to need.

Dr Mike Dow’s book is titled The Brain Fog Fix. In which there are several ways described to control the mind

How can I increase my brain power to 100 percent?

20 Ways to Increase Brain Power

  1. Unless necessary, do not use medicines:

We start consuming non-essential medication as soon as minor illnesses like cough, cold, fever etc. occur. Avoid these; they make the brain sluggish.

  1. Plant a houseplant:

Plant small plants in your house. If possible, keep the flower pots in each room. The atmosphere will be positive.

  1. Stay away from electronics gadgets at night:

Yes, we spend the whole night in front of mobile phones, tablets, computers, even in bed, fingers are playing with the phone. There is a need to avoid them.?

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  1. Increase the number of vitamins:

Increase the number of vitamins in food habits. By this, the body will remain healthy; the mind will also be able to work comfortably.

  1. Practice with the mind, exercise without mind:

There is a fundamental difference between both. If you take care, you will be happy. If you are studying, then pay attention to the same, if you are playing, then concentrate on the game. And if the mind does not divide, then everything will be done perfectly. (Increase Brain Power)

  1. Keep blood-sugar level Maintain:

These tasks are extremely important. Never get cold; stay busy. Even if a slight disturbance in the blood sugar causes a big shadow to the body, then the mind also slowly becomes blunt. For this, pay equal attention to eating and drinking.?

  1. Do not stop insulin:

We are constantly avoiding things that increase the amount of insulin, while the reality is that insulin is very important for the body like everything else. This helps in generating energy for blood sugar sales.

  1. Wake up the sleeping mind, do not let the mind sleep:

We often think to ourselves that it is useless to not think about it. And by relaxing the brain, they become entirely loose. Get out of this habit, because if you do not put your mind to work, then there is a lot of potentials for it to fade.

Unleash Your Genius with Genius Brain Power

  1. Avoid food uniformity:

If you eat only bread, then eat rice. If you only eat rice, then eat bread. Because carbohydrates are needed to drive the brain. Which comes from bread, rice, pasta.

This triggers carbohydrate blood sugar, which produces the required balanced energy for the body and mind. In such a situation, the uniformity of food is harmful to you.

  1. Meditate for just 12 minutes:

Meditating only 12 minutes will keep your mind focused and will speed up memory. So definitely pay attention.

  1. Use more omega 3s.

If you really want to keep your mind fit, use of omega 3s will increase. It removes you from depression.

  1. Stay away from omega 6s.

Omega 6s are harmful to your body. Omega 6s come mostly from processed food. In such a situation, stay away from things like pasta sauce, mayonnaise. Otherwise, you will gradually go towards depression.

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  1. Go for organic food:

Yes, instead of non-organic food, take organic food which will keep your mind fit. It also makes a balance in Omega 3s and 6s. Like pure milk contains 62 per cent omega 3s, which is good for us. At the same time, milk powder contains 25 per cent omega 6s, which is a loss body. (Increase Brain Power)

  1. Exercise continuously:

Exercise has physical benefits and also many mental benefits. An exercise keeps you away from depression.

  1. Make walking a priority:

In today’s part-run life, people have forgotten to walk. But walking removes not only stress but also balances the entire body.

  1. Become social in real life:

One cannot be socialized only through social networking sites. The reality is that social sites are also causing tension. In such a way, meeting people will give freshness to your mind.

  1. Be Spiritual:

The path of spirituality will liberate you from mental stresses. In such a situation, focus your faith somewhere.?

  1. Get eight hours sleep at night:

Sleep is very important for us. We get physical benefits by sleeping from time to time; the mind also remains fresh. (Increase Brain Power)

  1. Do not let restlessness prevail during work:

Do not take pressure while doing any work. Your work will continue, even if you are not worried. In such a situation, it is crucial that you work, but without getting upset.

  1. I am not writing point no. 20 as I want you friends to think about yourself and write the point no. 20 in comment box.

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